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Summer Beauty Survival Guide!

Published June 14, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So because the UK is actually getting some sun at the moment, I thought i’d do a post about my beauty tips for summer. Personally I’m a bit of a summer Grinch, however as It’s only June it hasn’t fully developed yet!

But in all seriousness, try to stay shielded or atleast protected from the sun when you can. Every summer I get cocky and think ‘ah it wont matter just this one time.’ then I end up with the meanest sunburn;

1) St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse – £3  (At wilkinsons)

I personally prefer fake tan to natural tan, because NO TAN LINES, and besides I view fake tan like a makeup product. Sometimes I want to change my look up by being a bit tan, sometimes I like being very pale, and with fake tan you have that freedom. The colour is also very natural, it isnt orange or even slightly green which most tans are, definately non-oompa-loompa and non-shrek territory.

The tan smells slightly when you put it on, though I think that’s unavoidable with fake tan. It also dries completely within 5-10 minutes so you can just wack on clothes and waddle round the house.

It’s only £3, and it’s the best fake tan I’ve ever tried, I’ve convinced my mum and some friends to start using it this summer too! If permanent tan isn’t your thing they also have a wash off instant tan (which I have but havent used yet!). SAM_8043

2) SUNGLASSES (Extra points if they’re cute too…)

Sunglasses are really great in summer for many reasons. First of all you look like a major badass, and secondly they protect your eyes from UV-a and UV-b rays (ideally get Polaroid sunglasses if you can).

I got my heart ones because I thought they were funky and I like kawaii style accessories. I think I got them from amazon or Tmart for about £3 a pair. I’ve got my eyes set on a red pair at the moment. I’m trying to restrain myself you see. SAM_8049

3) SPF In Your Makeup – 

If you wear makeup most of the time, having spf in your makeup makes the whole ‘being safe in the sun’ thing a lot easier. Most of my favourite foundations like revlon colorstay, estee lauder doublewear and clinque even better have between spf 6 and 15 in them.

Mac do this especially well with their studio finish concealer which has SPF 35! I have the shade nw20, and love it because despite being full coverage, it sits nicely under your eyes and on spots.  SAM_8044SAM_8037

(wearing mac studio fix concealer nw20, and estee lauder double wear maximum cover foundation spf15- 1N3 creamy vanilla)

Another makeup product I love for the summer is the Elf conditioning lip balm SPF 15 (£3.75).

Your lips are the only part of your face that don’t produce their own natural oils, so keeping your lips hydrated is important as the sun can dry your lips out. Furthermore they have SPF15 and provide really opaque colour. The packaging’s a bit chunky but atleast it’s in a pot. Ive had many lipstick melt on me before then they’re a pain to use as the actual product has melted (AHEM MAC CREMESHEEN LIPSTICKS). SAM_8053

(Left to Right: Blissful berry, Nice&natural, Peaceful pink, Romantic rouge)

4) Drink water, LOTS of water…

I always say this to everyone because I genuinely think the biggest reason my skin has cleared up is because I drink SO MUCH water. And as you sweat more in summer, the water needs to be replaced. Homeostasis, yo.

I also discovered this blog post from Oscar Insurance that gets into some of the other ways to get your vitamin D through your food rather than the sun. If you want some information on Oscar your can check them out online for more on their NY or NJ health insurance services.

5) Hair Oils

Many people neglect their hair in the summer, your hair can get damaged by the sun, just as your skin can. Apart from the obvious tips like wearing a hat and not using heat tools, apply an argan oil to the ends of your hair you keep your shiny and healthy.

Thank you for reading.



Frizzy Hair!!! – Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts to smooth hair!

Published October 5, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I’ve struggled with curly, frizzy hair all my life. I have natural curly hair and until recently I always had it straightened, which to wash, blowdry and straighten takes 3 hours! So through trial and error ive found some tricks which have helped me and id like to share.

I was inspired to do this post by the ‘Own your bed head’ campaign by ‘Casper’. Casper is a mattress company, the mattress’ are luxury and made out of latex and memory foam. You can check them out here. >

The campaign is all about embracing/helping frizzy hair, because unless you’re one of those godly people blessed with sleek,straight hair, frizz is something  we all have just in different quantities.

Heres my hair today. This is my freshly washed hair when I let it air dry:


I swear my eyes look slightly dozey here, but oh well. It’s a good representation of myself I guess!

So here are my tips which I find helpful:

.Tying you hair in braids before you sleep, not only gives you beautiful waves the next day with NO EFFORT, but also keeps frizz away as your hair is tied up!
.Hair Argan oils are also a savior. Any hair can benefit from oil and you can keep travel sized bottles with you to smooth fly-aways down throughout the day. Argan oil has literally saved my hair.
.Rinsing your hair with cold water before you get out the shower really helps with frizz aswell, as it seals the cuticle of your hair so it doesn’t frizz.
.If you have dry frizzy hair, use a light conditioner all over you hair when you shower, it weighs your hair down slightly, which is good if you have very damaged hair like me.
.Try not to wash your hair everyday. I find that my curly hair looks bad if I sleep on it, but the next day i’ll wear my hair in a bun. If you have a problem with greasy hair, use dry shampoo to battle through the second day. Washing every other day is much better than everyday, trust me.
.This is an obvious one, but try not to use much heat or dye your hair much (can you sense the hypocrisy?). Only in the last 2 months have I cut down the heat I use and how often I dye my hair, only because my hair was all falling out and breaking.
PLEASE DON’T LET YOURSELF GET TO THAT POINT!  I used to use heat on my hair every day and dying it red every 2-3 weeks. I not only use heat for occasions I want to look nice and dying it every 6-8 weeks.
I hope my tips have helped you, I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week!
Thanks for reading!
*I was contacted by casper about the campaign, but I am not sponsored.

Do you Lilac it?

Published June 2, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Oh ma gurd! I cant even beleive how long it has been since I last posted on here! The main reason I havent posted is because ive been busy. I went to Belgium, My Birthday, Saw friends and Work. ALL OF THE WORKS.  It’s been so long, I even had to remember how WordPress worked!

* And If you have time, can you please check out this fanfiction account me and my friends have? Thanks

So today I was looking through my lipsticks and I found a Lilac lipstick from Barry M. I bought it to experiment really and it lead me to wonder. What are your opinions on lilac lipstick?

I like it, however it is EXTREMELY hard to pull off, it’s actually crazy.  Here is a picture of the Lipstick (Its 129 by Barry M), and a picture of me wearing it: ImageImage

Do you lilac it? Haha – see what I did there.

I can only pull it off sometimes. If I have neutral eyes, It usually works. But with lots of bright colours? Not for me.

One of the Disadvantages is that because Lilac is purple, and purple is opposite to yellow. It can make your teeth look more yellow than perhaps your normal lipstick. With that being said though it definately enhances your skin colour and can suit a wide range of skin tones.

I hope you guys are all doing well. Thanks for reading!


Who wants their make-up to last all day? -Everyone…

Published January 31, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I noticed today that my makeup had lasted longer than it usually does and it inspired me to give tips on making your makeup last all day! ImageImage

^ My makeup after 13 hours.

So here’s my tips:

. Prepare your skin before foundation. Cleanse and moisturise then wait at least 10 minutes before putting your foundation on to let the moisturiser sink in. Your foundation will last longer.

. If using eyeliner, got for liquid liner. It has 4 times the staying powder compared to pencil.

. For eyeshadow. Layer primer, cream eyeshadow, then powder shadow for a long-lasting vibrant shade.

. A great tip is to ‘sandwich’ your makeup. Build up intensity in layers, don’t whack it all on at once. Then it will take longer to wear off.

. Heated eyelash curlers will make the curl on your lashes last longer. Think about it, hot rollers are more effective than regular rollers.

. Layer cream and powder blush. I did this with elf products in the same shade. Make sure the shades match, Liz Earle match their cream and powder blush shades!

. If in doubt, use waterproof products!



Those are some of my tips for long lasting makeup. Hope you enjoyed! 😀



Flying into Fall: Green & Plum makeup tutorial!

Published September 15, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I felt like doing a tutorial to do with fall, but I didnt want to do your average ‘neutral eyes and dark red lips’ .  So I started playing around with colour and found that greens, plums and golds complement eachother really well, and as a bonus those colours are on trend!

Id also like to thank: for nominating me for the ‘one lovely blog award’

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It really made me smile, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Now with the tutorial


1) As im using bright colours, I like to use a white base to make the colours as bright as they can be. I use a avon colortrend eyeliner in white, and apply it on my lid and blend. Image

2) I then apply an olive green near my lashline, with this tutorial I start with the darkest colour to lightest colour. Im using Accessorise illusion eyeshadow in Sage.Image

3) I then apply a medium green to my lid (not going over the olive green we applied previously). I use Maybellines eye studio duo in Green Glam.Image

4) I then thought it would be nice to add a really warm colour to the eyes as its so god damn cold in England.  I apply a gold to the crease, so it almost looks like the green is fading out to a gold. I use Half-baked by urban decay. Image

5) I then add the same gold to my inner corners, and apply a matte highlight to my brow bone. I use MUA eyeshadow in shade 16. I then apply a black gel liner to my top lashline. I use Elf’s cream eyeliner in Black. Image

6) I then apply Rimmels scandel eyes show off mascara to my lashes. Image


1) Starting with moisturised lips, I apply a mauve lipstick with a gold undertone (to complement the eyes). I use avons colortrend kiss lipstick in Be Mine. Image


1) I bronze and contour my face with the bourjois bronzer in shade 52.

2) I apply my sleek blush in Pomegranate. ImageImage

I hope you liked the look! .

Thanks for watching!!! You guys are amazing!


How to get long, luscious lashes without false ones!

Published September 9, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today Im going to do a post on my favourite ways to get long, thick lashes, without applying false ones.

1) Start with no eye makeup.

2) I then take maybellines gel eyeliner in Black and line my upper waterline. To create the illusion of thick lashes, you need to work on the look of a even lash line to make the base of your lashes look thicker. 

3) I then apply 1 or 2 swipes of waterproof mascara, im using maybellines great lash waterproof. I do this because before curling my lashes because waterproof mascara holds it’s shape better, so when I curl my lashes the curl will last longer than curling lashes with no product on them.

4) I then curl my lashes with my elf lash curler, and apply a lengthening mascara. Im using Mac’s zoom lash. 

5) I then apply a volumising mascara. Here’s where you will see the main difference. I use maybellines colossal volume mascara. Maybellline make the best drugstore mascaras in my opinion! Heres the finished look. 

Theres the finished eyes. I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks.

What’s your favourite mascara? -Comment below!


How to Get Shiny hair (Avon Moroccan Argon oil reveiw)

Published August 28, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today and quite a few times recently people have commented that my hair looks healthier and  Shinier than usual. And it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve added the Avon Moroccan Argon oil to my routine.

Naturally I have really ringletty hair. Think Taylor swift but twice as thick and frizzy. It takes me 4 hours to wash, blow-dry and straighten my hair. It’s crazy, especially 2-3 times a week. So for a product to make a noticeable difference to my worn out hair, it must be fabulushous. Image

How to Use it:

. First after you have washed your hair, comb it through with a wide-toothed comb. 

. Next apply 1-6 pumps through your hair. This depends on how thick or thin your hair is. 

. Continue your hair routine as usual as see the results. 

At first I was scared the oil would make my hair greasy but it didn’t. I would recommend the first time you use it to start small; find what works with your hair type. And in case you were wondering, Recently I have been using Herbal essences shampoo and conditioner (hello hydration, Beautiful end and seductively straight)

Overall opinion:

Value: 10/10

Moisturing: 7/10

Easiness: Very

Look: 8/10

Here is what my hair look likes now: Image

Do you use Serums or Hair oils?

Thanks for reading