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BB cream 101! why? what? How?

Published May 14, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Today im going to give my verdict on BB creams, as well as a little background info.

There are many names people think ‘BB’ stands for, some say ‘blemish balm’ others think ‘beauty base’…. and the list goes on.The first BB cream was made in the 1950’s in germany. It was actually made for protecting the skin after surgery or laser treatments , so the patient could protect their skin and get coverage at the same time.

But they have became more popular in Asia, and since endored by korean celebrites have dramatically increased the amount of BB creams bought. Did you know BB creams make up 13% of the cosmetic market? BB creams have now became more and more popular in Western Markets. To name a few brands stocking them: Maybelline, Clinique, MAC, Garnier, Dior, 17, No7 and many others. And who knows? – maybe BB creams with be an essential to every brands line of makeup soon!

Each BB cream may claim to have different skin benefits, but on the whole they are marketed to be an ‘all in one makeup base’ meaning they are your: sunscreen, primer, moisturiser, concealer AND foundation.  They are also compared to tinted moisturisers a lot as they have a similar ‘light coverage’, some people think they are re-packaged tinted moisturisers. I half-agree with that statement. I have been using the Maybelline BB cream to try it out and it seems good, but I havent noticed any major effects other than getting used to using it over foundation. You apply a BB cream as you would a foundation, they blend really well and leave a ‘fresh-faced’ glow.

Would I recommend BB creams? – Yes, but only if your looking for a light coverage, with an awesome sunscreen 🙂 Image

I hope you now go away with a lil extra info about BB creams!

Hope you guys are having a FABULOUS start to your weeks! 🙂



Drugstore makeup favourites!

Published May 13, 2012 by majormakeupmadness


So todays post is going to be about my favourite makeup finds from the drugstore (though we dont really say ‘drugstore’ in the UK). I love doing these sort of posts because I like reading them, so I get all excited!  So, it would be really cool if some of you did a ‘drugstore favourites’ post! So here’s my little stash of favourites- Image

So im going to go through each catagory: lips, eyes,face.


I’ve tried quite a few ‘cheaper’ makeup products and I find that with these you really get your moneys worth. The are all smooth, pigmented and stay on. I feel they could work for a variety of different skin tones, and textures (oily,dry etc).

Maybelline BB cream- light £7.99

Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation- 51 £10.99

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer-light £4.19

Collection 2000 sheer loose powder £3.99

Bourjois bronser £6.99

Elf studio blush- gotta glow £3.50

Sleek blush- pixie pink £4.30


These producst are so good, I must have gone through 5 of those maybelline mascaras! I have used them for about 3 years now.

Maybelline volum express lift up mascara £6.19

Elf cream eyeliner- black £3.50

L’oreal super liner luminizer- green eyes £6.49

Rimmel eyeshadows (selection)

Elf eyelid primer (sheer) £1.50

LIPS Image

I love these products, they are such good quality and reasonably priced.

Nivea lip balm hydro care (though I love all nivea lip balms) £2.03

Collection 2000 cream puff matte lip creams- in fairy cake, cotton candy £2.99

Revlon lipbutters- Peach parfait, candy apple, cotton candy £7.99

I hope you guys like my favourites! It would be fun if some of you did your drugstore favourites aswell, id love to see them! Are any of mine the same as yours?

Thanks guys,


Tropical eyes! – a tutorial!

Published May 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness


so today I am going to do a tutorial for you guys. I didn’t plan this, however I was doing my eye makeup and I thought ot would be fun to show it.

Products I used:

. Too Faced shadow insurance

. Yellow eyeshadow

. Colours from MUA palette -glamour days

. Mac smoulder eye kohl

. Lancome hypnose drama mascara

Start with primed eyesImage

Apply a yellow shadow to the inner third of your eye.Image

Apply a green eyeshadow on the middle of your lid.Image

Then apply a pink shadow to the outer third of your eye.Image

I then apply a purple to my crease, focusing mainly focusing on the outer half of the crease. The effect of this is is to make the eyes look larger. Image

Now I apply a highlight (urban decay ‘virgin’), to my inner corners and browbone.

ImageNow I apply, a black pencil liner to my top lashline, I dont go into my waterline as it closes the eyes up, and ‘Hello! I already got small eyes!’ . I get thicker towards the outer corner of my eye.

MASCARA TIME! I also curl my lashes before.  This is the finished look! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for watching you guys, comment what you think!

-stay beautiful


Primer 101 – What? When? Who? How?

Published April 29, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hello, Hope your all having a Fantastic weekend.

This post today is going to be about primers. It’s going to answer:

.What a primer is

.When you apply primer

.Who needs primer/ Why is it important

.How you make your own primer

What is a primer?

A primer is a makeup product you apply too pro-long the staying power of the product you are going to put on top, whether that be a lipstick, eyeshadow or foundation. There are other benefits as well, a primer tends to make the product you put on top , go on a lot smoother and generally look brighter. You can also get primers with colour in. You can get coloured eye primers and foundation primers (usually green/ or purple to cancel out other skin problems).

When do you apply Primer?

You apply your primer before you put on your foundation, lip product, eyeshadow, mascara. It acts as a base to improve the staying power, results and application.

Who needs a primer?

Primers aren’t always essential, for me personally I would always say eye primers are important and foundation, lip and eyelash primers aren’t so much. Though others may say the complete opposite. Im going to go down a list and say why you may need each type of primer.

Foundation- You may need a foundation primer for many reasons as they’re are a ton of different formulations for each one. In general people use primers to: help with oily skin, smooth out imperfections (wrinkles, lines etc), make it last longer. Those are the main reasons.

Lip-  You may need a lip primer if you want your lip colour to stay on longer or even improve the colour pay off. Some people also use lip primers to stop a lipstick from bleeding.

Eyelash- You may want to use an eye;ash problem to improve the performance of your mascara. Some with add fibres to your lashes to make them longer, others will cancel out the colour of your lash (the colour will show through more) and act as a base to make sure your mascara does not run as easily.

Eye- These are the most commonly used out off the others. It is usually used by people with oily eyelids. An eyeshadow primer stops eyeshadow from collection in the crease of your eye, improve the vibrancy of the colour, stop fading  and help make them product last longer.

Here are my 3 favourite eyeshadow primers: Image

Too faced shadow insurance, Urban Decay primmer potion, elf eyelid primer (sheer).

How can you make your own eyeshadow primer?

You can make one very easily, it wont be quite as good but it will be a descent competitor against the others. I used it for a while before I went out and bought ‘branded’ eye primers.

you need:

. a small pot

. a foundation (the fuller coverage the better)

. a concealer (preferably a stick or pot concealer)

. a moisturizer

. a cotton bud

In the pot mix equally parts of concealer, foundation and moisturiser- the the mixture is made out of equal thirds.

Mix them together with a cotton bud.

Then, there you have it, your own home-made primer!

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!


You Ready For It??? -My Makeup Collection!

Published April 22, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Ok, so I still havent foun d MY camera, so im using my parents one, it isn’t great, but its better than my ipod or blackberry camera atleast. I personally reading makeup collections posts and videos so I though id do mine. DISCLAIMER: I am in no shape or form bragging about my makeup, I just find these posts interesting to read. I am very grateful for what I have and  have bought everything you see with my own money unless it’s a gift.

So now with the collection! Heres a full veiw of what my storage system looks like. I have clear plastic draws and every draw has 2 pink baskets in to organise my items better (apart from the top draw of each unit). I havent showed everything in their baskets as you cant see all the products sometimes as they are on top of eachother. Im not going to name everything aswell, as i cant remember all the names- I will name most of the products though.ImageThis storage thing of makeup, sits nicely on my desh next to my purfumes and lamp (if your interested in a purfume collection comment below). I keep my brushes on top of my storage, and and have some brushes in a brush belt under my naked palette. I also have a pink basket filled with random tools, leaflets and samples, here a picture.ImageThis pictures not very good, but the basket mainly contains: spare sponges, a victoria jackson makeup how-to booklet, my eyelash curlers, some samples, a colour wheel, leaflets and an empty mac concealer (for back to mac).

Here’s how i organise my brushes. ImageAs mensioned earlier I have a few more brushes in my brush belt but, I dont use them very often. These are the brushes I use the most. My collection mainly consists of: elf, ecotools, superdrug and no 7 brushes. I also have 2 pairs of tweezers here which I think both came from superdrug – Ive had them for about 2 years so I cant remember fully. I also think its a good idea to have a wash cloth on yout storage unit as you can wipe your brushes on it.

Now with the makeup! My first draw consists of base products. ImageProducts: witch hazel primer, No7 shine free primer, gosh xceptional wear, Max factor second skin, 3 rimmel stay matte’s, stila stick, maybeling dream matte mouse, lush colour supplement, bourjois healthy mix, bourjois healthy mix serum, benefit you rebel tinted moisturizer, revlon colorstay, laura mercier silk creme, 17 concealer- green, maybeline 24h concealer, maybeline stick concealer, collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer.

I must of accidently deleted the picture of my powders- woops! 🙂  I had the loreal true match powder, a few elf ones, a nyc powder foundation, a 17 powder, collection 2000 powder, and a few others.

Now with my blushes and bronzers! ImagePorducts: mac blushes in warm soul and fleur power, clinique blushing blush powder blush in precious posy (what a mouthful!), sleek blush in pixie pink, 17 blush in damson wine, 17 blush/highlighter in strawberry& cream, and a few others (which the names clearly show)

now eyeshadows (mac,neutral,coloured) Imageproducts: sushi flower, fresh water, plum dressing, all that glitters, beauty marked, yogurt, satin taupe, brule and bare study paintpot.

Imageproducts: max factor shadow stick, urban decay naked palette, victoria jackson shadow sticks, maybeline eyeshadow in chocolate chic, avon 8 in 1 neutral palette, another urban decay palette, benefit shadow in bikini line, barry m dazzle dust in 39, elf cream shadow in butter pecan, elf powder eyeshadow duo in butter pecan, elf eyelid primer, too faced shadow insurance, urban decay primer potion. (cant remember all of the names of the other products – im doing all this from memory).


now with the eyeliners!

ImageBrands: collection 2000, helena rubinstein, avon rimmel, mac, elf, sleek, mua, 17, 2 true, maybeline, miss sporty, inka , too faced.

Mascara time! ImageProducts: 3 mini lancomke mascaras, body shop super volume mascara, too faced lash injection, max factor 2000 calorie mascara, maybeline great lash, maybeline lift-up volume express, and a russian brand that my friend gave my from russia.

Lip Products time!

Imageproducts: h&m lipglosses, 17 lipglosses, mua lipglosses, avon colortrend lipgloss, clinique lipgloss (in 7-bonfire), revlon crem gloss, elf super glossy lip shine, lancome  juicy tubes, various nivea lip balms, mac lip balm, mac tendertone in hush hush, vaseline, soft lips, various body shop lip balms, etc.


products: revlon lipbutters, mua lipsticks, muc lipsticks, loreal rouge caresse lipsticks, loreal colour riche lipsticks, 17 lipsticks, sleek lipstick (candy cane), various avon colortrend lipsticks, elf mineral lipbalm in cherry, lush lip scrubs, revlona dn maybeline lip stains, benetint, mac liners, rimmel lip liner, victoria jackson lip balms, lush chilli tingle lip tint.

hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading!