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Vintage Shopping- MOTD

Published February 8, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys!

So today me and my friend Klara went to a vintage fair and afterwards we went shopping and for a walk. I live on the coast so on sunny days it’s so nice to take a time out and just relax near the beach (and a bit of retail therapy hurt no one…).

So I thought Id do a MOTD because I was making an effort And this sort of post means I can put in some pretty, atmospheric pictures and a mini haul of things I bought.


Here’s some pictures I took by the beach: SAM_7834SAM_7843SAM_7839

Here’s what I purchased from the vintage fair: SAM_7846

The wax melts are made out of soya wax, in which the fumes are meant to be much better for your lungs as opposed to paraffin wax, so that’s good. And you don’t know HOW good they smell, especially the grapefruit ones (which im burning right now in my elephant oil burner).

I’ve been really liking bows recently as well, I’ve been trying to find hairstyles where I can have my hair natural but it not look really ringletty and messy. So I twist the hair around my face from both sides and bring it to the back on my head, where i clip it in place with a bow. I thought these bows were so pretty, and if you remember from my prom post (I wore a blue flamingo dress), I just had to support the flamingos and bought the bow.

Then, because I have no self control, I went into Lush and Boots. Which for me is a BAD MOVE. SAM_7847

From Lush, I went in for the lipscrub and came out with a facewash and a beautifully smelling shower gel from the mothers day line. I havent tried any of these products before so there’s not much to say!

From boots, I bought a replacement liquid eyeliner from collection. I wear it most days because it’s so easy to use and it’s only £2.99, it’s great and its a really opaque black.

I also bought a moisturizing lip balm from nivea. I think nivea take the award for best drugstore lip balms, Like the eyeliner, they’re cheap and cheerful and make your lips feel hydrated and are good at healing your lips too. It’s been especially cold this last week in the UK and my lips are really feeling it.

Finally, I felt in one of those optimistic moods where you stride into a shop looking for some undiscovered gem amongst  the shelves. And I remember having the lasting finish foundation years ago but I couldn’t remember what it was like. My experience with trying foundations always leads to me being disappointed and going back to revlon colorstay. But who knows? Maybe Rimmel is the dark horse I’m yet to discover.

Products Im wearing:

.Maybelline baby skin primer- cool rose

.Revlon Colorstay foundation- 120 Buff

.Paris Berlin concealer palette

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- Cool Medium

.Rimmel stay matte powder- Translucent

.Sleek faceform kit- medium

.Mac powder blush- well dressed

.Mac mineralise skin finish- soft and gentle

.Avon glow bronzer- Medium riveria

.Rimmel eyebrow pencil- Hazel

.NYX eyebrow cake powder- taupe/soft brown

.Too faced shadow insurance- candlelight

.Mac pro longwear paintpot- painterly

.Urban Decay naked palette- sin, sidecar, smog, darkhorse

.Collection eyeshadow pencil- french lace

.Collection 24 hour liquid liner- black

.Maybelline falsies mascara- black

.Red cherry lashes- 47  and revlon clear eyelash glue

Holy hell that’s a lot of makeup…

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous rest of the week!




Get ready with me- winter smokey eye 19/12/2014

Published December 19, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So guess who’s really bad with consistent posting? Yep, me.

You know when life suddenly engulfs you, and you feel like you have no time? I’ve had a serious case of that over the last month. And especially for blog posts, I need a good 2 hours just doing the makeup and getting the pictures, and if im going to all that effort to get ready, I feel i should go out. And when do I get the time… Never!

But yeah, I’ve mainly been busy with school. That’s kind of what you get with taking Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry for A-level. Woops.

But anyway, today i went out to see some friends and exchange presents, so I felt like getting all glammed up.

Here’s the ‘no makeup photo’  *shudders* SAM_7677

Mmmm the sexiness of undereye circles….

1) First I apply foundation to my face and neck, followed by a mountain of concealer under my eyes, and powder to set it all.


2) Next I fill in my eyebrow with powder. I really need to do my eyebrows, they’re a bit dysfunctional at the moment. My apologizes.


3) Next I apply a primer, then a paint pot over the top. The primer is to help the eyeshadow stay on, and the paintpot provides an opaque base so the shadows appear more vibrant.

I also apply a pearl eyeshadow stick to my inner corner to make me look more awake, and to lighten up the whore makeup that is soon to follow…


4) Next I apply a dark brown to my crease and outer corner, and bring this down to the outer third of my lower lashline. What a mouthful. SAM_7707

5)I then apply a lighter, metallic taupe on my lid in all the areas where there’s no colour.SAM_7709

6) Next I apply a matte, cream colour under my brow as a highlight shade. SAM_7711

7) Next I draw a thin line of black liquid liner along my upper lash line. I bring the line all the way into my inner corner.SAM_7714

8) Next I apply black eyeliner to my waterline. Because yano, that’s UNEXPECTED OF ME.SAM_7716

9) Next I apply mascara, and my favourite, lashes! However I don’t look particularly enthusiastic here. Im internally smiling, trust me. 🙂

I just love how in the background, there’s a picture of my cat and a poster of curve transformations.


10) Next I apply matte bronzer to contour my face. I apply it: below my cheekbones, along my temples, down the sides of my nose, and below my chin.

I also apply matte pink blush to my cheeks and sweep backwards.SAM_7727

11) Next I overdraw my lips with a mate pink lipliner. I fill in my lips with the lipliner too. SAM_7731

12) Whilst I think matte lips photograph really well, I find them so uncomfortable, so I apply lipstick over the top.

It’s a moisturing lipstick from clinique which i apply and blend in with my finger.

Here’s the final look!SAM_7738SAM_7739

Products used:

.Revlon colorstay foundation combination/oily- 120 Buff

.Paris-Berlin concealer palette

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- cool medium

.MUA Prime and Conceal powder

.Avon glow matte bronzer- Medium Rivera

.Sleek blush- Pixie pink

.NYX Eyebrow cake powder- taupe/ash

.Too faced shadow insurance- candlelight

.MAC pro longwear paintpot- painterly

.Urban Decay-NAKED 2 palette (YDK, Snakebite, foxy)

.Collection 24 hour felt tip liner- black

.Avon supershock eyeliner pencil- black

.Essence get big lashes- waterproof

.Red Cherry lashes 47

.Nyx slim lip pencil- peekaboo neutral

.Clinque buttershine lipstick- Delovely

Hope you enjoyed, Thank you for reading!

If I don’t blog again before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And have a fabulous one however you choose to spend it.

Much love,



Frizzy Hair!!! – Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts to smooth hair!

Published October 5, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I’ve struggled with curly, frizzy hair all my life. I have natural curly hair and until recently I always had it straightened, which to wash, blowdry and straighten takes 3 hours! So through trial and error ive found some tricks which have helped me and id like to share.

I was inspired to do this post by the ‘Own your bed head’ campaign by ‘Casper’. Casper is a mattress company, the mattress’ are luxury and made out of latex and memory foam. You can check them out here. >

The campaign is all about embracing/helping frizzy hair, because unless you’re one of those godly people blessed with sleek,straight hair, frizz is something  we all have just in different quantities.

Heres my hair today. This is my freshly washed hair when I let it air dry:


I swear my eyes look slightly dozey here, but oh well. It’s a good representation of myself I guess!

So here are my tips which I find helpful:

.Tying you hair in braids before you sleep, not only gives you beautiful waves the next day with NO EFFORT, but also keeps frizz away as your hair is tied up!
.Hair Argan oils are also a savior. Any hair can benefit from oil and you can keep travel sized bottles with you to smooth fly-aways down throughout the day. Argan oil has literally saved my hair.
.Rinsing your hair with cold water before you get out the shower really helps with frizz aswell, as it seals the cuticle of your hair so it doesn’t frizz.
.If you have dry frizzy hair, use a light conditioner all over you hair when you shower, it weighs your hair down slightly, which is good if you have very damaged hair like me.
.Try not to wash your hair everyday. I find that my curly hair looks bad if I sleep on it, but the next day i’ll wear my hair in a bun. If you have a problem with greasy hair, use dry shampoo to battle through the second day. Washing every other day is much better than everyday, trust me.
.This is an obvious one, but try not to use much heat or dye your hair much (can you sense the hypocrisy?). Only in the last 2 months have I cut down the heat I use and how often I dye my hair, only because my hair was all falling out and breaking.
PLEASE DON’T LET YOURSELF GET TO THAT POINT!  I used to use heat on my hair every day and dying it red every 2-3 weeks. I not only use heat for occasions I want to look nice and dying it every 6-8 weeks.
I hope my tips have helped you, I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week!
Thanks for reading!
*I was contacted by casper about the campaign, but I am not sponsored.

Day to Night MOTD!

Published March 23, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve just been really busy!

So last saturday it was my birthday and I was going to do a tutorial of my birthday makeup, but long story short, I forgot on saturday and was too tired to do it sunday – sorry! However today it was my friend Maya’s birthday meal at TGIF. So im gonna show you the makeup I wore in the day, and then how I vamped it up for the evening. I even got my friend Veronika to do a makeup of the day and show her outfit (its very Sweden-esque and beautiful).

So here’s my day makeup:



Its a simple brown smokey eye with nude-pink lips. I was going to do something exciting…but in the end I went with a neutral look. Here’s the makeup I used:


And then as I changed up my lips for the evening, I went with a bright purple from the Little Mix collection by collection because that’s totally not hard to say.


I dozily found that my camera deleted the pictures of me wearing the purple lipstick, but im sure I’ll do a post with it soon!

Now for Veronikas look. We were in a arcade, which explains the colourful background. And if you learn nothing from my blog, please know that im an ABSOLUTE BOSS at air hockey!Image

Despite her being Russian (yano, because pretty much all my friends are foreign…), we both have a love for Sweden. So her outfit is primarily H&M. I love it, I like the way the leather skirt and blazer dress up the outfit without being ‘over-dressed’. Furthermore, I like the colour-blocking with the lemon yellow clutch and navy blazer (again, Swedish colours. Can you see the pattern here?) .Image

Veronika had her hair up and this was towards the end of the evening so of course everyones hair is going to be a bit messed up. But the thing I get jealous about with Vera is that she always looks fabulous, I mean, no one pulls glasses off that well am I right?

I asked her what lip colour she was wearing (because its a beautiful rich pink) and its Avon Colourtrend- Passion aswell as L’étoile’s – Rouge sexy.

Ive never done a blog post with one of my friends in it, so this is a first.

Products used:

.Revlon colourstay foundation- 150 Buff

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- Cool Medium

.Maybelline matte maker powder- ivory

.Sleek face form contouring kit- medium

.Mac mineralize blush- Warm soul

.Elf studio powder blush- pink passion

.Nyx eyebrow cake powder- taupe/ash

.Too face shadow insurance- candlelight

.Urban decay naked palette (virgin,sin,buck,smog,darkhorse)

.Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencils- black and flash

.L’oreal superliner- black

.maybellin colossal volume cat eyes mascara- black

.T-mart lashes

.Mac lipstick-freckletone

.Nars lipgloss-Turkish Delight

.Collection little mix lipstick- Perrie

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous weekend; thanks for reading!


CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! – Makeup of the day

Published December 8, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So its my favourite time of the year… CHRISTMAS! And second to that, christmas shopping.

I did a ‘makeup of the day’ for christmas shopping last year and I thought I would do another one this year. I love looking back on my posts, besides seeing the history of how my hair has changed, I also see how my makeup has changed throughout the year. It usually gets more dramatic but still. 🙂

I also thought that as I did a Lana look yesterday which wasn’t really my sort of look at all, that id do a look thats my ‘signiture’ look. Cheesus, ive said look about 1000 times in the last 3 sentences.

So here’s my look:


And because my cat Smokey is sat next to me whilst im writing this, I cant help but include a cute photo of him I just took. And if any of you are like me, you’re a sucker for cute cat pictures… Image

Awwww  he’s tubby, but that just means there’s more of him to love. ❤

I hope you enjoyed!

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay foundation normal/dry skin- 120 Buff

Collection lasting perfection concealer- light

Mac studio finish concealer spf35- nw20

Rimmel stay matte powder- peach glow

Avon glow bronzer- medium riviera

Sleek powder blush- pixie pink

Smashbox brow tech- taupe/soft brown

too faced shadow insurance

urban decay naked palette (smog,buck,darkhorse,virgin)

elf studio cream eyeliner- black

Mua intense eyeliner pencil- royal blue

maybelline falsies waterproof mascara- black

t-mart lashes

Revlon eyelash adhesive- black

L’oreal caresse lipstick- nude ingenue

Thanks for reading!  Whats your signature makeup look?


Makeup of the day – Aqua Pop + Hair update!

Published August 22, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I was just going to do a little makeup of the day and hair update.

You can probably tell from my posts that I like lots of eye makeup, and I usually make my eyes the feature. But today I wanted to wear less eye makeup but still make my eyes stand out. So I used coloured liner! Its a more natural look for me. 😉

Id also like to say thanks to the lovely people who have nominated me for awards recently, you know who you are 🙂

Im also wearing some other lashes from Tmart (because I ordered more but in a different style).Heres my makeup: ImageImageImageImage

So its neutral pink lips and cheeks, neutral eyeshadow, bright liner and false lashes. Here the makeup I used! ImageImage


Ok, so my hair looks really red today, because I re-dyed it yesterday. Only one box this time, hehe!


So, if you cant tell. Red hair is nice, but it needs to be maintained. I have another box of dye so i can keep up the red for longer.

Thanks for reading!


Makeup Of The Day – Bronze Smokey Eye!

Published July 6, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I thought I would do a quick little post on the makeup I did today because I havent done one of these in ages. I also curled my hair with a new curling wand (TRESemme salon professional volume curling wand). In short – I love it!

So heres my MOTD:ImageImageImage

The smokey eye was so simple actually. I used the maybelline colour tattoo as a base. Then I pretty much surrounded my eye with ‘Smog’ eyeshadow. And patted some ‘Half-Baked’ in the centre on my lid. Then I line the inside of my eyes with supershock black eye liner, then applied mascara.

Yep, that easy.

Products used:

.Makeup Forever HD Foundation- 117

.Collection Lasting Perfection concealer- 2 Light

.Ben Nye translucent face powder – Fair

.Avon glow bronzer- Medium Riviera

.Benefit Coralista blush

.Smashbox Brow Tech- Taupe/Soft Brown

.Too Faced shadow insurance

.Maybelline colour tattoo- Eternal gold

.Urban Decay Naked palette

.Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil- Black

.Maybelline the Rocket mascara- Black

.Model co Nude illusion lip liner

.Mac lipstick- Creme Cup

.Stila Lip glaze- Rose Bud

Do you guys like these sorts of posts? If you do, comment below and I’ll do more!

Thanks for reading!