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Fabulous Friday Finds: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara!

Published June 22, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey Guys,

So today I have a reveiw for you! I called it fabulous friday finds (I though the name was cute!), its about rimmels new scandal eyes show off mascara! There is an original scandal eyes mascara but this is  the newest version. Image

The packaging is made of plastic and is abright fucshia/purple colour. I cant make up my mind whether I think the packaging is tacky or not, but hey, its purple so its all good! 🙂

The wand is funky too, its one of the best bits! Its a plastic wand with little spikes to comb through your lashes, and it has a ball on the end making getting the outer and inner lashes easy! Image

I got this mascara 2 days ago at my local Boots, it was £4.99 as it was an introduction offer.

So what does it look like on the eyes?  Heres without mascaraImage

Now with one coat: Image

And a second coat: Image

As you can see this is more of a volumising mascara. The formula is dryer than I would have like, but then again I prefer more defining mascaras. I think it is really good for the price though.

One problem I found with this mascara is that it flakes off, I took a picture of my eye after a whole day of wearing it and there are black specks under my eyes… the same happened today.ImageI guess this isnt a major problem, but its a bit annoying wondering if you have black flecks under your eyes the whole day, and if you smudge them you have marks on your face!

Overall thoughts:

Packaging 6/10

Wand 9/10

Formula: 7/10

How it looks on: 8/10

Would I buy it again? – Yes but only if it was on offer.

Would I recommend it? – If you want to try something new then yes, but you can get better mascaras at the drugstore.

So what did you think of my reveiw? Are you gonna try rimmels scandal eyes mascara?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and requests below!

Thank you!  xoxox


Rainbows & Unicorns! – A tutorial

Published June 15, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Sorry ive been a bit MIA recently, i have had a busy,busy week.

Today I was just playing round with my makeup as it is friday! (insert rebecca black ‘friday’ here)

I thought id do a rainbow eye look as a tutorial. I had an obcession with wearing this look last summer, I change the rainbow look up a bit each time I do it, but this is usually what I go for. I called it ‘rainbows & unicorns’ because the bright colours remind me of unicorns and rainbows! – And whats not to love!

Ok start with a primed eye and apply a light shimmery gold or silver in your inner corner. Image

I then apply a bright yellow to the inner third of my lid. (it doesn’t matter if you go in about half way, just means the other colours will blend better).Image

Apply an orange eyeshadow on the middle of your lid , take up to your crease. Image

Then apply a hot pink eyeshadow on the outer third of your eye, extend out to a ‘v’ shape. Image

Now on the inner half of your lower lash line apply a medium green eyeshadow. Image

Now apply a purple eyeshadow to the ouer half of your lower lash line.

You may be wondering why I am not doing any blending. Bit the colours should just flow together nicely anyway, and besides, have you ever seen a blended rainbow!


Now for the liner! I apply a white liner to my lower lashline and apply a blue eyeshadow on top. Use a medium blue.

I also apply a thin line of black liquid liner to my top lashline. I get slightly thicker towards my outer corner,

ImageMascara time! I apply 2 coats of mascara. You dont want the main focus of this look to be lashes. Its all about the eyeshadow and the ‘rainbow’ coming through.

Here’s The Finished Look!!!


And thats the tutorial!

What do you think about the ‘rainbow eyes’ look? – Leave your comments below!


Maybelline Haul

Published June 4, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I realised recently I have been buying a lot of makeup, in particular drugstore makeup. I feel like a ton of new drugstore products have hit the UK. I usually get really jealous when I see other peoples hauls as in other countries (especially the US) new makeup launches a lot earlier there. But I guess the advantage is that I know whats a good or bad producct before it arrives in the UK.

I have realised that one of my favourite makeup brands is Maybelline, I have tried a variety of products from there in the past and I feel nothing has ever majorly let me down. I have tried a few things recently from the drugstore but heres just the maybelline stuff!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara £7.99     I havent tried this before but I have tried other maybelline mascaras so I have high hopes!

Color Tattoo Eyeshadow 24hr (Turquoise Fever, On And On Bronze, Eternal Gold) £4.99  I have tried these and they’re great, very pigmented and great staying-power!

Color Sensational Popsticks (Cherry Pop) £7.19  Gives a lovely sheer red colour and has a lovely, juicy Cherry smell.

Dream Matte Powder (Golden Beige) £7.19  Lovely matte finish to the skin, unfortunately doesn’t come in a ig range of shades.

Expert Wear Blusher (Flash Plum) £5.19  A smooth blush, which will look great on all skin tones fair to deep.


Would you like a reveiw of any of the following? Have you tried any of the products above?

Thanks for reading!



Drugstore makeup favourites!

Published May 13, 2012 by majormakeupmadness


So todays post is going to be about my favourite makeup finds from the drugstore (though we dont really say ‘drugstore’ in the UK). I love doing these sort of posts because I like reading them, so I get all excited!  So, it would be really cool if some of you did a ‘drugstore favourites’ post! So here’s my little stash of favourites- Image

So im going to go through each catagory: lips, eyes,face.


I’ve tried quite a few ‘cheaper’ makeup products and I find that with these you really get your moneys worth. The are all smooth, pigmented and stay on. I feel they could work for a variety of different skin tones, and textures (oily,dry etc).

Maybelline BB cream- light £7.99

Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation- 51 £10.99

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer-light £4.19

Collection 2000 sheer loose powder £3.99

Bourjois bronser £6.99

Elf studio blush- gotta glow £3.50

Sleek blush- pixie pink £4.30


These producst are so good, I must have gone through 5 of those maybelline mascaras! I have used them for about 3 years now.

Maybelline volum express lift up mascara £6.19

Elf cream eyeliner- black £3.50

L’oreal super liner luminizer- green eyes £6.49

Rimmel eyeshadows (selection)

Elf eyelid primer (sheer) £1.50

LIPS Image

I love these products, they are such good quality and reasonably priced.

Nivea lip balm hydro care (though I love all nivea lip balms) £2.03

Collection 2000 cream puff matte lip creams- in fairy cake, cotton candy £2.99

Revlon lipbutters- Peach parfait, candy apple, cotton candy £7.99

I hope you guys like my favourites! It would be fun if some of you did your drugstore favourites aswell, id love to see them! Are any of mine the same as yours?

Thanks guys,


Tropical eyes! – a tutorial!

Published May 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness


so today I am going to do a tutorial for you guys. I didn’t plan this, however I was doing my eye makeup and I thought ot would be fun to show it.

Products I used:

. Too Faced shadow insurance

. Yellow eyeshadow

. Colours from MUA palette -glamour days

. Mac smoulder eye kohl

. Lancome hypnose drama mascara

Start with primed eyesImage

Apply a yellow shadow to the inner third of your eye.Image

Apply a green eyeshadow on the middle of your lid.Image

Then apply a pink shadow to the outer third of your eye.Image

I then apply a purple to my crease, focusing mainly focusing on the outer half of the crease. The effect of this is is to make the eyes look larger. Image

Now I apply a highlight (urban decay ‘virgin’), to my inner corners and browbone.

ImageNow I apply, a black pencil liner to my top lashline, I dont go into my waterline as it closes the eyes up, and ‘Hello! I already got small eyes!’ . I get thicker towards the outer corner of my eye.

MASCARA TIME! I also curl my lashes before.  This is the finished look! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for watching you guys, comment what you think!

-stay beautiful


So real they’re fake! – false lash finatics

Published May 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So todays post is going to be about false lashes. What types are my favourites, the effect they have, a little mini haul I guess.

Wow, would you believe it? False lashes have become more and more recent purchases of woman and men in the last year or two. Mainly to the fact that celebrities wear them n a day-to-day basis and look so effortlessly glamorous. It become a common thing to see celebrities and people who appear on TV regularly to wear false lashes.

False lashes come in many shapes and forms. You can get individual lashes, strip lashes and lash extensions. And each may vary, some may be made of plastic, others natural hair and fibres. And then there’s colour,brand and size.

My favourites are individual lashes, because I find that they look most natural and dont hit my glasses constantly. You can just add 3 or 4 to the outer third of your eye for that ultra-glam, wide-eyed, elongated effect. I also like the ones which have brown and black hairs in as it blends better with your natural lashes.

Here’s my eyes today with 4 lashes on the outer edge of my eye, can you tell?  😀ImageI didn’t want a dramatic difference, just something for a nice change, you know what I mean? I am using the Ardell lashes featured below.

Here’s some lashes I picked up over the weekend: Image

I also

ordered from elf on saturday, so there will be a haul when the products arrive,

Do you think false lashes are worth it?

Thank you for reading,


Kim kardashian inspired makeup!

Published May 4, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guy, so todays post is going to be about some kim kardashian inspired makeup I did on myself yesterday. I am not trying to say I look like her or anything, but its just my interpretation of it.

I truly love all the makeup kim kardashian wears, she seems to look good in anything, whether it be a nude lip or even a red or coral lip. Kim kardashian is known famously for her cheekbones, they are so contoured it’s unreal.  But never the less all her makeup is gorgeous, it really embraces your best features. I found that I look completely different when I wear makeup similar to what she wears.

Heres some photos I took:


Eyes: eyeshadows from the Urban Decay naked palette (virgin,sin.creep,gun metal,dark horse), rimmel eyeliner, Lancome hypnose mascara.

Lips: L’oreal rouge caresse lipstick (nude colour)

Face: Laura Mercier silk creme foundation, collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, 17 no shine powder, elf clarifying pressed powder in toffee (to contour), maybeline 24hr concealer in light (to highlight), sleek blush in pixie pink (I think).

Hope you like it! Stay beautiful you guys, thank you,:)