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Angelic makeup!

Published June 7, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today i’m going to do a tutorial, on a pink, sparkly look. I recently bought a pot of red ‘fairy dust’ which sits on my bed side table, along with various rocks and chemistry models. But it reminded me of a gold glitter I bought from Barry M a year ago, which is what inspired the look I wore today!

So lets get started!

1) First I apply my foundation, concealer, powder and eyebrow pencil (all the boring stuff really). Despite being summer, I went for a full coverage foundation, for no reason other than it makes your skin look ‘banging’. And trust me I save that word only for occasions where it’s truly applicable…


2) Next I apply a eyeshadow base to my eyelids. SAM_7993

3) I then apply a matte ivory colour under my brow, as highlight. I think an underbrow highlight makes your eyebrows look really sharp. 10/10 would recommend.SAM_7994

4) Next I apply a metallic champagne all over my lid and along my lower lashline. Basically all around my eye. SAM_7995

5) I was debating on whether to do a crease colour for ages, but in the end I opted for a light pink. SAM_7996

6) Next comes the glitter! I know you can use glitter glues and all that jazz, but I just used my finger to pat some light gold glitter over the champagne colour. Simples.

Sadly the glitter doesn’t look quite as striking in photos.


7) Next I use a thin-ish line of black liquid liner on my top lashline and wing it out slightly.

SHOCKER, I actually didn’t use eyeliner on my waterline. SAM_8002

8) Next I apply black mascara to my top and bottom lashes. SAM_8003

9) And of course… FALSE LASHES. I went a bit OTT today, but yano, you gotta live a little… SAM_8004

10) Next I contour with a matte bronzer. I apply it across my forehead, under my chin, down my nose, and concentrate it under my cheekbones. I use a smaller brush for my nose and cheekbones, so the bronzer doesn’t look a muddy. SAM_8007

11) Next I apply a shimmery pink blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend backwards. SAM_8012

12) And for the final step, I apply a light pink lipstick. And TADA, the finished look! SAM_8019SAM_8025SAM_8020

Products used:

.Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover- cream vanilla

.MUA pro base prime & conceal correction cream- peach

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- cool medium

.Rimmel stay matte powder- peach glow

.Rimmel eyebrow pencil- Hazel

.NYX eyebrow cake powder- taupe

.Mac paint pot- painterly

.Stila eyeshadow- kitten

.Natural collection eyeshadow- ivory

.Gosh eyeshadow- 9 shade to play with in vegas (I used the pink in the bottom left in my crease)

.Barry M fine glitter dust- 15

.L’oreal superliner- black

.L’oreal telescopic mascara- black

.Red cherry eyelashes- 47

.Sleek contour kit- light

.Elf mineralize blush- passion pink

.Mac lipstick- Angel

Thanks guys for reading my post, see you next time!



Perplexing plum – Spring makeup tutorial

Published April 18, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today im going to do a plum, smokey daytime look, inspired by this elf baked eyeshadow i found in my eyeshadow drawer the other day. Its a really rich plum colour, however it always seems to blend into the most gorgeous smokey eye.

ps. Since last time i bleached streaks of my hair and put a pink dye in them (though it went red).

So lets get started!

1) Apply your base makeup (foundation, concealer, powder -> all that jazz) and define and fill in your eyebrows. I’ve recently been using 2 different colour eyebrow pencils to create more angular brows. SAM_7946

2) As the UK is actually getting hot weather (what is this sorcery?), I always make sure i double prime my eyes. By this I mean, using an eyeshadow primer, and then using a cream base on top so my eyeshadows really stick to my eyes and dont crease.


3) Next I apply a light champagne colour to the inner half of my top and bottom lashline. SAM_7950

4) Next I use a shimmery plum on the outer half of my lid and then I also apply it in the crease. SAM_7951

5) Then I apply a matte cream eyeshadow under my brows as a highlight. SAM_7955

6) Next i smudge a soft black shadow across my lashline. Ive been doing this alot recently, even though im going to apply eyeshadow, it makes the look more smokey and blended.SAM_7956

7) I apply black liquid liner across my top lashline, then a black gel eyeliner in my waterline.SAM_7961

8) Next I curl my lashes and apply mascara. SAM_7962

9) Next I apply some whorelicious false lashes. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have even considered wearing the size lashes that I do now. #thuglife SAM_7963

10) Next I contour with a matte bronzer and shimmery highlighter. I apply the darker powder across my forehead, at my temples, under my cheekbones, down the sides of me nose and heavily under my chin (we gotta hide those triple chins).

I next apply a light pink blush to the apples of my cheek and blend it backwards. I do this so the cotour and blush blend together.


11) Then I applied a dark pink lipliner just outside of my natural lip line. I then fill the rest of lip in with a light pink lipstick. Using my finger i blend these together so it looks more like a gradient.

Thanks the finished look! SAM_7973SAM_7976SAM_7972

Products used:

.Estee Lauder double wear foundation- Bone

.MUA corrector- peach

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- cool medium

.Rimmel stay matte pressed powder- warm beige

.Collection pressed powder- fair

.Sleek contour kit- light

.Mac powder blush- well dressed

.Rimmel eyebrow pencil- Hazel

.Rimmel eyebrow pencil- Dark Brown

.Too faced shadow insurance- candlelight

.Mac pro longwear paintpot- painterly

.Too faced naural eye palette

.Elf baked shadow- Burnt plum

.Mac eyeshadow- Beauty marked

.Loreal superliner-black

.Avon supershock gel eyeliner- black

.Loreal telescopic mascara- black

.Revlon clear eyelash glue

.Red cherry eyelashes- 47

.Mac lipliner- soar

.Mac lipstick- cremecup

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Pretty in purple- tutorial

Published October 31, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I felt like I hadnt done a tutorial in a while, and usually what inspires me for tutorials is a particular eyeshadow or lipstick and I make everything up around one product ive chosen. Today I wanted to use the BH cosmetics party girl palette as there’s this cranberry/pink shade with gold reflects in it that I used the other day and thought it brought out the green in my eyes well.

I also had a big pair of red cherry lashes which I called my new ‘whore lashes’ because trust me, in the packaging it looked like you could blink and create enough wind to start a storm or something.

But anyway, lets get to the tutorial!

1) First I did my base and eyebrows, other than the products, the way I do this is always the same: primer,foundation, concealer, powder and then eyeshadow in my brows.SAM_7394

2) Next I apply eye primer and on top, a light beige colour base. This is because I have very oily skin oily eyelids is something I like to avoid for the greater good. I then apply a shimmery champagne eyeshadow all over my lid and under my eyes., this is very brightening. SAM_7399

3) Next I apply that pink/cranberry shade to the outer half of my top and bottom lashline. As I applied the champagne colour all over my eye, the pink blends with it as you apply it.SAM_7401

4) Next I apply a light taupe to my crease as a transition colour. This is basically so the darker purple shade im going to apply will blend more smoothly. (I didn’t put a separate picture of this because you couldn’t see much of a difference.)

5) Next I apply a reddish purple shade to my crease, but mainly focusing the colour of the ‘outer v’ of my eye. I also take a bit of this colour to the outer third of my lower lashline. SAM_7409

6) Next I line my top lashline with a black liquid liner, I do a medium thickness line. The great thing about doing a look with false lashes is that you don’t see much of the eyeliner so you can afford to be a bit more scruffy with it.SAM_7412

7) Next I apply a muted purple eyeliner to my waterline. You should be proud, me using an eyeliner that isnt black? What is this, a revolution?SAM_7415

8) Next I curl my lashes and apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes.SAM_7417

9) And now for the exciting bit, LASHES! I put a thin layer of clear lash glue on the band of the lash, wait for about 30 seconds, then using tweezers I plonk the lash as close to my real lashes as possible, and position the beginning and end. SAM_7420

10) I didn’t want to go overboard with contouring so I applied a dark matte brown powder under my cheekbones, chin and a little on my temples and blended. SAM_7434

11) Next I apply a mineralize beige blush to my cheek and blend backwards.SAM_7450

12) Next I apply a nude lipstick and lipgloss to my lips to finish the look.SAM_7492


Products used:

Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser primer

Clinique Even Better foundation- 01 Albaster

Paris Berlin concealer palette- No1

Collection lasting perfection concealer- Cool medium

Collection lasting perfection powder- Fair

Sleek face form palette- Medium

Mac mineralize blush- Warm Soul

NYX Eyebrow cake powder- Tauple/ash

Too faced shadow insurance- candlelight

Mac prolongwear paintpot- Painterly

BH Cosmetic party girl palette (all shades I used were on the 2nd row).

Collection extreme 24hr liquid liner- black

Urban decay eyeliner pencil- rockstar

Maybelline great lash waterproof mascara- black

Red Cherry Eyelashes- 47

Revlon clear lash glue

Maybelline colorsensational lipstick- Tantilizing Taupe

NYC Liquid lipshine- Nude york city (I think, the names worn off!)

Thanks for reading, have a fabulous week and Happy Halloween!


Prom makeup tutorial! – 2 lip options.

Published March 8, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys, So I couldn’t decide whether to do a colourful spring tutorial, or a prom tutorial. But as me and my friends have been scouting around for dresses recently I thought this was more relevant. Despite my prom not being til late june, I know some peoples are as early as april, so I thought it would be a good time to do one.

For this tutorial ive included 2 options, the eyes aren’t colourful so I though youcould get away with red lips or a soft pink. Id personally go for the pink, but each to their own. Here’s the 2 looks:

Look 1

Look 1

Look 2

Look 2

Both looks are exactly the same apart from the lips, so lets get started!

1) After doing your base and eyebrows, prime your eyelids. Make sure you use a long-lasting primer. SAM_6570 2) Next apply a pearl-finish ivory colour across your entire eyelid. SAM_6578 3) Next apply a warm matte brown in your crease and blend. SAM_65864) Next apply a bright gold underneath your lashline. I applied quite a lot but go with the amount you’re comfortable with.SAM_6594 5) Next apply a shimmery white eyeliner in your inner corner. This really brightens up your eye, and if you dont do this step usually- you should! I think it’s universally flattering. SAM_6596 6) For my top lashline I draw a medium-thickness line across my line and get thinner towards my inner corner. If you want to wing the liner out, go ahead. But winged liner isn’t flattering on me personally. For the waterline, use a gold eyeliner. I didn’t have a gold liner so I used white then put the same gold eyeshadow that we just used, and patted that on  top carefully. SAM_66007) Next curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Afterall, A girls gotta have her mascara! SAM_66048) Next  apply long fake eyelashes to my top eyelashes. I use black eyelash glue, however its quite fiddly so if you’re new to false eyelashes I suggest you use a clear glue so you can tell if you got it everywhere! SAM_66079) Next contour your face with a matte bronzer. Please, please, PLEASE do not use an orange-toned bronzer. It will make a classy look appear tacky and unflattering. SAM_660910) Next apply a blush which looks natural with your skin tone, for me its a light peach. Here’s what id recommend:

.Fair skin- matte earthy brown

.Light skin- matte peach

.Medium skin- matte coral or bronze

.Dark skin- matte muted plum SAM_6611 11) If going for look 1, line your lips with a nude lipliner (and slightly exaggerate your lips if needed) and then apply a lipgloss slightly lighter than your natural lip colour.SAM_6623SAM_6627 12) For look 2, use a matte red lipstick/lip crayon and apply to your lips.SAM_6617SAM_6613   Those are the finished looks! I hope i’ve helped you out if you’e looking for a prom look. Oh course, this isn’t restricted to prom, it could be a going out look or Im just wearing it normally today!

Products Used:

.Benefit porefessional primer

.L’oreal Infallible 24hr foundation- 120 Vanilla

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- Cool Medium

.Elf complexion perfection powder-cool

.Avon glow matte bronzer- medium riviera

.Nyx powder blush- Angel .Nyx eyebrow cake powder- Taupe/ash

.Too Faced shadow insurance- candlelight

.Naked 1 palette (virgin,buck,half-baked)

.Elf studio cream eyeliner- black

.MUA colour intense eyeliner-snow white

.Maybelline one by one mascara

.T-mart lashes

.Model co nude illusion lip liner

.Elf hypershine lipgloss-joy

.Revlon colorburst matte balm- Striking

Thanks for reading and your continued support. xxx

Get Ready with me – New years eve!

Published December 31, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases! And if you happen to read this before we’re in 2014, then have a jolly good start to the new year!

Its the time to make new years resolutions, that hopefull, last more than 5 days in 2014! My resolutions include:

. To have a healthier lifestyle (and lose lots of poundage whilst im at it!)

. To get my hair in much healthier condition.

. To better myself by learning new skills and learning more and more. It may not seem like it but im a massive geek. Especially with      science. Love the stuff.

. To be a nicer person, and do nice things for people, even strangers.

. Learn how to handle my anxiety better.


What are some of your resolutions? Or are you one of those people who think they’re pointless?

So anyway, lets start this get ready with me with a ‘final result’ photo:Image

Now from the beginning!



I then wore a a short black skirt, burgandy top and a leather jacket. I actually did this about 1pm today and went to watch Frozen with some friends, then to Pizza hut, because Pizza hut is the land of GLORIOUS pizza. And my hair was curled today. I said i wouldnt die it to help it get better, but i put some pink through the ends of my hair, but it just looks slightly red.

Products used:

. revlon colorstay foundation combination/oily- 120 Buff

. Mac pro longwear concealer- Nw20

. Rimmel stay matte powder- Peach glow

. Sleek contour kit- medium

. Mac powder blush- Well dressed

. Natural collection eyeshadow- Crushed Walnut

. Too faced shadow insurance- candlelight

. Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow- rsvp

. Naked 3 palette (strange,nooner,darkside)

. Mac eyeshadow- freshwater

. MUA pearl eyeshadow- shade 10

. Collection 24 hour liquid eyeliner- black

. Mac eye kohl- smoulder

. Too faced glitter (I couldn’t find it on the website!)

Avon supershock mascara- black

Tmart lashes-

Loreal colour riche lipstick- Cheryl’s nude


Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous new year. Its 11pm as im writing this, so not long now!


Autumn Embers- Makeup Tutorial!

Published October 12, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today im going to do a really dark, dramatic tutorial. Its inspired by the lipstick I bought last weekend (the one im wearing in the post) and its a really nice purpley-black. I felt like going out of my comfort zone and to balance it out I did a neutral eye. I hope you enjoy. This was the result:Image

So lets start the tutorial:

1) Start with clean lids and apply an eyeprimer.Image

2) Next apply a champagne cream eyeshadow to your lids. I do this to make the shadows last longer. I apply a light bronze colour over the top of this, all round my eye.


3) Next apply a plum show to the outer third of your lid and lower lashline. Blend well.Image

4) To blend the shadows further take a matte brownish-purple, place in the crease and blend to just under your brow bone. Then highlight your browbone with a cream shade.Image

5) Then line your eyes with a liquid liner, I did a medium thickness line. Image

6) I then line my waterline, I also tightline my eyes to make my lashes look fuller. Image

Gosh 1n that picture my eye looks real weird near the inner corner – I dont even know!

7) Next I apply a volumising mascara to my top and bottom lashes. Image

8) Next I apply my false lashes from Tmart – where else! These have made frequent appearance in my posts, can you tell?Image

9) Next I contour my face with a dark matte brown. I dont use blush or highlighter because the eyes and mouth are going to be over the top. I dont want to look like a completely drag queen! Only partially… obviously…Image

10) Now for the final step, DARK LIPS.I dont actually own a dark purple lipliner *shocker* so I just apply the lipstick to my lips. I dont even use a brush, because thats how I roll. Heres the finished look!Image

My camera always makes me look more pale anyway, but I look like a ghost!

Products used:

.Makeup forever mat velvet plus foundation- 20

.paris berlin concealer palette

.Bobbi brown concealer- light yellow

.Collection lasting perfection concealer

.Ben nye translucent fair powder

.Sleek contour kit- medium

.smashbox brow tech- taupe

.Too faced eye primer

.Benefit creaseless cream shadow- RSVP

.Naked 2 palette (foxy,tease,YDK)

.Elf baked eyeshadow- burnt plum

.Collection 24 hour liquid eyeliner

.Avon supershock gel liner- black

.Maybelline rocket mascara

.Tmart lashes

.Collection gothic glam lipstick- Revenge


I hope you enjoyed, Thanks for reading!


Emerald City – Makeup Tutorial!

Published September 14, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I was looking through my makeup collection and found an Urban Decay palette which I have used as much as I should. Ive had it for about half a year and only used it like 10 times maybe? So I thought id give it some love,

Heres what the palette looks like: Image

Lets start the tutorial!

1) Start by applying an eyeshadow primer to your eyelid to prevent creasing. You can also apply a white eyeshadow base to make the shadows brighter, however I didnt. Image

2) Next I apply a matte white shadow (from NYX) on the inner half of my lid. Image

3) Next I apply Graffiti to the rest of my lid and lower lashline. 

Blend the white with the green so there is a transition of colour. Image


4) Next apply ‘Underground’ just above your crease. I did this step with my eyes open so I could make sure its visible when I open my eyes. If I applied it directly into my crease, you wouldnt really be able to see it when I open my eyes.Image

5) Next I apply ‘zero’ to my outer V. I blend it into my crease to add depth to the look. I also take it on the outer quarter on my lower lashine. Next apply the same matte white you used in step 2 and apply that under your brow. Image

6) Next take a gel liner and line your waterline. I used black but brown or dark green would look great too! Image

7) Next apply your top lashine, I used a black gel liner (same as the waterline). Image

8) Next apply mascara  to your top and lower lashes.Image

9) Next I apply false lashes. I forgot to take a picture of just that though.

So bronzer and a lot of lipgloss later… Image


Products used:

Makeup forever HD foundation- 120

Paris Berlin Concealer palette

Collection lasting perfection concealer- light

Rimmel stay matte powder- translucent

Avon glow bronzer- medium rivera

Nyx eyebrow cake powder- taupe/ash

Too faced shadow insurance

Urban decay- Deluxe shadow box

Nyx eyeshadow- white (From ‘One Night in Morroco’ palette)

Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil- black

Maybelline one by one mascara – black

Tmart lashes 

Accessorize lipgloss trio gift set (the pink gloss)


I hope you like the look, thanks for reading!