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Cheryl cole- Ghetto Baby Tutorial

Published January 11, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Happy New Year!

Today im going to do a tutorial on a look Cheryl wore in her latest music video Ghetto Baby. I love the song and all the looks she was wearing throughout the video.

So heres my tutorial!

1) First I apply a champagne cream eyeshadow over my lid as a base. Image

2) I apply a shimmery brown shadow on the inner half of my lid and repeat on the lower lashline. Image

3) I then apply a dark grey on the out half of my lid and do the same with my lower lashline. Image

4) I then apply a warm, medium, matte brown in my crease. This softens the look. Image

5) I then apply a matte black on the outer corner of my eyes and blend gently across the lashline. Image

6) I then apply a black kohl pencil to my waterline. I also do a medium-thickness line on my top lashline. I stop when I get to the inner third of my eye. Image

7) I then apply mascara and a set of false lashes. I also apply a shimmery highlight in my inner corners and under my brow bone. Image

8) To finish off the look I contour with a dark matte bronzer. I apply a light peach blush to my cheeks.

For my lips: I line them with a nude lipline, then apply a light pink lipstick followed by a light pink gloss.

Heres the finished look: ImageImage

Products used:

Rimmel Wake me up foundation- 100 ivory

Mac studio finish concealer spf35- Nw20

Elf complexion perfection powder- cool

rimmel blush- Santa rose

Avon glow bronzer- medium riviera

Elf eyebrow kit- light

Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow- RSVP

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

Mac eye kohl- Smolder

Benefit they’re real mascara

Revlon lashes- 91155 Intensifying

No7 lipliner – Nude

L’oreal  color riche lipstick- 303

Lily cole for body shop lipgloss- 04 go pink

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Bye!



Everyday smokey eye! (My favourite look at the moment!)

Published October 3, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So on Saturday im gonna be doing a bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday with my bestest friend in the world Klara. I get really excited when I have a reason to go a bit more dramatic with my makeup and hair (which is why I do a  beauty blog). And if you know me you’ll know Christmas is my favourite time of the year expect a god-damn ton of christmas posts. 

So I wanted to go neutral but glamorous. So the best way I though was a Smokey eye! I also picked my favourite bits of makeup in my collection to help complete the look. AND SOME SUBTLE LASHES OF COURSE!

Heres what I used:

Bourjois healthy mix foundation

Bobbi brown creamy concealer

mac mineralise skin finish natural powder

avon matte bronzer

mac fleur power powder blush

elf studio blush gotta glow

urban decay primer potion

Urban decay naked palette (side car, virgin, gunmetal, creep, toasted, sin)

L’oreal liquid liner

Nyx slim eye pencil dark brown

maybelline great lash mascara

revlon lashes

No7 lipliner nude

Nyx round lipstick Image


Sorry for the load of pictures.

There may be a haul after saturday..I mean, LUSH CHRISTMAS COLLECTION!!!!!! helloo?  haha

If you want a tutorial in would be happy to, and if you have any other requests comment below!

I also have a deviant art

and twitter

Bye guys, much love


How to get long, luscious lashes without false ones!

Published September 9, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today Im going to do a post on my favourite ways to get long, thick lashes, without applying false ones.

1) Start with no eye makeup.

2) I then take maybellines gel eyeliner in Black and line my upper waterline. To create the illusion of thick lashes, you need to work on the look of a even lash line to make the base of your lashes look thicker. 

3) I then apply 1 or 2 swipes of waterproof mascara, im using maybellines great lash waterproof. I do this because before curling my lashes because waterproof mascara holds it’s shape better, so when I curl my lashes the curl will last longer than curling lashes with no product on them.

4) I then curl my lashes with my elf lash curler, and apply a lengthening mascara. Im using Mac’s zoom lash. 

5) I then apply a volumising mascara. Here’s where you will see the main difference. I use maybellines colossal volume mascara. Maybellline make the best drugstore mascaras in my opinion! Heres the finished look. 

Theres the finished eyes. I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks.

What’s your favourite mascara? -Comment below!


Fabulous Friday Finds: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara!

Published June 22, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey Guys,

So today I have a reveiw for you! I called it fabulous friday finds (I though the name was cute!), its about rimmels new scandal eyes show off mascara! There is an original scandal eyes mascara but this is  the newest version. Image

The packaging is made of plastic and is abright fucshia/purple colour. I cant make up my mind whether I think the packaging is tacky or not, but hey, its purple so its all good! 🙂

The wand is funky too, its one of the best bits! Its a plastic wand with little spikes to comb through your lashes, and it has a ball on the end making getting the outer and inner lashes easy! Image

I got this mascara 2 days ago at my local Boots, it was £4.99 as it was an introduction offer.

So what does it look like on the eyes?  Heres without mascaraImage

Now with one coat: Image

And a second coat: Image

As you can see this is more of a volumising mascara. The formula is dryer than I would have like, but then again I prefer more defining mascaras. I think it is really good for the price though.

One problem I found with this mascara is that it flakes off, I took a picture of my eye after a whole day of wearing it and there are black specks under my eyes… the same happened today.ImageI guess this isnt a major problem, but its a bit annoying wondering if you have black flecks under your eyes the whole day, and if you smudge them you have marks on your face!

Overall thoughts:

Packaging 6/10

Wand 9/10

Formula: 7/10

How it looks on: 8/10

Would I buy it again? – Yes but only if it was on offer.

Would I recommend it? – If you want to try something new then yes, but you can get better mascaras at the drugstore.

So what did you think of my reveiw? Are you gonna try rimmels scandal eyes mascara?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and requests below!

Thank you!  xoxox

So real they’re fake! – false lash finatics

Published May 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So todays post is going to be about false lashes. What types are my favourites, the effect they have, a little mini haul I guess.

Wow, would you believe it? False lashes have become more and more recent purchases of woman and men in the last year or two. Mainly to the fact that celebrities wear them n a day-to-day basis and look so effortlessly glamorous. It become a common thing to see celebrities and people who appear on TV regularly to wear false lashes.

False lashes come in many shapes and forms. You can get individual lashes, strip lashes and lash extensions. And each may vary, some may be made of plastic, others natural hair and fibres. And then there’s colour,brand and size.

My favourites are individual lashes, because I find that they look most natural and dont hit my glasses constantly. You can just add 3 or 4 to the outer third of your eye for that ultra-glam, wide-eyed, elongated effect. I also like the ones which have brown and black hairs in as it blends better with your natural lashes.

Here’s my eyes today with 4 lashes on the outer edge of my eye, can you tell?  😀ImageI didn’t want a dramatic difference, just something for a nice change, you know what I mean? I am using the Ardell lashes featured below.

Here’s some lashes I picked up over the weekend: Image

I also

ordered from elf on saturday, so there will be a haul when the products arrive,

Do you think false lashes are worth it?

Thank you for reading,