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Autumn Favourites!

Published November 14, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

I HAVE BEEN AWFUL AT POSTING. But the last few months I’ve gotten a lot done.

I completed my AS exams and got all A’s (Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and I’ve applied to 5 universites (Warwick, Exeter, Bath, Southampton, Surrey) to do either a Bachelors or Masters in Biomedical science, and I’ve got offers from all! Over the summer I also completed a 100 hour open university course in Human genetics and health issues.

So it’s been busy busy.

But today I got inspired to do a talky post so I thought I’d do an autumn favourites!

 1) LUSH Helping Hands hand cream £7.951126

I picked this up about a month ago, because somehow all my hand creams disappeared. I thought it’d be best get to get a more natural product because in my head I thought it’d be more moisturising. Its very good and sinks in quite quickly. Its the first time in ages that my hands havent felt all dry and crusty.

2) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle £24.0011271128

Must say, I’m not a huge fan on the new MAC mineralize packaging, but sacrifices have to be made!

Its a really pretty beigey-champagne, that looks great as an eyeshadow or highlight. I’ve recently been loving highlighting my cupids bow when im wearing lipstick as it makes my lips look more pouty & fierce.

The highlighter is very versatile too, you can get really subtle and really dramatic looks with it. As im not a huge highlighter person I usually only use a bit on my cheeks. Plus you get a butt-tonne of product!

3) MUA Mosaic Blush- English Rose £2.50


This remains one of my cheapest and favourite blushes in my collection, and is actually a recent repurchase (hence it not looking too shabby!). What I love with this blush is that the colour comes off as a natural rosy-pink but when the light hits it it has a lilac sheen which is GORGEOUS.

Even when using some more high-end makeup, I still layer this over the top sometimes. Even with my oily skin, it gives a pearly finish that I can actually tolerate.

At £2.50 you can’t go wrong, and it may even work its way up into your daily makeup routine.

4) Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette- Nude Grey £3.99


My next favourite is this palette from collection. Collection have really reinvented themselves as a brand in the last year, and this palette is no exception.

What particularly makes me happy about this palette is that there’s a matte highlight shade, and a matte black. It really has all the colours I would use for a neutral eyeshadow look. I only bought this because I’ve recently dyed my hair black and thought cool tones might look better, and Im so glad I have this now!

Again, when it’s only £3.99 it’s a steal, and would make a great stocking stuff at christmas too. Yes I’m one of those people with early christmas fever.

5) Eyelure pro-brow dye kit- black £7.50


As I recently dyed my hair black (see above) I needed to dye my eyebrows black too. This was just before I dyed them black, but as you can see they looked a bit out of place with my hair.

And I found this eyebrow dyed was really easy to use, and didn’t dye my skin black when I used it.

I thought i’d never see the day when I dyed my eyebrows…

6) Necklace


I thought i’d just add this in, because I find with autumn/winter, I wear a lot of darker clothes so I tend to bring a bit of brightness with this necklace sometimes.

I got this at a vintage emporium for 99p.  NINETY NINE PENCE OH MY. That’s what i’d clarify as a ‘Bangin’ deal’.


So that’s it for my autumn favourites, What things have you been loving recently?

Thanks for reading!




My Birthday!

Published March 15, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,


So I thought I would show what i got for my birthday. These are from family and friends, though im seeing my best friend klara tommorow, and she said she had some goody goody gumdrops for me. So yeah, this is from todays stuff.

I am extremely greatful for everything I got. I did have a few things I asked for (like taylor swift wonderstruck, and most of the makeup). So yeah Im not gonna go into much detail, because I have pictures!


So I am very happy with my stuffs. And Im going shopping tommorow with one of my best friends Helena, and having lunch out. Then having my best friend Klara come round for a sleepover.


So yeah, fun times…

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


HAUL! (Avon, Essie, Smashbox and Burts bees)

Published February 25, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t written a post in so long! Im sorry. 

Today I bring to you a collective haul from: Avon, essie smashbox and burts bees). My avon stuff arrived earlier today and the other stuff I got across 2 trips. Image

So from Smashbox, one of the ladies in boots (at the smashbox counter) did my eyebrows using smashbox products you don’t say. I got the Brow tech in the colour Taupe/soft brown and I really like the idea of having 2 powders and a clear wax. This way you can really get a natural looking brow and not hair hairy catapillars on your face! It was £17.00.

From Essie I got 2 nail polishes. One in ‘To buy or not to buy’ and the other is in ‘Fear & Desire’.  To buy or not to buy is described by Essie as a lilac with shimmer. The shimmer is a gorgeous periwinkle and pink. ‘Fear and Desire’ is described as a bright orange. It has no shimmer. £7.99 each.

From Burts Bee’s  I got the Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil. It is colourless and has a slightly waxy texture as well as a lovely scent.

Now for Avon. What I was most excited for was the Supershock Gel eyeliner pencils. There was formerly a Black and silver. But now there are 4 new shades. I have the colours: Black, Flash and Aqua pop. I haven’t had them for long, but CHEESUS THEY’RE SOFT and long lasting. Here’s some swatches: ImageImage

The next thing I got was the African Shea butter nourishing face mask. I haven’t used it yet but it feels like it would be pretty moisturising  so that will be interesting. Its also quite thick in consistency.

Next, on the never ending list, are the planet spa bath petals. Supposedly the flowers are meant to open up and make your bath water soapy. Despite being different colours, they are all the same scent (fresh and floral).

Then the nail experts gel strength base coat, because GIRL I NEED TO GET IN A NEW NAIL ROUTINE. I hope this will seriously extend the wear of my nail polishes and prevent any staining happening. Maybelline color show nail polishes, im looking at you!

Last but not least i got another Argen oil leave-in treatment. Ive even done a posts on it!

> https://majormakeupmadness123.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/how-to-get-shiny-hair-avon-moroccan-argon-oil-reveiw/

> https://majormakeupmadness123.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/short-cut-to-healthy-hair/


Thank you for reading! Oh and I want to try more smashbox products, any recommendations? 



Haul! (Christmas lush, beauiticology and Hello kitty… lots of it!)

Published October 9, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys!

So as many of you know from my last post I went shopping on saturday. I bought many things and would like to share them with you (as im over excited!). Im only showing the things I got for myself as the other stuff was early christmas shopping and I bought presents for my friends. And I dont want them to see what they got!

So without further ado, heres my ‘stuff ‘ Image

So im gonna start with the Lush stuff as it was the first shop I went to. Unknown to me til later,I spent over an hour in that shop! Well.. I do like Lush afterall.

I bought 4 products for myself in lush (quite a hold-back from me really).

First I bought Let the good times roll cleanser. It works like other lush cleansers you take a small piece, rub with with water and use on your face. Its meant to be for dry sensitive skin. It also has cinnamon in it which caught my eye. Cinnamon is very good at calming down redness and can even help with scars.  Its £ 5.95 for a 100g pot and both me and my friend bought them.

Next I bought Mr. Punch soap (the colourful block in the picture). I knew I would love this just from the description, but its to die for! The lady in lush told me its meant to resemble the fruits in Pimms. The soap really sugary and blackcurrent smelling. Amazing at describing scents aren’t I? its £3.75 per 100g

I then got Ponche shower gel, its meant to be mexican inspired, it smells orangey and boozy. I always get snow fair so I wanted to get a different shower gel for once. Its £4.25 for 100g and its fricken orange! Got to love the colour orange.

Then I got ‘Santa’s Sack’ bubble bar. Yep, I laughed too. Its got to me one of my top 3 products this christmas. I have yet to use it but it smells like coke and christmas. If there was christmas coca cola this would be the smell! You have to try it out! It has 2 mini bubble bars made of reusable bubble bar mix, surrounded by a softer red, regular bubble bar mix. Its £4.15 each.

Now onto hello kitty! The 3 tins you see are from boots as part of their ‘hello kitty for liberty range’ Im not joking, I want all of the stuff! The set was £6 and feature’s a pale pink, a light peach and a coral. They are sort of a mix between lipgloss and lip balm. Heres some swatches! The Far left one isnt one of the lip tints Image

Now with the helloe kitty nail polish and lipstick. They were both found in superdrug, I saw them for the first time and freaked out! They’re so cute! The lipstick is in the shade ‘Betz Believe’and was £3.99 Its the first swatch on the left.

The nail polish is a beautiful pink-purple, it’s in the shade ‘get dat thang’ and was £4.99.

The last thing was a shower gel from beauticology. It was £4 from boots. As the name suggests it has a sweet gingerbread smell which is to die for! It makes me feel all christmasy inside and will greatly enjoy it when I use it. It reminds me of gingerbread houses.

Thats my haul! Thanks for erading everyone! Much love xoxo

Have you checked out the Mac Casual Colour collection yet? + Mini haul

Published June 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I went shopping. I didn’t get much, but I had a good look around. I especially spent a while in Mac. I bought 2 things in total and got given a free Zoomlash Mascara sample (So I guess I got 3 things ! 🙂 ) I also got a top from New Look but I will show that later on in the post.

And may I say the people helping me at mac were SO nice, they really brightened up my day! 🙂

Heres what I bought:

. Eyeshadow – Coppering £12.00

.Casual Colour collection – Lip & Cheek Colour in ‘Keep It Loose’  £17.50

. Zoom Lash Mascara Sample



Heres what it looks like opened! Image

I love these products, I had wanted ‘Coppering’ for ages, so I got it. I was tempted to get ‘Aquadisiac’ to fill up my 4 pan palette, but I wanted coppering in a single pot so it’s easy to travel with.

As for the blush, I was debating between ‘Dolly Mix’ powder blush and the Lip and cheek colour in ‘Keep it Loose’. I eventually came to the conclusion I should get the lip and cheek colour as its limited edition, and mac dont usually sell them. I was happy it had a dual purpose!

Heres a picture of the swatches! Image

As you can see they’re very beautiful.

Heres me wearing coppering and zoom lash. Coppering is great if you have green eyes as the red tones bring out the green in your eyes. (as they are opposite ends of the colour wheel). ImageImage

And here’s my new top, it was £16.99 from Newlook Image

So, have you checked out the recent collections from MAC?

Whats your favourites from Mac?

Id love you hear your responses, so please comment below!

Thank You for reading! Have a great weekend!


ELF Haul!

Published May 10, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

so earlier today my elf stuff arrived in the post. My order contained 9 items and a mystery spring bundle (containing 3 items from a random selection, there were 4 pre-designed gift sets and you got a random one given to you).

What I ordered:

Natural false lashes – black

Natural false lashes – brown

Lipstick – seductive

studio cream eyeliner – black

Studio matte lip colour – natural

Studio blush – gotta glow

Mystery Bag

Studio wrinkle refiner (my mum wanted)

Eyelid primer – sheer (my mum wanted)

Therapeutic conditioning lip balm – sheer (for my friend klara)


Now my stuff 😀Image

And finally heres what I found in my mystery bag! Image

What it included:

.shimmer eyeliner pencil – gun metal

.brightening eye color – Brownstone

.nail varnish – desert haze

I like all the things I got. I literally ripped the cardboard box (with the elf goodies in) to shreds.

This was about my 5th or 6th time ive ordered from elf, and I havent ever been majorly disappointed. The products are always amazing for their price, how do they do it? I always think how do elf product a pigmented eyeshadow palette for £1.50, and brands like Revlon can barely do that for £7 plus!

Here are some swatches: first with flash, second without:


from left to right: studio matte lip color, lipstick, studio blush (gotta glow), black cream liner, skimmering eye pencil, eyeshadow quad.

The nail varnish! Image

I dont on many nude colours, I usually got for really fun, bright shade. But im glad I have a nude now, I can experiement!

The verdict:

Would I recommend elf? – Yes, I think it’s a great way to get products worth your money, it’s also a good way to try out really bright/daring shades that you wouldn’t want to spend too much money on incase you don’t like it!

Am I pleased and would I order again? – Definately!

I hope you enjoyed my post, thank y’all for reading!


So real they’re fake! – false lash finatics

Published May 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So todays post is going to be about false lashes. What types are my favourites, the effect they have, a little mini haul I guess.

Wow, would you believe it? False lashes have become more and more recent purchases of woman and men in the last year or two. Mainly to the fact that celebrities wear them n a day-to-day basis and look so effortlessly glamorous. It become a common thing to see celebrities and people who appear on TV regularly to wear false lashes.

False lashes come in many shapes and forms. You can get individual lashes, strip lashes and lash extensions. And each may vary, some may be made of plastic, others natural hair and fibres. And then there’s colour,brand and size.

My favourites are individual lashes, because I find that they look most natural and dont hit my glasses constantly. You can just add 3 or 4 to the outer third of your eye for that ultra-glam, wide-eyed, elongated effect. I also like the ones which have brown and black hairs in as it blends better with your natural lashes.

Here’s my eyes today with 4 lashes on the outer edge of my eye, can you tell?  😀ImageI didn’t want a dramatic difference, just something for a nice change, you know what I mean? I am using the Ardell lashes featured below.

Here’s some lashes I picked up over the weekend: Image

I also

ordered from elf on saturday, so there will be a haul when the products arrive,

Do you think false lashes are worth it?

Thank you for reading,