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Primer 101 – What? When? Who? How?

Published April 29, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hello, Hope your all having a Fantastic weekend.

This post today is going to be about primers. It’s going to answer:

.What a primer is

.When you apply primer

.Who needs primer/ Why is it important

.How you make your own primer

What is a primer?

A primer is a makeup product you apply too pro-long the staying power of the product you are going to put on top, whether that be a lipstick, eyeshadow or foundation. There are other benefits as well, a primer tends to make the product you put on top , go on a lot smoother and generally look brighter. You can also get primers with colour in. You can get coloured eye primers and foundation primers (usually green/ or purple to cancel out other skin problems).

When do you apply Primer?

You apply your primer before you put on your foundation, lip product, eyeshadow, mascara. It acts as a base to improve the staying power, results and application.

Who needs a primer?

Primers aren’t always essential, for me personally I would always say eye primers are important and foundation, lip and eyelash primers aren’t so much. Though others may say the complete opposite. Im going to go down a list and say why you may need each type of primer.

Foundation- You may need a foundation primer for many reasons as they’re are a ton of different formulations for each one. In general people use primers to: help with oily skin, smooth out imperfections (wrinkles, lines etc), make it last longer. Those are the main reasons.

Lip-  You may need a lip primer if you want your lip colour to stay on longer or even improve the colour pay off. Some people also use lip primers to stop a lipstick from bleeding.

Eyelash- You may want to use an eye;ash problem to improve the performance of your mascara. Some with add fibres to your lashes to make them longer, others will cancel out the colour of your lash (the colour will show through more) and act as a base to make sure your mascara does not run as easily.

Eye- These are the most commonly used out off the others. It is usually used by people with oily eyelids. An eyeshadow primer stops eyeshadow from collection in the crease of your eye, improve the vibrancy of the colour, stop fading  and help make them product last longer.

Here are my 3 favourite eyeshadow primers: Image

Too faced shadow insurance, Urban Decay primmer potion, elf eyelid primer (sheer).

How can you make your own eyeshadow primer?

You can make one very easily, it wont be quite as good but it will be a descent competitor against the others. I used it for a while before I went out and bought ‘branded’ eye primers.

you need:

. a small pot

. a foundation (the fuller coverage the better)

. a concealer (preferably a stick or pot concealer)

. a moisturizer

. a cotton bud

In the pot mix equally parts of concealer, foundation and moisturiser- the the mixture is made out of equal thirds.

Mix them together with a cotton bud.

Then, there you have it, your own home-made primer!

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!