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Autumn Favourites!

Published November 14, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

I HAVE BEEN AWFUL AT POSTING. But the last few months I’ve gotten a lot done.

I completed my AS exams and got all A’s (Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and I’ve applied to 5 universites (Warwick, Exeter, Bath, Southampton, Surrey) to do either a Bachelors or Masters in Biomedical science, and I’ve got offers from all! Over the summer I also completed a 100 hour open university course in Human genetics and health issues.

So it’s been busy busy.

But today I got inspired to do a talky post so I thought I’d do an autumn favourites!

 1) LUSH Helping Hands hand cream £7.951126

I picked this up about a month ago, because somehow all my hand creams disappeared. I thought it’d be best get to get a more natural product because in my head I thought it’d be more moisturising. Its very good and sinks in quite quickly. Its the first time in ages that my hands havent felt all dry and crusty.

2) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle £24.0011271128

Must say, I’m not a huge fan on the new MAC mineralize packaging, but sacrifices have to be made!

Its a really pretty beigey-champagne, that looks great as an eyeshadow or highlight. I’ve recently been loving highlighting my cupids bow when im wearing lipstick as it makes my lips look more pouty & fierce.

The highlighter is very versatile too, you can get really subtle and really dramatic looks with it. As im not a huge highlighter person I usually only use a bit on my cheeks. Plus you get a butt-tonne of product!

3) MUA Mosaic Blush- English Rose £2.50


This remains one of my cheapest and favourite blushes in my collection, and is actually a recent repurchase (hence it not looking too shabby!). What I love with this blush is that the colour comes off as a natural rosy-pink but when the light hits it it has a lilac sheen which is GORGEOUS.

Even when using some more high-end makeup, I still layer this over the top sometimes. Even with my oily skin, it gives a pearly finish that I can actually tolerate.

At £2.50 you can’t go wrong, and it may even work its way up into your daily makeup routine.

4) Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette- Nude Grey £3.99


My next favourite is this palette from collection. Collection have really reinvented themselves as a brand in the last year, and this palette is no exception.

What particularly makes me happy about this palette is that there’s a matte highlight shade, and a matte black. It really has all the colours I would use for a neutral eyeshadow look. I only bought this because I’ve recently dyed my hair black and thought cool tones might look better, and Im so glad I have this now!

Again, when it’s only £3.99 it’s a steal, and would make a great stocking stuff at christmas too. Yes I’m one of those people with early christmas fever.

5) Eyelure pro-brow dye kit- black £7.50


As I recently dyed my hair black (see above) I needed to dye my eyebrows black too. This was just before I dyed them black, but as you can see they looked a bit out of place with my hair.

And I found this eyebrow dyed was really easy to use, and didn’t dye my skin black when I used it.

I thought i’d never see the day when I dyed my eyebrows…

6) Necklace


I thought i’d just add this in, because I find with autumn/winter, I wear a lot of darker clothes so I tend to bring a bit of brightness with this necklace sometimes.

I got this at a vintage emporium for 99p.  NINETY NINE PENCE OH MY. That’s what i’d clarify as a ‘Bangin’ deal’.


So that’s it for my autumn favourites, What things have you been loving recently?

Thanks for reading!




Summer Beauty Survival Guide!

Published June 14, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So because the UK is actually getting some sun at the moment, I thought i’d do a post about my beauty tips for summer. Personally I’m a bit of a summer Grinch, however as It’s only June it hasn’t fully developed yet!

But in all seriousness, try to stay shielded or atleast protected from the sun when you can. Every summer I get cocky and think ‘ah it wont matter just this one time.’ then I end up with the meanest sunburn;

1) St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse – £3  (At wilkinsons)

I personally prefer fake tan to natural tan, because NO TAN LINES, and besides I view fake tan like a makeup product. Sometimes I want to change my look up by being a bit tan, sometimes I like being very pale, and with fake tan you have that freedom. The colour is also very natural, it isnt orange or even slightly green which most tans are, definately non-oompa-loompa and non-shrek territory.

The tan smells slightly when you put it on, though I think that’s unavoidable with fake tan. It also dries completely within 5-10 minutes so you can just wack on clothes and waddle round the house.

It’s only £3, and it’s the best fake tan I’ve ever tried, I’ve convinced my mum and some friends to start using it this summer too! If permanent tan isn’t your thing they also have a wash off instant tan (which I have but havent used yet!). SAM_8043

2) SUNGLASSES (Extra points if they’re cute too…)

Sunglasses are really great in summer for many reasons. First of all you look like a major badass, and secondly they protect your eyes from UV-a and UV-b rays (ideally get Polaroid sunglasses if you can).

I got my heart ones because I thought they were funky and I like kawaii style accessories. I think I got them from amazon or Tmart for about £3 a pair. I’ve got my eyes set on a red pair at the moment. I’m trying to restrain myself you see. SAM_8049

3) SPF In Your Makeup – 

If you wear makeup most of the time, having spf in your makeup makes the whole ‘being safe in the sun’ thing a lot easier. Most of my favourite foundations like revlon colorstay, estee lauder doublewear and clinque even better have between spf 6 and 15 in them.

Mac do this especially well with their studio finish concealer which has SPF 35! I have the shade nw20, and love it because despite being full coverage, it sits nicely under your eyes and on spots.  SAM_8044SAM_8037

(wearing mac studio fix concealer nw20, and estee lauder double wear maximum cover foundation spf15- 1N3 creamy vanilla)

Another makeup product I love for the summer is the Elf conditioning lip balm SPF 15 (£3.75).

Your lips are the only part of your face that don’t produce their own natural oils, so keeping your lips hydrated is important as the sun can dry your lips out. Furthermore they have SPF15 and provide really opaque colour. The packaging’s a bit chunky but atleast it’s in a pot. Ive had many lipstick melt on me before then they’re a pain to use as the actual product has melted (AHEM MAC CREMESHEEN LIPSTICKS). SAM_8053

(Left to Right: Blissful berry, Nice&natural, Peaceful pink, Romantic rouge)

4) Drink water, LOTS of water…

I always say this to everyone because I genuinely think the biggest reason my skin has cleared up is because I drink SO MUCH water. And as you sweat more in summer, the water needs to be replaced. Homeostasis, yo.

I also discovered this blog post from Oscar Insurance that gets into some of the other ways to get your vitamin D through your food rather than the sun. If you want some information on Oscar your can check them out online for more on their NY or NJ health insurance services.

5) Hair Oils

Many people neglect their hair in the summer, your hair can get damaged by the sun, just as your skin can. Apart from the obvious tips like wearing a hat and not using heat tools, apply an argan oil to the ends of your hair you keep your shiny and healthy.

Thank you for reading.


Angelic makeup!

Published June 7, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today i’m going to do a tutorial, on a pink, sparkly look. I recently bought a pot of red ‘fairy dust’ which sits on my bed side table, along with various rocks and chemistry models. But it reminded me of a gold glitter I bought from Barry M a year ago, which is what inspired the look I wore today!

So lets get started!

1) First I apply my foundation, concealer, powder and eyebrow pencil (all the boring stuff really). Despite being summer, I went for a full coverage foundation, for no reason other than it makes your skin look ‘banging’. And trust me I save that word only for occasions where it’s truly applicable…


2) Next I apply a eyeshadow base to my eyelids. SAM_7993

3) I then apply a matte ivory colour under my brow, as highlight. I think an underbrow highlight makes your eyebrows look really sharp. 10/10 would recommend.SAM_7994

4) Next I apply a metallic champagne all over my lid and along my lower lashline. Basically all around my eye. SAM_7995

5) I was debating on whether to do a crease colour for ages, but in the end I opted for a light pink. SAM_7996

6) Next comes the glitter! I know you can use glitter glues and all that jazz, but I just used my finger to pat some light gold glitter over the champagne colour. Simples.

Sadly the glitter doesn’t look quite as striking in photos.


7) Next I use a thin-ish line of black liquid liner on my top lashline and wing it out slightly.

SHOCKER, I actually didn’t use eyeliner on my waterline. SAM_8002

8) Next I apply black mascara to my top and bottom lashes. SAM_8003

9) And of course… FALSE LASHES. I went a bit OTT today, but yano, you gotta live a little… SAM_8004

10) Next I contour with a matte bronzer. I apply it across my forehead, under my chin, down my nose, and concentrate it under my cheekbones. I use a smaller brush for my nose and cheekbones, so the bronzer doesn’t look a muddy. SAM_8007

11) Next I apply a shimmery pink blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend backwards. SAM_8012

12) And for the final step, I apply a light pink lipstick. And TADA, the finished look! SAM_8019SAM_8025SAM_8020

Products used:

.Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover- cream vanilla

.MUA pro base prime & conceal correction cream- peach

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- cool medium

.Rimmel stay matte powder- peach glow

.Rimmel eyebrow pencil- Hazel

.NYX eyebrow cake powder- taupe

.Mac paint pot- painterly

.Stila eyeshadow- kitten

.Natural collection eyeshadow- ivory

.Gosh eyeshadow- 9 shade to play with in vegas (I used the pink in the bottom left in my crease)

.Barry M fine glitter dust- 15

.L’oreal superliner- black

.L’oreal telescopic mascara- black

.Red cherry eyelashes- 47

.Sleek contour kit- light

.Elf mineralize blush- passion pink

.Mac lipstick- Angel

Thanks guys for reading my post, see you next time!


Get ready with me- winter smokey eye 19/12/2014

Published December 19, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So guess who’s really bad with consistent posting? Yep, me.

You know when life suddenly engulfs you, and you feel like you have no time? I’ve had a serious case of that over the last month. And especially for blog posts, I need a good 2 hours just doing the makeup and getting the pictures, and if im going to all that effort to get ready, I feel i should go out. And when do I get the time… Never!

But yeah, I’ve mainly been busy with school. That’s kind of what you get with taking Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry for A-level. Woops.

But anyway, today i went out to see some friends and exchange presents, so I felt like getting all glammed up.

Here’s the ‘no makeup photo’  *shudders* SAM_7677

Mmmm the sexiness of undereye circles….

1) First I apply foundation to my face and neck, followed by a mountain of concealer under my eyes, and powder to set it all.


2) Next I fill in my eyebrow with powder. I really need to do my eyebrows, they’re a bit dysfunctional at the moment. My apologizes.


3) Next I apply a primer, then a paint pot over the top. The primer is to help the eyeshadow stay on, and the paintpot provides an opaque base so the shadows appear more vibrant.

I also apply a pearl eyeshadow stick to my inner corner to make me look more awake, and to lighten up the whore makeup that is soon to follow…


4) Next I apply a dark brown to my crease and outer corner, and bring this down to the outer third of my lower lashline. What a mouthful. SAM_7707

5)I then apply a lighter, metallic taupe on my lid in all the areas where there’s no colour.SAM_7709

6) Next I apply a matte, cream colour under my brow as a highlight shade. SAM_7711

7) Next I draw a thin line of black liquid liner along my upper lash line. I bring the line all the way into my inner corner.SAM_7714

8) Next I apply black eyeliner to my waterline. Because yano, that’s UNEXPECTED OF ME.SAM_7716

9) Next I apply mascara, and my favourite, lashes! However I don’t look particularly enthusiastic here. Im internally smiling, trust me. 🙂

I just love how in the background, there’s a picture of my cat and a poster of curve transformations.


10) Next I apply matte bronzer to contour my face. I apply it: below my cheekbones, along my temples, down the sides of my nose, and below my chin.

I also apply matte pink blush to my cheeks and sweep backwards.SAM_7727

11) Next I overdraw my lips with a mate pink lipliner. I fill in my lips with the lipliner too. SAM_7731

12) Whilst I think matte lips photograph really well, I find them so uncomfortable, so I apply lipstick over the top.

It’s a moisturing lipstick from clinique which i apply and blend in with my finger.

Here’s the final look!SAM_7738SAM_7739

Products used:

.Revlon colorstay foundation combination/oily- 120 Buff

.Paris-Berlin concealer palette

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- cool medium

.MUA Prime and Conceal powder

.Avon glow matte bronzer- Medium Rivera

.Sleek blush- Pixie pink

.NYX Eyebrow cake powder- taupe/ash

.Too faced shadow insurance- candlelight

.MAC pro longwear paintpot- painterly

.Urban Decay-NAKED 2 palette (YDK, Snakebite, foxy)

.Collection 24 hour felt tip liner- black

.Avon supershock eyeliner pencil- black

.Essence get big lashes- waterproof

.Red Cherry lashes 47

.Nyx slim lip pencil- peekaboo neutral

.Clinque buttershine lipstick- Delovely

Hope you enjoyed, Thank you for reading!

If I don’t blog again before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And have a fabulous one however you choose to spend it.

Much love,



Elf Studio Blush Palette- Review!

Published November 16, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So much has happened since I last blogged, such as, I MET PAUL HOLLYWOOD (aka my future husband) I saw him recently on his ‘British Baking Live’ tour. I may or may not have gone to the staff car park after the show and found the car he was in and got him to sign my phone and book of his…GUILTY! *Internal Screaming*

But in other news, for the last 2 weeks I’ve been trying out the new ELF studio blush palette in Dark, and by new, I mean it’s been out in the UK for a month.

First off, here’s a picture of the palette and the shades:SAM_7653SAM_7504

First things first, how pretty is that bottom left shade? That’s Christmas in a blush.

The first thing that striked me when I saw the palette was how sleek and compact it was, considering there were 4 blushes inside. When I opened the palette I was also very impressed at the big mirror, it’s the sort of thing you’d be massively thankful for if you were doing your makeup on the go, such as on a train. Personally, the packaging of a product can be the deciding factor for me whether or not to buy it, if I’m not sure. Such a cosmetic reason for buying cosmetics (you see what I did there).

And then there’s the blushes themselves. There is a light and dark version of the blush palette, and both are £7.95 each. I’ve talked about the ELF studio powder blushes many times before because their: smooth, pigmented and cheap- what’s not to love? But when you think about it, it’s very efficient to buy this palette as each blush works out about £2 each which is a STEAL.

Each blush is very smooth, and there isn’t much fall out when you swipe your brush in then either which surprised me. I find that generally when makeup is in the form of a palette the quality lacks, but these are very similar to the normal studio elf blushes which i’m happy about. The glittery shade doesn’t come off really shimmery either which is good. It’s basically a matte blush with the odd old fleck of glitter in it. Actually all of the shades are matte, which I prefer in a blush as i’ve got oily skin and It photographs much better as well.

Personally I think this would make a great gift for any beauty lover (even if it is a gift for yourself…) and as Christmas is creeping up on us all, £8 for a gift? Not bad in my book. The individual blushes even pop out, so you could mix and match with the light palette if you were going on a long trip and wanted a variety of blushes.

I wore the top right pink blush today and thought id show you a few pics:SAM_7582SAM_7637

I love how with darker blushes you have the option to wear them sheer or built-up to get a more vibrant look if you’re not going heavy on the eyes or lips. It’s also more universal for different skin tones, and wouldn’t look ashy on darker skins.


.Packaging: 9/10

.Pigmentation: 9/10

.Quality: 8/10

Out of the several new product elf released recently, I’d definitely give this one a shot. One thing that’s hard to find in Drugstore makeup is a good matte blush, and here you get 4 for £8. Boom.

Buy it here:

Thank you for reading I hope you have a fabulous week! 🙂


*The blush palette was sent to me by ELF for review on my blog, however that hasn’t tainted my opinion (frankly, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t write about it).

ALSO! Please If you have the time, could you check out my brother’s band’s new music video>

Christmas/Halloween LUSH Haul!

Published October 12, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So one of my favourite times each year is when Lush releases their christmas collection. When I think of Lush, I think: Smiles, glitter, colour and in-your-face scents. And to make it better lush is 100% cruelty free which makes me hold lush close to heart as im vegetarian for the cruelty reason aswell.

So Lush’s christmas collection came out on the 4th of October this year, and being the crazed lush fan I am, I went on sunday morning for a nose around the collection, and here’s what I got.


1) Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar    £3.50 eachSAM_7376

This is from the Halloween collection, And I just couldn’t resist because LOOK AT ALL THAT GLITTER. Im pretty sure I wont say that with so much enthusiasm when Im cleaning it out of my bath though…

Aside from its gorgeous appearance, it smells mainly like lime but mixed with that typical lush-shop smell (Im sorry, I cant explain scents!). Either way, I can wait to have a relaxing bath next friday at the end of the week with this as a treat. 🙂

Lush describe it as smelling like Lime, Juniperberry and grapefruit oils. And where as I couldnt tell you what juniperberry smells like, Id agree with the other 2. Id definately get this bubblebar if you are a fan of fruity/soapy scents.

2) Snowfairy shower gel    £3.75/100g   £7.50/250g   £11.95/500g


Any hardcore Lush fan will recognise the beloved scent that is snowfairy. It’s a very sweet, girly, bubblegum scent, and to top it off, IT HAS GLITTER IN IT ASWELL!

Despite what I just said, I think this shower is unisex because even my 19 year old brother likes it and I notice some of it disappears when he has a shower!

I love that the shower gel isnt the only snowfairy fragrenced product lush do. Others include: Snowfairy sparkle shimmer bar, the magic band bubble bar and the godmother soap (whichhankfully is available all year round). Id recommend snow fairy as a gift to anyone regardless of age or gender, you cant not like snowfairy. You just cant.

3) Butterbear Bath bomb    £1.95 each


Lush have this bath bomb out every year but just in different forms, last time it was a snowman. The guy who served me in lush said they’d already sold loads of these (after just 1 day of it being out!) because of the cute shape, I think the cheaper price also helped that aswell though.

This smells like vanilla and cocoa butter. The little dark chunks are actually cocoa butter and they melt in the bath to turn the water very creamy and moisturising. This is F A B U L O U S if you have dry skin as when you get out the bath it leaves a layer on your skin. I personally find it a little greasy but I have very oily skin anways.

You can get the original butterball which is exactly the same (apart from the shape) all year round, so If you’re on a budget id miss this out and try things which are limited edition in the range. However, for a cheaper gift or stocking filling this would be very cute and also relatively inexpensive.

4) The Melting Snowman Bath melt     £2.25 each


Im actually dying, these things make he smile each time I see them. Fun fact, I actually picked the most derpy one they had on display. If snowmen could have bad plastic surgery, this would be the result.

But now onto the smell. Its a very warm, spicy scent. It smells very strongly of cinnamon and clove. I tend not to like these scents loads but especially around halloween cinnamon is just so comforting. The bath melts from lush tend to be more moisturing than bath bombs and bubble bars so some people may prefer that.

These are also one of the cheaper product in the christmas range, so spicy scents are your thing, try it! And please pick a more messed up looking one. What snowmans perfect anyway?

5) Reindeer Rock Soap      £3.10/100g


This is probably one of my favourite things in the collection this year, purely because I love berry scents. It smells like the comforter bubble bar but a bit stronger. One of its main scents is lingonberry which reminds me just a bit too much of the lingonberry drink at IKEA.

Id definately recommend this,if like me intense fruit scents are your thing, then smother yourself in this. Make yourself smell like a gigantic human berry.

6) Yog Nog soap      £3.40/100g


As you may have guess from the name, this is meant to smell like egg nog.

Now im not sure if the UK are out of touch with it, but you cannot find eggnog anywhere. Kind of like there’s nothing pumpkin flavoured like there is in the US. But the soap smells like nutmeg and clove. It’s one of the more creamy soaps at lush which is good because some of the soaps dont lather at all which is annoying.

Im so surprised that ive picked up yet another spicy scent from lush. This isn’t like me at all, but its a very warm smell like the melting snowman is.  The decoration on the soap is pretty too, one thing lush excel at is makng their products look glorious.

I hope you enjoyed my haul, comment below if you’ve bought something from the collection you love or have a mental wishlist of what you want to get.

Thanks for reading, have a fabulous week.



Published January 19, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today im going to do an Elf Cosmetics best and worst post.

I have loved and used elf since march 2011, and have been lucky enough to be able to try a wide range of their products. So im going to share some products which I think are amazing! And some that didn’t please me as much. But overall I have a lot more best products than worse in my collection of elf (This isn’t all my elf goodies) 🙂


1) Studio Blushes


(left to right: Tickled Pink, Pink Passion, Candid Coral)

I love these! They have the perfect texture, smooth but not powdery. I find that they are really blendable, and easy to work with. I would even go as far to say, that these are the highlight from the elf studio line. As you may have picked up on as well, im a bit of a packaging whore fanatic. If something is nice packaged in 10 times more likely to try it. With blush especially, you want it to be pigmented but not too pigmented otherwise you have to blend for ages- these blushes have the right pigmentation. My favourite colour is Pink passion. If you havent already GIVE THESE BABIES A TRY.

2) Studio Eyebrow Kit. (in Light)


I have almost ran out of this. Its such an easy product to use. Its literally gotten to the point where I can do my eyebrows in under a minute with this bad boy. I purposely didn’t include a swatch because, unless stated otherwise, I have been wearing it in every post for about the last 5 months! If your looking for a cheap, good quality eyebrow kit this is for you. I use this everyday now and need to order a back up!

3) Lipglosses


(Left to Right: Superglossy lipshines spf15: Mauve Luxe, Honey Do.   Mineral Lipglosses: Au Naturale, Sorority Girl, Trophie Wife.   Studio Glossy Gloss: Sweet Salmon)

These are all my lipglosses from elf. I have 3 different types. As a whole, elf do greatly pigmented glosses. When im in a rush doing my makeup, I usually just wear a gloss, and because of the good pigmentation it’s usually an elf one. I find that they have good staying power and make the lips appear and feel moisturised. A lot of the elf glosses have spf 15 in them as well which is always a plus!


1) Studio Pressed Powder- PorcelainImageImage

I dont really liked this pressed powder. I actually used it for about a month non-stop, but then I realised its faults. The consistency of the product is good. However the shade I have (Porcelain) is really yellow. It may not appear so on camera but it really is. Its fine when you first set your makeup with it at the beginning of the day, but if you top up with it, you gradually look more and more like a simpson.

2) Elf Cream eyeshadow- Butter Pecan.ImageImage

I love the pigmentation of these, however they crease like mad! They work well if you use them over a primer and then apply powder shadow over the top, But by that time, you might aswell skip the cream shadow and just use the primer and powder eyeshadow. They are not terrible, but I recommend the powder version of these much more as I have some myself.

3) Luscious Liquid Lipstick- StrawberryImageImage

3) I have 2 complaints with these. The first being that the shade ‘strawberry’ looked like a red-pink online and when I got it, it was a vivid red. The second complaint being that they look really messy and worn when you’ve used and had them a while. I love the peppermint smell of these and I may get one in the shade ‘Baby Lips’ just to see how I like them in a shade which is more me.

Thats it for my Elf Best and Worst.

Do you like these sorts of posts? And would you like to see them from other brands?

I tend to read loads of these posts before I go shopping so I get a good idea of products to get or ditch.

Have a great Weekend!