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Autumn Favourites!

Published November 14, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

I HAVE BEEN AWFUL AT POSTING. But the last few months I’ve gotten a lot done.

I completed my AS exams and got all A’s (Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and I’ve applied to 5 universites (Warwick, Exeter, Bath, Southampton, Surrey) to do either a Bachelors or Masters in Biomedical science, and I’ve got offers from all! Over the summer I also completed a 100 hour open university course in Human genetics and health issues.

So it’s been busy busy.

But today I got inspired to do a talky post so I thought I’d do an autumn favourites!

 1) LUSH Helping Hands hand cream £7.951126

I picked this up about a month ago, because somehow all my hand creams disappeared. I thought it’d be best get to get a more natural product because in my head I thought it’d be more moisturising. Its very good and sinks in quite quickly. Its the first time in ages that my hands havent felt all dry and crusty.

2) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle £24.0011271128

Must say, I’m not a huge fan on the new MAC mineralize packaging, but sacrifices have to be made!

Its a really pretty beigey-champagne, that looks great as an eyeshadow or highlight. I’ve recently been loving highlighting my cupids bow when im wearing lipstick as it makes my lips look more pouty & fierce.

The highlighter is very versatile too, you can get really subtle and really dramatic looks with it. As im not a huge highlighter person I usually only use a bit on my cheeks. Plus you get a butt-tonne of product!

3) MUA Mosaic Blush- English Rose £2.50


This remains one of my cheapest and favourite blushes in my collection, and is actually a recent repurchase (hence it not looking too shabby!). What I love with this blush is that the colour comes off as a natural rosy-pink but when the light hits it it has a lilac sheen which is GORGEOUS.

Even when using some more high-end makeup, I still layer this over the top sometimes. Even with my oily skin, it gives a pearly finish that I can actually tolerate.

At £2.50 you can’t go wrong, and it may even work its way up into your daily makeup routine.

4) Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette- Nude Grey £3.99


My next favourite is this palette from collection. Collection have really reinvented themselves as a brand in the last year, and this palette is no exception.

What particularly makes me happy about this palette is that there’s a matte highlight shade, and a matte black. It really has all the colours I would use for a neutral eyeshadow look. I only bought this because I’ve recently dyed my hair black and thought cool tones might look better, and Im so glad I have this now!

Again, when it’s only £3.99 it’s a steal, and would make a great stocking stuff at christmas too. Yes I’m one of those people with early christmas fever.

5) Eyelure pro-brow dye kit- black £7.50


As I recently dyed my hair black (see above) I needed to dye my eyebrows black too. This was just before I dyed them black, but as you can see they looked a bit out of place with my hair.

And I found this eyebrow dyed was really easy to use, and didn’t dye my skin black when I used it.

I thought i’d never see the day when I dyed my eyebrows…

6) Necklace


I thought i’d just add this in, because I find with autumn/winter, I wear a lot of darker clothes so I tend to bring a bit of brightness with this necklace sometimes.

I got this at a vintage emporium for 99p.  NINETY NINE PENCE OH MY. That’s what i’d clarify as a ‘Bangin’ deal’.


So that’s it for my autumn favourites, What things have you been loving recently?

Thanks for reading!




Selena Gomez Inspired makeup tutorial!

Published November 20, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So on sunday I was having a play around with makeup as I won a bundle of makeup with elf. I really wanted to use the ELF glitter eyeshadow in the colour Flirt. So I decided to flim a tutorial as I go, but when I was thinking of what to call this post I had a break through and was like ‘THIS REMINDS ME OF SELENA GOMEZ, SO A SELENA GOMEZ MAKEUP TUTORIAL IT SHALL BECOME’.

This is what the finished result looks like: Image

^ I didn’t even realize but there is a slightly slutty bra strap showing!

Ok now for the tutorial:

1) Starting with clean lids, apply and eyeprimer and a cream eyeshadow. The cream eyeshadow is only to prolong the powder shadows because lets face it, makeup tends to hate those with oily skin. Image

2) Next I apply the eyeshadow in ‘flirt’ which I talked about earlier. I expected it to be SO much more glittery, but its fine. Apply this shadow to your entire lid and under your bottom lashline. Image

3) Next I apply a medium purple to my crease. Id recommend using a matte shadow in the crease when doing a bright look as it adds definition and in my opinion its more flattering. Image

4) Now add a black shadow to your outer corner. This makes the look more smokey and blends out the purples. Image

5) Next apply a black liquid liner to your top lashline and a black gel liner to your waterline. YEP, NO SURPRISE HERE.Image

6) Next apply a sliver glitter liner to your inner corner. I think silver looks really nice with this purple as they’re both cool tones. And, who doesn’t love a bit of glitter near christmas? Image

7) Next curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara. Image

8) False Lash Time! Im not using my usual lashes. These ones look a bit more…fake? They’re definitely more voluminous I can tell you that!


9) Next I contour and apply a pink blush. Image

10) Next for the red lips! I was debating whether to use a lip liner or not, but I decided not to. I just applied the lipstick with more care than usual. I like this red as it has a slight brown undertone which makes it more wearable for those of us who dont want a neon red pout.

Heres the finished look!


Products used:

. Revlon colorstay foundation normal/dry- Buff

. Collection lasting perfection concealer- Light

. Rimmel stay matte powder- 03

.Sleek contour kit- Medium

.Nyx powder blush- Peach

.Smashbox brow tech- taupe/soft brown

.Too Faced shadow insurance

.Elf glitter eyeshadow- Flirt

.L’oreal colour riche eyeshadow quad- Disco Smoking (purple + black)

.Mac eyeshadow- Brule

.Collection 24hour liquid liner- black

.Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil- black

.Maybelline Rocket mascara- black

.Tmart lashes

.Elf mineral lipstick- royal red

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a fabulous week!


Sun and Seas – Makeup tutorial!

Published November 1, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all having a fantabulous week so far. So despite the cold, rainy weather here in the UK, I thought id do a brighter makeup tutorial to counteract it!

But just a few updates first:

. Thanks SO much for reading, commenting and following my blog. It makes me so happy to read all the comments and interact with people who share the same love for beauty as me.

. I love doing tutorials and stuff, but I was wondering if any of you had requests for what you’d like to see for future posts?

. And Im really excited becauseon twitter yesterday I won a £150 ELF bundle! Im so excited!!! *mini rave party*

. I also got an instagram recently so you can follow me here >

And also today im going to use my Urban Decay palette which is the same one I used in my Emerald City makeup tutorial:Image

So lets start with the tutorial!

1) Prime your eyes with an eye primer, and this is optional but I apply a waterproof cream shadow to KICK ASS to my oily eyelids which want to ruin my eyeshadows.Image

2) Next I apply the colour ‘Peace’ to my entire eyelid, I even take this down to my inner corner.Image

3) Next I apply ‘Zero’ to the outer third of my eyelid and blend so the blue slowly fades into the black. Image

4) Next I apply ‘Shag’ to my crease. This adds subtle definition and tones the look down ever-so-slightly. Image

5) Next I apply ‘Honey’ to my lower lashline. The warm yellow and the cool blue contrast and make the eyes really stand out. Image

6) I then apply a matte highlight to my browbone (as always). Then I apply black liquid liner to my upper lashline making it gradually thicker towards the outer edge. Image

7) Next im gonna swap my usual black on my waterline for a white eyeliner. Considering we’re already wearing coloured shadows, I wanted to brighten up my eyes with white. Image

8) Next im gonna apply mascara to my eyelashes. As an eyelash clump brings the family closer together. Image

9) Now for my favourite, FLASE EYELASHES. Ive been using the same eyelashes for ages. And im using the same ones now. However I ordered more and got them yesterday, so new lashes will be making appearances. They’re from .Image

10) To finish off the look I apply a warm brown blush and apply a peach tinted lip balm. Image

Gosh this picture came out so clear You can even see nose freckles!

products used:

Bourjois healthy mic foundation- 52

Collection lasting perfection concealer.

Ben Nye fair translucent powder

Sleek blush- Sahara

Smashbox brow tech- taupe/soft brown

ELF eyelid primer- pearl

Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow- RSVP

Urban Decay palette (I think its the deluxe shadow box)

Collection 24hr felt tip liner- black

MUA intense colour eyeliner-snow white

Cliniquie lash doubling mascara- black

Tmart Lashes –

Maybelline baby lips- Peach Kiss

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, thanks for reading!


Have you checked out the Mac Casual Colour collection yet? + Mini haul

Published June 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I went shopping. I didn’t get much, but I had a good look around. I especially spent a while in Mac. I bought 2 things in total and got given a free Zoomlash Mascara sample (So I guess I got 3 things ! 🙂 ) I also got a top from New Look but I will show that later on in the post.

And may I say the people helping me at mac were SO nice, they really brightened up my day! 🙂

Heres what I bought:

. Eyeshadow – Coppering £12.00

.Casual Colour collection – Lip & Cheek Colour in ‘Keep It Loose’  £17.50

. Zoom Lash Mascara Sample



Heres what it looks like opened! Image

I love these products, I had wanted ‘Coppering’ for ages, so I got it. I was tempted to get ‘Aquadisiac’ to fill up my 4 pan palette, but I wanted coppering in a single pot so it’s easy to travel with.

As for the blush, I was debating between ‘Dolly Mix’ powder blush and the Lip and cheek colour in ‘Keep it Loose’. I eventually came to the conclusion I should get the lip and cheek colour as its limited edition, and mac dont usually sell them. I was happy it had a dual purpose!

Heres a picture of the swatches! Image

As you can see they’re very beautiful.

Heres me wearing coppering and zoom lash. Coppering is great if you have green eyes as the red tones bring out the green in your eyes. (as they are opposite ends of the colour wheel). ImageImage

And here’s my new top, it was £16.99 from Newlook Image

So, have you checked out the recent collections from MAC?

Whats your favourites from Mac?

Id love you hear your responses, so please comment below!

Thank You for reading! Have a great weekend!


Nail Polish collection!!!!!

Published May 20, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Soory ive been a bit MIA in the last week, lots of stuff just popped up. Im doing a nail polish collection post as my nial pollish posts usually get the best response. Im not doing this to brag, but I was sorting out my nail polishes and thought – why not?  If you want to know any of the names percificately jut comment bellow but most of them are quite obvious/ or have the name on the front.

So without further ado ,here it is!

Ive organised them by colour : reds&corals, purples/pinks, other, blue&greens .


Did you like the effect? a row at a time…..


I have an addiction to nail polishes, can you tell?  I find the colours so pretty, and pretty much always have my nails painted at the weekends without fail unless in doing a post in the middle of the week about nails. Is it just me being weird, or does anyone else find the rainbow of colours above fasinating? Reminds me of unicorns….

So, quite a random post today, did you like it? Comment below!

Thank you for reading! 😀