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Angelic makeup!

Published June 7, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today i’m going to do a tutorial, on a pink, sparkly look. I recently bought a pot of red ‘fairy dust’ which sits on my bed side table, along with various rocks and chemistry models. But it reminded me of a gold glitter I bought from Barry M a year ago, which is what inspired the look I wore today!

So lets get started!

1) First I apply my foundation, concealer, powder and eyebrow pencil (all the boring stuff really). Despite being summer, I went for a full coverage foundation, for no reason other than it makes your skin look ‘banging’. And trust me I save that word only for occasions where it’s truly applicable…


2) Next I apply a eyeshadow base to my eyelids. SAM_7993

3) I then apply a matte ivory colour under my brow, as highlight. I think an underbrow highlight makes your eyebrows look really sharp. 10/10 would recommend.SAM_7994

4) Next I apply a metallic champagne all over my lid and along my lower lashline. Basically all around my eye. SAM_7995

5) I was debating on whether to do a crease colour for ages, but in the end I opted for a light pink. SAM_7996

6) Next comes the glitter! I know you can use glitter glues and all that jazz, but I just used my finger to pat some light gold glitter over the champagne colour. Simples.

Sadly the glitter doesn’t look quite as striking in photos.


7) Next I use a thin-ish line of black liquid liner on my top lashline and wing it out slightly.

SHOCKER, I actually didn’t use eyeliner on my waterline. SAM_8002

8) Next I apply black mascara to my top and bottom lashes. SAM_8003

9) And of course… FALSE LASHES. I went a bit OTT today, but yano, you gotta live a little… SAM_8004

10) Next I contour with a matte bronzer. I apply it across my forehead, under my chin, down my nose, and concentrate it under my cheekbones. I use a smaller brush for my nose and cheekbones, so the bronzer doesn’t look a muddy. SAM_8007

11) Next I apply a shimmery pink blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend backwards. SAM_8012

12) And for the final step, I apply a light pink lipstick. And TADA, the finished look! SAM_8019SAM_8025SAM_8020

Products used:

.Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover- cream vanilla

.MUA pro base prime & conceal correction cream- peach

.Collection lasting perfection concealer- cool medium

.Rimmel stay matte powder- peach glow

.Rimmel eyebrow pencil- Hazel

.NYX eyebrow cake powder- taupe

.Mac paint pot- painterly

.Stila eyeshadow- kitten

.Natural collection eyeshadow- ivory

.Gosh eyeshadow- 9 shade to play with in vegas (I used the pink in the bottom left in my crease)

.Barry M fine glitter dust- 15

.L’oreal superliner- black

.L’oreal telescopic mascara- black

.Red cherry eyelashes- 47

.Sleek contour kit- light

.Elf mineralize blush- passion pink

.Mac lipstick- Angel

Thanks guys for reading my post, see you next time!



My easter nails!

Published March 25, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So i’ve been super busy recently, however I have a spring nail tutorial for you today. Its not amazing but I kind of liked it. I thought it was a bit unusual and it features one of my favourite trends – colour blocking! I fancied doing a nail tutorial as Ive seen so many good ones at the moment!

It’s unlikey another post will be up before easter , so HAPPY EASTER!

Here’s the tutorial:

1) Paint your nails a pastel colour, I chose purple. Then on 4 of your nails, paint a diagonal line of another colour from the bottom left of your nail to the top right. Then fill the line in so there are 2 triangles on your nails. I did 2 different colours.Image

2) Next on the nail you left blank, do a half moon on that nail in white. This will be the rabbit’s head. Image

3) Then with a dotting tool, I take the same nail varnish (Essie Figi) and make 2 elongated ovals for the ears. Image

4) Next using a pink polish and a smaller dotting tool, I do a triangle in the half moon for the nose, and a shorter oval inside each ear. Image

5) Lastly i take a toothpick and make 2 dots for the eyes and 3 strokes either side of the nose for whiskers. I use a black polish from Elf. For this.

And this is the finished look! Image

I hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial! I quite enjoyed it, Should I do more posts on nails and stuff?

Thanks for reading!


Olympic tutorial GB! TGIF

Published August 3, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Today im going to do a tutorial on the nail look im wearing currently. It is of the british flag, which goes with the olympic theme! Heres how to do them:

Paint one of your nails blue. I did my other nails silver, but its up to you what colour scheme you want to use. I use a blue polish from avon.Image

Next I use a wooden cuticle stick to paint the white background. A nail brush will give a better finish but I dont have one. I use essie ‘figi’ nail polish which is a slightly pink white. Image

Next you have to paint on the red! Go just on the inside of the white to complete the look. Again its quite messy because  I used a cuticle stick. Image

Hope you enjoyed!


Nail Polish collection!!!!!

Published May 20, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Soory ive been a bit MIA in the last week, lots of stuff just popped up. Im doing a nail polish collection post as my nial pollish posts usually get the best response. Im not doing this to brag, but I was sorting out my nail polishes and thought – why not?  If you want to know any of the names percificately jut comment bellow but most of them are quite obvious/ or have the name on the front.

So without further ado ,here it is!

Ive organised them by colour : reds&corals, purples/pinks, other, blue&greens .


Did you like the effect? a row at a time…..


I have an addiction to nail polishes, can you tell?  I find the colours so pretty, and pretty much always have my nails painted at the weekends without fail unless in doing a post in the middle of the week about nails. Is it just me being weird, or does anyone else find the rainbow of colours above fasinating? Reminds me of unicorns….

So, quite a random post today, did you like it? Comment below!

Thank you for reading! 😀

Yellow & Fuchsia fix! – a makeup trend to look out for…

Published May 2, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Today I am going to be talking about a look ive seen quite a few times recently. I saw it on Nicki Minaj in her video super bass, and also as in my avon catalogue. It’s going to be about fuchsia and lemon yellow nails and makeup, it doesn’t always have to be lemon yellow but it has a nicer contrast in my opinion.

Her are some examples of the look I did on myself, I took the pictures on my ipod.


I personally wouldn’t wear this full-out look everyday, it’s quite dramatic and bright. However, I do like to have a bronze smokey eye and fuchsia lips going on, if ya know what I mean?

I know some of you reading this may think, it may be a very unflattering look, it may be down to opinion, but actually you’ll be suprised how complementing this look is in beauty technical terms, lol.

3 Reasons fuchsia and yellow is flattering

. First of all fuchia has cool, blue tones to it, which means when you wear it on your lips it makes your teeth look whiter! This goes for any cool toned lipstick, however it is more prominant in fushia as its more of a purpleish- blue.

. Next, yellow is one of the best colour to wear on your eyes, it is universally flattering and brightens the white in your eyes and makes them pop.

. Lastly as fuchsia has purple tones in it and yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, they flatter each other immensely. It really brightens a dull face when you wear this combo and may distracr from other problems you have for example acne. If you have something going on in another part of your makeup, people tend to focus on that, not a pssible spot you have on your chin etc.

Random: Here a nice quote i found recently:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone see’s it

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, thank you very much,


Want to keep your manicure for longer?

Published April 26, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Ok, so todays post is going to be about how to stop your nail varnish chipping and to make you manicure last a lot longer, becuase we all know how annoying it is when your nails begin to chip after the 1st or 2nd day.

For me I would say the most important stage is to prep the nail. If you dont prep your nail, the polish will not have a good base to stick to. Of course it can depend on your actual nail varnish as well but you can help even the worst nail varnish stay for a few more days. Here are some tips for making you nail varnish last typically 1-3 days more than usual. Though if it comes to it, just do your nails again if they’re going a bit out of hand.

. Make sure you nails are filed and buffed well. They should help even out the surface of the nail and make them feel more smooth, and even out any dents you have.

. Base coat, any base coat will help. I you apply your coloured nail varnish over the clear polish/base coat, the coloured nail varnish will have a similar texture to stick to.

.If you have any cutical oils or hand creams to put on, do it after the nail-painting. If you do it before, the polish will slide/ come off easier.

. After you’ve applied your coloured polish set with a top coat. If your looking for a money saving option, you can find 2 in 1 base and top coats, I have one from barry m I use (£2.99 from boots), and its a 3in 1! (base coat, top coat, nail hardener)

Here’s my nails now! ImageThis polish is splendid blue from avon.

Thank you for reading,


Nail Natter! – spring faves, best formulas, favourite styles…….

Published April 10, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

ImageThis, post is going to be all about my favourite nail varnishes for spring and summer: some inspired by trends and others just great all-rounders. Some of these products are just sold in the Uk (I think!). I know the Barry M nail paints and the 17 polish you may have a difficulty finding, but the others I think are easily reachable if your in the US.

First of all, Pastels are always a HUGE trend in  spring/summer, especially spring. I have 4 nail paints by barry M that are perfect, and they are all the same tone of pastel, none of them are significantly lighter or darker than the others. Here’s a picture of them! 🙂 ImageFrom left to right the shades are: Lemon icecream, Strawberry Icrecream, Berry Icecream and Blueberry Icecream. I must say, I love the summery names! These are some great pastel nail varnishes I recommend. However, Barry M is not widely available outside the UK, so another suggestion for cute pastel nail varnishes is Revlon. The do some equally amazing colours.ImageFrom Left to Right: 17-Glisten, Barry M-Coral, NYC-Midtown and Rimmel- Hot Shot.

These colours I just thought were great all-rounders. I love the 17 polish because I love the duo-crone: one minute it looks gold and the other it looks a pinky-peach colour- absolutely GORGEOUS!

I love the Barry M coral colour becuase Corals are really in for summer and go with every outfit!

I love the Nyc polish becuase it looks so cute and girly.

And I love the Rimmel polish, for the same reason as the Barry M polish, so beautiful on the nails!

*Sorry for the over use of the word ‘Polish’ *-*

ImageThe last nail varnish I thought I’d just add in for fun. I adore glitter so for me it’s a necessity for it to be included in this post. Regardless of the fact it has blue and silver glitter, it looks great over any nail varnish and Im not just saying that!

Last of all……..

I thought I’d show you what I have on my nails right this moment (I did them earlier).ImageI like the style where you paint all your nails one colour and accentuate the colour by painting your ring finger a different colour. It can be any colour really. It could be a colour the same shade but darker? It could be a contrasting colour? Or it could be a neutral colour or a funky metalic? – Go ahead do any combo you want.  Want purple nails with orange on your ring finger? -You go for it girl!

I would like to take the time now to thank Tomiko for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award! Check out her blog here

Thank you for reading my post. Much love,