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Summer Beauty Survival Guide!

Published June 14, 2015 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So because the UK is actually getting some sun at the moment, I thought i’d do a post about my beauty tips for summer. Personally I’m a bit of a summer Grinch, however as It’s only June it hasn’t fully developed yet!

But in all seriousness, try to stay shielded or atleast protected from the sun when you can. Every summer I get cocky and think ‘ah it wont matter just this one time.’ then I end up with the meanest sunburn;

1) St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse – £3  (At wilkinsons)

I personally prefer fake tan to natural tan, because NO TAN LINES, and besides I view fake tan like a makeup product. Sometimes I want to change my look up by being a bit tan, sometimes I like being very pale, and with fake tan you have that freedom. The colour is also very natural, it isnt orange or even slightly green which most tans are, definately non-oompa-loompa and non-shrek territory.

The tan smells slightly when you put it on, though I think that’s unavoidable with fake tan. It also dries completely within 5-10 minutes so you can just wack on clothes and waddle round the house.

It’s only £3, and it’s the best fake tan I’ve ever tried, I’ve convinced my mum and some friends to start using it this summer too! If permanent tan isn’t your thing they also have a wash off instant tan (which I have but havent used yet!). SAM_8043

2) SUNGLASSES (Extra points if they’re cute too…)

Sunglasses are really great in summer for many reasons. First of all you look like a major badass, and secondly they protect your eyes from UV-a and UV-b rays (ideally get Polaroid sunglasses if you can).

I got my heart ones because I thought they were funky and I like kawaii style accessories. I think I got them from amazon or Tmart for about £3 a pair. I’ve got my eyes set on a red pair at the moment. I’m trying to restrain myself you see. SAM_8049

3) SPF In Your Makeup – 

If you wear makeup most of the time, having spf in your makeup makes the whole ‘being safe in the sun’ thing a lot easier. Most of my favourite foundations like revlon colorstay, estee lauder doublewear and clinque even better have between spf 6 and 15 in them.

Mac do this especially well with their studio finish concealer which has SPF 35! I have the shade nw20, and love it because despite being full coverage, it sits nicely under your eyes and on spots.  SAM_8044SAM_8037

(wearing mac studio fix concealer nw20, and estee lauder double wear maximum cover foundation spf15- 1N3 creamy vanilla)

Another makeup product I love for the summer is the Elf conditioning lip balm SPF 15 (£3.75).

Your lips are the only part of your face that don’t produce their own natural oils, so keeping your lips hydrated is important as the sun can dry your lips out. Furthermore they have SPF15 and provide really opaque colour. The packaging’s a bit chunky but atleast it’s in a pot. Ive had many lipstick melt on me before then they’re a pain to use as the actual product has melted (AHEM MAC CREMESHEEN LIPSTICKS). SAM_8053

(Left to Right: Blissful berry, Nice&natural, Peaceful pink, Romantic rouge)

4) Drink water, LOTS of water…

I always say this to everyone because I genuinely think the biggest reason my skin has cleared up is because I drink SO MUCH water. And as you sweat more in summer, the water needs to be replaced. Homeostasis, yo.

I also discovered this blog post from Oscar Insurance that gets into some of the other ways to get your vitamin D through your food rather than the sun. If you want some information on Oscar your can check them out online for more on their NY or NJ health insurance services.

5) Hair Oils

Many people neglect their hair in the summer, your hair can get damaged by the sun, just as your skin can. Apart from the obvious tips like wearing a hat and not using heat tools, apply an argan oil to the ends of your hair you keep your shiny and healthy.

Thank you for reading.



Golden Goddess Makeup! – 10 minute makeup!

Published July 17, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today im gonna do a tutorial on a very warm, golden, summery look. And the bonus! – I did it in 10 minutes! So it’s great for those days when you dont want to spend hours and hours getting ready. You could through your hair in a top knot, do the makeup and out the door.

So first I apply a primer (benefit porefessional)  I do this to try and keep my makeup fresh throughout the day, as I struggle with bad oily skin.

I then apply my Laura Mercier silk cream foundation in cream ivory, and rimmels wake me up concealer. And to mattify my skin, I use maybellines dream matte powder. 

I then fill in my eyebrows with Buck and Naked. I have an eyebrow tutorial if you want to know how I do my eyebrows. This is what im left with: Image

For my eyes: 

I apply too faced shadow insurance, so my shadows last.

I apply half baked to my lid and buck to the crease.

I blend and add a bit of darkhorse to my outer corner. I also apply virgin under my brow. 

For liner I apply maybellines gel liner in black to my tightline, this is a good product as it will last ALL day.

Then I apply Maybelline great lash mascara.ImageImageI dont do much to the cheek, I just apply a bit of mac mineralise blush in ‘warm soul’ to my cheekbones. ImageLast but not least, I apply Revlons kissable balm stain in ‘Honey’ to my lips  -I will be reveiwing them soon. Image

I know this was a quick tutorial, but then again it’s a quick look! Feel free to comment, talk to you soon! 🙂 x

Feeling the summer blues? I am…

Published June 30, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today’s post is going to be about something scary… what everyones scared of most in the beauty world… blue eyeshadow!

So today im going to show you 3 looks in which you can wear blue eyeshadow in varied amount of intensity. So even if you want to use a blue toned grey, or not go all out, there is a look for you. Heres what I came up with:

LOOK 1Image

LOOK 2Image

LOOK 3Image

Look 1: 

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow – Turquose Forever

Look 2: 

Maybelline eyestudio eyeshadow quad – Blue Drama

Look 3:

Mac eyeshadow – Fresh Water

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow – On and on Bronze

I don’t understand why people don’t embrace blue eyeshadows more often. I mean come on we all have them somewhere in our collection!

5 Reasons to wear blue eyeshadow:

. It brightens up your face, nothing says ‘ta da’ like a great blue eyeshadow

.You can use them in many ways as ive shown, so you can wear them in a way so their suitable for everyday makeup.

. They go with all eye colours especially brown.

. They go with all skin tones from light to deep. There is a beautiful contrast with pale skin, On tan skin they look uber summery, and on deep skin the show up really well. Gorgeous!

. There are many great formulas at relatively inexpensive prices.

Would you wear blue eyeshadows? – comment below!

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!


£20 Makeup Challenge!

Published June 17, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey Guys,

So today im going to a tag thats been going around recently. It is the £20 (originally 20$, but makeup is more expensive in the UK, so its fairer that way).

It is where you do a full face of makeup but you have a budget of £20, I did it because I thought it was fun, but also a great way to save money and get quality cheaper products. I also realised that with the look I created, you need no brushes! So its the perfect festival makeup!

I did not go out and  buy and cheap products for the sake of this tag, all products I already had in my makeup collection and love.


So to start with I apply Rimmel’s Stay Matte foundation in ivory (£5.99)   &   Collection 2000’s Lasting Perfection concealer in Light (£4.19)       I forgot to take a picture, but you will see my skin later in the post.

Sub-Total: £10.18


I fill in my eyebrows with an MUA eyebrow pencil in Blonde (£1), I then comb them through with the comb it combs with.

Sub-Total: £17.69Image


I apply Elfs’ waterproof eyeliner pen in Ash (£1.50) to my upper lashline and do a wing

Sub-Total: £11.68Image

I then Alppy Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara in Black (£4.99)  to my top and bottom lashes.

Sub-Total £16.67Image


I use a trick I use a lot of the time in the summer… USE LIPSTICK AS BLUSH!

Not only does this save money, it also saves time. Ive used this trick for years now.

I use MUA’s Lipstick in Shade 7 (£1) Inapply to my lips and cheeks and blend.

Sub-Total: £18.67Image

And heres the finished look, rolling in at £18.67!!!


Did you like?

Would you consider doing the £20 or 20$ Makeup Challenge? -Id love to see it!

Comment below!

Have a great week!


Have you checked out the Mac Casual Colour collection yet? + Mini haul

Published June 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I went shopping. I didn’t get much, but I had a good look around. I especially spent a while in Mac. I bought 2 things in total and got given a free Zoomlash Mascara sample (So I guess I got 3 things ! 🙂 ) I also got a top from New Look but I will show that later on in the post.

And may I say the people helping me at mac were SO nice, they really brightened up my day! 🙂

Heres what I bought:

. Eyeshadow – Coppering £12.00

.Casual Colour collection – Lip & Cheek Colour in ‘Keep It Loose’  £17.50

. Zoom Lash Mascara Sample



Heres what it looks like opened! Image

I love these products, I had wanted ‘Coppering’ for ages, so I got it. I was tempted to get ‘Aquadisiac’ to fill up my 4 pan palette, but I wanted coppering in a single pot so it’s easy to travel with.

As for the blush, I was debating between ‘Dolly Mix’ powder blush and the Lip and cheek colour in ‘Keep it Loose’. I eventually came to the conclusion I should get the lip and cheek colour as its limited edition, and mac dont usually sell them. I was happy it had a dual purpose!

Heres a picture of the swatches! Image

As you can see they’re very beautiful.

Heres me wearing coppering and zoom lash. Coppering is great if you have green eyes as the red tones bring out the green in your eyes. (as they are opposite ends of the colour wheel). ImageImage

And here’s my new top, it was £16.99 from Newlook Image

So, have you checked out the recent collections from MAC?

Whats your favourites from Mac?

Id love you hear your responses, so please comment below!

Thank You for reading! Have a great weekend!


Fashion Fix! – Brighter season, Brighter style!

Published June 3, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Today I am gonna do my first fashion post, Im kinda nervous of your opinions, as ive never done this before, so any feedback will of course be welcome! I was having a rather chilled day, so I thought id brighten it up by wearing some ever-so-bright clothes!

It has been getting warmer recently so I thought I’d introduce some brighter pieces into my wardrobe. I bought the top and jeans yesterday, so they are available in shops now. I tend to stick to more neutral colours but I thought Id try some new things out. YOLO.

I also dyed my hair today, what do you think?ImageImage


Top: New look £7.99

Jeans: Primark £11

Necklace: dorathy perkins £10

Nails: rimmel 60 seconds- 430 Coralicious

This outfit was inspired by the aztec trend and the neon/pastle trend.

I did neutral makeup (as the clothes were so bright)

I did the nails to follow the neon trend, to complement the outfit, AND to fulfill my love for corals (and im sure you’ve figured that out by now!)

Hope you enjoyed my post! Feedback always welcome.

How don you change your wardrobe in summer?


Pop Your Pout!

Published May 31, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today,to get in the summery mood, I thought Id do a post about swapping your neutral lipstick for a bright one. I Spent time looking through my lipsticks to find some colours which work for all skin tones

Often when we do ‘summer makeup’ we just go for a barely-there look, which to me doesn’t feel that summery at all. You can still do neutral makeup but maybe just a pop on the eyes or lips. In the summer I prefer putting a pop of colour on my lips which you can match with your nail polish or just your overall outfit. So here you go, 3 pics of bright lipsticks that brighten up not only your face but your day and outfit as a whole! 🙂


These pictures are without flash, so the colours dont look as bright, here a swatch of the lip sticks in flash.Image

left to right:

Sleek true colour lipstick – candycane £4.00

L’oreal rouge caresse lipstick- impulsive fuchsia £7.99

Mac lipstick- New York apple £13.50

Hope you enjoyed and maybe thinking to use a bright lipstick in your makeup routine soon. Have  a great week!