Christmas/Halloween LUSH Haul!

Published October 12, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So one of my favourite times each year is when Lush releases their christmas collection. When I think of Lush, I think: Smiles, glitter, colour and in-your-face scents. And to make it better lush is 100% cruelty free which makes me hold lush close to heart as im vegetarian for the cruelty reason aswell.

So Lush’s christmas collection came out on the 4th of October this year, and being the crazed lush fan I am, I went on sunday morning for a nose around the collection, and here’s what I got.


1) Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar    £3.50 eachSAM_7376

This is from the Halloween collection, And I just couldn’t resist because LOOK AT ALL THAT GLITTER. Im pretty sure I wont say that with so much enthusiasm when Im cleaning it out of my bath though…

Aside from its gorgeous appearance, it smells mainly like lime but mixed with that typical lush-shop smell (Im sorry, I cant explain scents!). Either way, I can wait to have a relaxing bath next friday at the end of the week with this as a treat. 🙂

Lush describe it as smelling like Lime, Juniperberry and grapefruit oils. And where as I couldnt tell you what juniperberry smells like, Id agree with the other 2. Id definately get this bubblebar if you are a fan of fruity/soapy scents.

2) Snowfairy shower gel    £3.75/100g   £7.50/250g   £11.95/500g


Any hardcore Lush fan will recognise the beloved scent that is snowfairy. It’s a very sweet, girly, bubblegum scent, and to top it off, IT HAS GLITTER IN IT ASWELL!

Despite what I just said, I think this shower is unisex because even my 19 year old brother likes it and I notice some of it disappears when he has a shower!

I love that the shower gel isnt the only snowfairy fragrenced product lush do. Others include: Snowfairy sparkle shimmer bar, the magic band bubble bar and the godmother soap (whichhankfully is available all year round). Id recommend snow fairy as a gift to anyone regardless of age or gender, you cant not like snowfairy. You just cant.

3) Butterbear Bath bomb    £1.95 each


Lush have this bath bomb out every year but just in different forms, last time it was a snowman. The guy who served me in lush said they’d already sold loads of these (after just 1 day of it being out!) because of the cute shape, I think the cheaper price also helped that aswell though.

This smells like vanilla and cocoa butter. The little dark chunks are actually cocoa butter and they melt in the bath to turn the water very creamy and moisturising. This is F A B U L O U S if you have dry skin as when you get out the bath it leaves a layer on your skin. I personally find it a little greasy but I have very oily skin anways.

You can get the original butterball which is exactly the same (apart from the shape) all year round, so If you’re on a budget id miss this out and try things which are limited edition in the range. However, for a cheaper gift or stocking filling this would be very cute and also relatively inexpensive.

4) The Melting Snowman Bath melt     £2.25 each


Im actually dying, these things make he smile each time I see them. Fun fact, I actually picked the most derpy one they had on display. If snowmen could have bad plastic surgery, this would be the result.

But now onto the smell. Its a very warm, spicy scent. It smells very strongly of cinnamon and clove. I tend not to like these scents loads but especially around halloween cinnamon is just so comforting. The bath melts from lush tend to be more moisturing than bath bombs and bubble bars so some people may prefer that.

These are also one of the cheaper product in the christmas range, so spicy scents are your thing, try it! And please pick a more messed up looking one. What snowmans perfect anyway?

5) Reindeer Rock Soap      £3.10/100g


This is probably one of my favourite things in the collection this year, purely because I love berry scents. It smells like the comforter bubble bar but a bit stronger. One of its main scents is lingonberry which reminds me just a bit too much of the lingonberry drink at IKEA.

Id definately recommend this,if like me intense fruit scents are your thing, then smother yourself in this. Make yourself smell like a gigantic human berry.

6) Yog Nog soap      £3.40/100g


As you may have guess from the name, this is meant to smell like egg nog.

Now im not sure if the UK are out of touch with it, but you cannot find eggnog anywhere. Kind of like there’s nothing pumpkin flavoured like there is in the US. But the soap smells like nutmeg and clove. It’s one of the more creamy soaps at lush which is good because some of the soaps dont lather at all which is annoying.

Im so surprised that ive picked up yet another spicy scent from lush. This isn’t like me at all, but its a very warm smell like the melting snowman is.  The decoration on the soap is pretty too, one thing lush excel at is makng their products look glorious.

I hope you enjoyed my haul, comment below if you’ve bought something from the collection you love or have a mental wishlist of what you want to get.

Thanks for reading, have a fabulous week.



6 comments on “Christmas/Halloween LUSH Haul!

  • I never have gotten anything from lush, but I have been seeing everyone posting all these pics of these bath products that are amazing! I loooove baths and I think I will be going online and checking these out!

    • Oh really? You definately should, some lush products are a bit on the pricey side but it’s more for special occasions.
      I just love lush and everything the stand for, especially as the products are really fun too.
      Id get a few LUSH bits and bobs if I were you! 🙂 x

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