Elf Best and worse #2

Published July 10, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I was sorting out my makeup collection the other day and noticed that out of all the brands I have, I by far have the most ELF makeup. I’ve loved elf for 4 years and have done a guest post for them in the past. So I thought as I have tried lots of their products I should do a best and worst post. Ive done this before with elf products so this is just a continuation from that. It is actually my most viewed post and I love reading best and worst posts myself, because as nice as it is reading a positive review, sometimes the negative ones are just that much more interesting. 


1) Studio Baked Bronzer- Los Cabos      £3.95




I was expecting to not like this bronzer because I hate bronzers that just look like muddy glitter on the face. And with oily skin, the only way is matte. When you look closely at the bronzer in the pan, you can see fine gold shimmer but on the skin it looks gorgeous and the glitter isn’t noticeable. I mainly use bronzer to slim my face and this bronzer is perfect for that and gives you a healthy sheen, Its a definite must if you’re a fan of dewy foundations because a matte bronzer on dewy skin can look a bit unnatural.

There are 4 colours and I believe Los Cabos is the second darkest shade so it’s great for contouring. Id recommend getting a darker shade so you can use less of it also.


2) Mineral eyeshadow- Natural      £3.00




(Left: Elf mineral eyeshadow in Natural, Right: Stila eyeshadow in Kitten)

Im a big fan of peachy gold’s for my lid colour and in my opinion ‘Natural’ is exactly that without being too yellow that it looks wrong on cool skin tones. I swatched ‘Kitten’ next to it because they are quite similar other than its more champagney. The pigmentation of the elf mineral shadows are great, I have 8 of them, but this is by far my most-used. Mineral shadows in general are more pigmented, the only thing is that it can be messy and if, like me, you’re the biggest clutz around you may have to be careful! 

There are 27 shades available, most being neutral shades.


3) Super Glossy Lip Shines SPF15      £1.95



(Left to Right: Angel, Honey do, Juiced Berry, Pink pop, Watermelon, Goddess, Mauve luxe)

I know I briefly included these in my other ELF best and worst, but I talked about the elf lip glosses collectively so these didn’t get the mention they deserve. 

If you hate really thick, sticky lip glosses then you will hate these, and usually id be someone like that too. But, because they’re so sticky they stay on for AGES. Its the sort of lip product i’ll wear if I cant be bothered to top up my lip gloss. The opaque shades are really pigmented too, again I love these for the low-fuss factor. You can eat and it does not come off, and honey that’s a winner for me. 

There are 13 shades available and I think these are best for summer as they definitely wont come off in the water and they have spf15. They also smell really great, they’re kind of fruity.



1) Glitter Eyeshadows       £2.50




(Left to Right: Nature Girl, Flirt, Party Animal)

I actually acquired these from a competition elf had. I had 5 but I gave one away to a friend because it was grey and I never wear grey eyeshadow (it just look bad on me, its sad).I was really excited for these; I have a ‘time of the month’ but for my love of glitter. However I was disappointed, for a glitter eyeshadow, when swatched its like a matte eyeshadow with a few sparkles in. I also think there’s a glitter overlay on them as when you first swatch them when they’re new they come off great, but after 2 uses they are very dull. To top it off they arent even that pigmented!

Elf have so many great products, please don’t jeopardize your elf order with these.

There are 4 shades available (Though there were originally more).


2) Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation Oil-free- Porcelain       £7.95


SAM_7193Yes, you can believe your eyes…I do actually have a tan.   Most of my blog photos make me look ghostly, but I can assure, I do have a human skintone afterall. 🙂

Matte foundation?  Matte my ass, look at all the sheen in it! Its more of a normal finish.

I was originally sent this by elf to use for a tutorial, and whilst I don’t think its bad enough to be considered ‘worst’, I think its mediocre at best, depending on your skin type. The thing i hate most about this foundation is that you really cant build it up without it looking cakey. It just doesn’t look natural, it doesn’t really blend with your skin if you apply more than a thin layer, and it emphasizes little bumps in your skin. So unless you have a normal skin type with no blemishes or bumps it will be great. Its not good for my oily skin as despite claiming it’s ‘oil-free’ it doesn’t last well and it wouldnt be good for a dry skin as it clings to anything that’s not flat.

If you were going to buy an Elf foundation, i’d recommend the flawless finish foundation and not this. However this foundation has dark shades in the range so it might be something you want to check out if you cant find foundations that are dark enough. There are 6 shades available


So I hope you enjoyed this post and my constant rambling  I honestly love elf cosmetics but I find a lot of their products are hit and miss, so research your purchases well!

Thank you for reading, have a great week!






11 comments on “Elf Best and worse #2

  • What a helpful post .. I got the elf blush eh such I mean to post about for weeks now but it’s horrible ! Shimmery and settles in lines .. I like the bronzer though you mentioned .. Maybe I’ll get tht

  • Thanks for post! I like to read about bad products in some brands, very helpful! I own baked blush from elf and I like it. I think lipglosses in such long packaging which you twist are good also:) I have one, it smells like lemonade:)

    • Your very welcome, thanks fo reading.
      I think bad reviews are more helpful, but sometimes it spurs e on to want to try the product anyway to see if it really is THAT bad.
      Oooh i might try the baked blushes, I think baked products look more pretty anyway. 🙂 x

    • Thanks, I love when Elf has sales, and they’re so frequent its actually a bad idea to order from them normally!
      I use the title ‘worse’ very loosely, because i haven’t tried anything from elf that has been SO awful that I hate it, but I have tried a few of their products which haven’t been very good. :L

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