Spice you your Lips!

Published February 15, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey Guys,

May I first apologize for no posts for 3 weeks! I have not died, Ive just been super busy, but atleast I have this week free so I can post more, yay!

Oh my gosh, my friend introduced me to this show ‘Reign’ this week. Its SOO good. Its about Mary queen of Scots and Francis and it’s loosely based on history in the 1500’s. AND, only half the first season is out so you’re not that far behind if you want to watch it, because I definately did not watch all 11 episodes yesterday. Im still heartbroken from the show, I just had to get it out.

Anyway today is a post about Orange lips. Im much more of a neutral girl when it comes to lips, I tend to play up my eyes as you’ve probably observed. But I really want to start wearing brighter lip colours this year, its a makeup resolution of mine I suppose. Ive had this product for over a year, but I never gave it the love it deserves. Its the MUA Power Pout colour intense tint & balm in Justify. What a mouthful…

Here’s what it looks like:


Its quite sheer, but the colour can be worked up. As I have quite pinks naturally it turns more coral on me, but the less pink you have, the orange the lip colour will be. They have quite good lasting power. Think of it as the MUA version of the Revlon kissable balm stains. Less pigmented but almost a third of the price!

As I dont do it often, I was stunted with what sort of eye makeup to go with it. I ended up putting a light champagne on the lid, brown gel liner, black mascara and false lashes (Of course!).

Here’s the look:


Im not gonna lie, I still find it hilarious how pale my camera makes me. IM NOT EVEN THAT WHITE.

I think one of the tricks for orange lips, is making sure you have some sort of blush on as otherwise the orange can wash you’re skin colour out. Despite my camera doing exactly that.  I used coral by sleek on my cheeks and minimal bronzer.

I know todays post was quite brief, but I feel like my posts have LITERALLY just been tutorials, so I wanted to add something slightly different into the mix. Im thinking about doing a favourites post next?

Thanks for reading,



10 comments on “Spice you your Lips!

  • Jesus freakin christ woman, stop being so beautiful, you are making the rest of us look bad haha. I’m glad MUA came out with these. I haven’t been able to find them where I live yet but I saw a lot of bloggers getting them and now I’ll just wait. I already know what shades I am getting hehe. It looks lovely on you ❤

    • Aw thanks you! I only do it occasionally! Haha, right now Im here with zero makeup and glasses.
      I have another colour aswell, there’s a nude one thats nice. You could try orderring online? MUA have free international shipping from time to time. Whats shades are you getting? ❤ x

      • Oh I will surely be looking for that free shipping, thanks for telling me! I am getting a plumy red darker one that I can’t remember the name of, but it’s the darkest one of them and probably the one you have also, I want to see if I can work it 😀

  • A fresh looking orange! Good tip on adding a blush so you don’t look like a vampire, not that your camera understood that =] Such a coincidence, but just yesterday I looked into Reign-was still pondering to watch it. But since Megan Follows is in it (Anne of Green gables fan) the chance is quite high.

    • Thanks! The blush is literally a make or break moment, do you look dead or just sassy with your lack of bronzer and contour? Its CRUCIAL. You definitely should watch Reign! I’m not really into TV series, they’re just not my thing. But Reign was so good, and there’s a cliffhanger to pretty much all of the episodes, which makes then intriguing. 🙂 x

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