Sweet and stylish, Doll makeup tutorial!

Published January 25, 2014 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I couldn’t decide whether to do a valentines day tutorial or another tutorial. However, I decided it was slightly too early for a valentines day look quite yet, so I thought of something else – a sweet, doll-inspired look.

Dolls are usually know for their big eyes, porcelain skin and pink lips. So I combined all them factors and added my own touch on it and came up with this:


Its quite a simple tutorial, but at thee same time it’s something I wouldn’t usually wear. So If I did a tutorial on it, you could decide whether it floats your goat or not.

So lets get started!

1) First prime your eyes with an eyeprimer. Make sure its either translucent or matches your skintone. We dont want cooured primers as it may not make the finished result look as ‘pure’,Image

2) Next I apply a pearly white shadow to my lid, lower lashline and underneath my brow. Make sure your white shadow isnt glittery, it will make it look too frosty.


3) Thats it for eyeshadow, so now onto eyeliner. Apply a VERY thin line of black liquid liner to your top lashline. This is for definition and to the lashes will blend in with the liner. Also apply a white pencil liner to your waterline. This will give you that awake, wide-eyed effect, because no doll is ever tired…


4) Next take a black pencil liner and liner your lower lashline. I never usually do this.But its kind of like extending your eye.Β Image




7) No contouring for this look, as much as I love it. I just apply a bright pink blush to the apples of my cheeks.Image

8) Next I apply a bright lipstick to finish the look.Β ImageImageImage

Thats the finished look! I hope you enjoyed. For the hair I straightened it, then curled it with straighteners near the ends.

Products used:

Makeup forever mat velvet+ foundation- 20

Collection lasting perfection concealer-light

Elf complexion perfection powder-cool

MUA powder blush- marshmallow

natural collection eyeshadow- crush walnut (used for eyebrows)

Too faced shadow insurance

Urban decay eyeshadow- virgin

Collection 24 hour liquid eyeliner- black

MUA intense eyeliner- snow white

Mac eye kohl- smoulder

Maybelline the rocket mascara- black

Tmart eyelashes

MUA lipstick- shade 3

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend.



28 comments on “Sweet and stylish, Doll makeup tutorial!

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