Lana Del Rey – Makeup Tutorial

Published December 7, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So as I said in my last post, Im going to do a Lana Del Rey look today. Ive been really getting into her music at the moment- my favourite song is National Anthem. I also love her style, its so feminine and edgy, I love it!

Despite loving her style, I almost did not do this tutorial because Winged eyeliner NEVER looks right on me. So for me it was coming out of my comfort zone a bit.

But anyway heres the finished look:Image

So lets get on with the tutorial:

1) Starting with primed eyelids, take a light cream eyeshadow (or a shadow a few shades lighter than your skin tone) and apply it from your lashline to your brow. Make sure to use matte shades to get the true Lana look.Image

2) Then we pause eyeshadow for a bit to move on to eyeliner. Theres 3 stages for me doing liquid liner, so its easier to show you rather than explain it.


3) Then to get the cut crease like Lana, take a cool grey-brown and a small detail brush and draw a curve from the start of your crease (near your inner corner) and out towards the winged liner. I did the liner before this as it acts a bit like a guideline to where the shadow should go.


4) Next I apply black eyeshadow on my lower lashline and connect it to the winged liner. Image

5) I didnt realize how shiny the eyeliner looked on the last photo so I added some matte black eyeshadow on top of the liner. I then applied mascara.


6) Next I apply lashes, and wait for it… NOT T-MART ONES! These are from Eldora, I got them at IMATS.


7) Next I contour and add some peach blush. Lana doesnt go over top with contouring and blush, so keep it subtle.

I also decided not to add a lip colour because in a lot of pictures of her, the lips are quite neutral, so I left them plain.

So here’s the finished look


^ Yes its the same picture. I only had 2 pictures of the final look because I did the typical woman thing and deleted a majority of the photos thinking they were good enough. Gosh, people these days.

I hope you like it!

Products used:

Makeup forever HD foundation- 120

Collection lasting perfection concealer- light

Rimmel Stay Matte powder- Translucent

Sleek contour kit- Medium

Nyx powder blush- angel

Natural collection eyeshadow (I used it for eyebrows) – Crushed Walnut

Nyx One night in Morroco palette

Urban Decay eyeshadow- Blackout

Collection 24 hour eyeliner- black

Maybelline rocet mascara- black

Eldora eyelashes- H152

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial thanks for reading!

Oh and if you have any requests for future posts, COMMENT BELOW GURL.



7 comments on “Lana Del Rey – Makeup Tutorial

  • I remember the first Lana Del Rey song, it was Cola, which if you’ve heard is quite shocking within the first couple of seconds! So after hearing that I was so intrigued to know if her other songs were as shocking, and through listening to almost all her songs I fell in love! She’s now one of my have artists!
    PS Your makeup looks absolutely lovely!

    • Haha, I quite like cola. But you’re definately right with the beginning, I was like ‘Sorry but what did you say?’. I bought the Born to die deluxe edition on itunes last week, so Im sill trying to find out the songs I like, which is pretty much all of them! And thanks you by the way. 🙂 x


  • You still did a good job on recreating her look! The Eldora lashes are nice, they look very light and fine. Totally getting the photo-situation. Starting with 30 selfies and ending with only three or so.

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