Mad for Mattes???

Published October 26, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Sorry ive been a bit lazy with posts in the last month, tons of work and lots of stress dont make time for good blog posts!

I want to say thanks for all you guys who view, like and comment on my posts. Since my last post ive passed 200 followers and 14,000 views! Yay! 🙂

Ok, so recently MUA came out with a matte range which include a matte eyeshadow palette and 5 matte lipsticks. I have all 5 lipsticks and have been trying them out over the last week. I dont have the palette, however I bought it for my friend Klara who is OBSESSED with matte makeup, its the only thing she’ll wear!

So today im going to do a review of the 5 shades in the range:Image

 I generally prefer glossy-finish lipsticks as I think they are easier to wear. However, these lipsticks are very good considering they’re matte AND THEY’RE ONLY £1 – WHAT?!?!?

Lets start with the colour selection as thats what I noticed first. Even though there are only 5 shades, I think MUA did a very good job to pick colours which cover a variety of tones and shades. Here are some swatches:




                                                            *no flash* ^Image


                                                          *flash* ^

(Left to Right: Totally Nude, Peachy Keen, Pouty Pink, Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry)

More pictures (me wearing them, in the same order as shown above ^):ImageImageImageImageImage

As you can tell from the swatches, they are decently pigmented, so you can apply more layers and have a dramatic look or apply them sheerly and have a day look. This is especially for the red as it can give a really pretty pink-stained look or a pillar-box red pout. 


These lipsticks are quite smooth and therefore, easy to apply. One major thing I would say about them is that you should apply lipbalm before you put them on, so that they dont make your lips feel dry. And also to have average-good lips to begin with so they dont emphasize dry patches.

Matte lipsticks generally are longer lasting than glossy lipsticks, and these are not exception to that rule! What really surprised me is that when you ate or drank whilst wearing them, they’d fade really evenly and just look like a more muted version of the colour!


Packaging: 7/10  

Pigmentation: 7/10

Quality: 8/10

Would I recommend to a friend? – Yes, I actually bought 2 of the nude shade so I could give one to a friend!

I would say definitely try these if they are accessible to you as they are good quality and seem to be sold out everywhere! It took me 4 superdrug trips to acquire them all.


Thanks for reading!



32 comments on “Mad for Mattes???

  • I don’t think they sell MUA here in the states which makes me really sad! I always here good things about it for so cheap! All of those colors look gorgeous on you! & loved the eyes!

    • Aw thank you so much! Its a shame really, MUA is exclusive to the UK unless you order online.
      Im kind of annoyed I didnt do this last weekend as they had international shipping for free! Its £7.50 (about $13) for shipping to the US which isnt really worth it unless you are ordering lots. xxx

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