September Favourites!

Published September 29, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I felt like doing a favourites post. I dont usually do favourites posts because I think if there is something I really like I’ll give it it’s own post, but there were too many items this month, so I did my first ever favourites post.

So my first favourite this month is a new release for the UK, Baby lips! I have 5 of the 6 baby lips (I need to pick up the other one!) and love them. There are 3 clear lipbalms and 3 coloured ones. They’re moisturizing, smooth, and low fuss. They make your makeup routine so much shorter when you just whack one of these babies on. The ones I like most are ‘Hydrate’ and ‘Peach Kiss’.   You can find them in boots and superdrug for £2.99 each.

(L to R: Hydrate, Mint Fresh, Cherry me, Peach kiss, Pink Punch)


Another lips favourite is the Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in 113. I usually dont go for peachy-nude shades as they wash me out, and to be honest, this does a bit. However I can get away with it when ive done alot of eye makeup as its complements strong eye makeup. Its a matte lipstick and inst too drying.

(Heres a photo of the lipstick, then me wearing it a few weeks ago)ImageImage

Next makeup favourite is a blush from MUA in ‘English Rose’. MUA is such a good brand for cheap beauty buys. This blush is from the professional line and is mosiac so its made up of lots a different shades. Its quite shimmery but it gives a lovely natural sheen. Ive worn this many times this month and its a bit of a rediscovery for me.  You can find it in Superdrug for £2.50.


Last makeup favourite is the Too Faced Natural eye palette. I must use this palette like 4 or 5 days each week even if its only for one colour. It contains an array of nude matte and shimmery shades to create everyday looks.. I also love that it has a matte highlight, it sounds stupid but when a palette has only a shimmery highlight, I die a little inside.

It is £26 and can be found in some boots and department stores.


Next favourite is a shower gel from Avon. Its part of the ‘avon senses’ range and smells lovely. What drew me in was that it had Vanilla and Jasmine in which are my probably my favourite 2 scents. You cant smell avon before you buy it, but trust me this is really good.

Prices vary from each avon brochure, but For 250ml mine was only 99p.Image

Next up are lush favourites. I love rock star soap from lush and I have it next to me as im writing this and the whole room smells of it. If you enjoy really sweet scents that smell like sweets/candy. Then you will  L O V E  this. I cant express how much this is a favourite. Why isnt there a perfume of this!!!

Its £3.40 for 100g and can be found in lush shops and at lush.comImage

Next up is Oatfix facemask also from lush  -can you see a pattern forming here? This has done wonders for me in the past and this must be something like the 7th or 8th time ive bought it? I wrote a post on it last year explaining why i love it ( But basically it moisturizes your skin and soothes spots/redness.

Its £5.95 from Lush shops and lush.comImage

Last favourite isnt beauty related at all, but I couldn’t stop myself! Its my cat Smokey. Who I love dearly.Image

I didnt really have any hair favourites this month, so If you have an suggestions on hair products to try, id love to know!

I hope you enjoyed the post, What are your favourites for this month, link or list them below!

Thanks for reading,



24 comments on “September Favourites!

  • I absolutely love the Too Faced eye palette, it was one of my first ‘big’ makeup purchases a few years ago and I still love it! The only shade I dislike is Nude Beach, and I actually was so tired of it’s chunky glitter falling everywhere that I took it out of the palette and threw it away! But all the other colors are so amazing!

  • Smokey is such a cute and adorable cat! Fitting name you’ve chosen. The Too Faced palette looks gorgeous, heard so much about this beauty but never went out to get it. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Maybelline eye concealer anti-age.

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