Budget Beauty Buys – £1 Eyeliners!

Published September 1, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So a few days ago I went to superdrug and saw these eyeliners from MUA (Makeup Artist Acadamy). There were some many bright colours to choose from and they were really cheap – a mega plus! So I thought Id try out 3 colours and reveiw them, because if they’re good quality, Id like to spread the word!


Top to Bottom- Jet Black, Royal Blue, Snow White

The first thing I noticed was obviously the packaging. Its very practical that you can see the colour of the eyeliner through the lid and just by the packaging (so if the eyeliner is orange the packaging will be orange). I love the fact that it comes with a sharpener so you can sharpen the eyeliner on the go.


Here are the swatches for the eyeliner. They are pretty pigmented. You swatch them over your skin once and yet a creamy, opaque colour. So as far as pigmentation goes, these are definitely great.

One negative thing about the eyeliners are that they’re not the most long-wearing eyeliners on the planet. They are quite smudgy too. Good if you want a smudgy smokey eye, not so much if you want a clean polished look.

Heres me wearing the blue linerImageImage

There are 8 colours available and are available here > http://www.muastore.co.uk/index.php/intense-colour-eyeliner-pencil

So overall, Id recommend these eyeliners. At £1 each you’re getting a steal! Im definately going to getting more of these, I quite fancy the bright ornage shade.

So have you tried these eyeliners, Id love to know if you have!

Thanks for reading.



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