New Hair + Pandas!

Published August 10, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So I thought id just do a quick update on my hair. I hadn’t dyed my hair for about 5 months before yesterday. After 2 years of constant dying every 6 weeks, my hair needed a break. So I was really trying to get it in the best condition possible.

In the last 2 months ive been debating if I should bleach my hair then dye it blonde (as my hair used o be light). But yesterday I made a snap decision to go red, then went to superdrug and bought 3 boxes of red hair dye. And yes, my hair is so long and thick it needs 3 boxes.

I used Garniers Olia hair dye in 6.60 Intense Red.

It was £5.99 per box at superdrug.

*Drum rolls*

My Hair! ImageImage

It looks darker in photos, but in sunlight its like ‘EVERYBODY SHIELD YOUR EYES’ it goes so bright.

My hair doesnt feel that damaged, so I guess thats good. What do you think?

And here are my panda nails (I was in a nail art mood): Image

I think they’re pretty cute. Awww

Anyway, just a little update.

Thanks for reading!



24 comments on “New Hair + Pandas!

  • So after stalking your blog for the past hour, I lurve it and especially your red hair! I have darker hair than you, but about the same skin tone and I’m thinking about going red too. Maybe a bit darker and not quite as vibrant as yours, but it looks amazing on you!!! Seriously, way to pull it off.

    Quick question – did you do anything to your eyebrows? I’m worried mine will be too dark and wonder if I should lighten them up or dye them too?

    Great tutorials too! Love, love, love.


    • Aw thank you hun!

      I preferred my bright red hair to how I have it now (browny-red) but its a lot of effort to maintain.

      Oh I didnt do anything to my eyebrows, because I change my hair colour quite a lot so unless it was permanent I didnt feel the need to. And to be hones, I kind of think ed eyebrows look a bit weird sometimes.

      If I were you id leave then as they are, And you could always fill in your eyebrows with a red tone brow powder/pencil?

      Thank you for such a sweet comment, it made my day! Your blog looks great too (I may have to stalk yours for an hour!) xx

      – Hazel

      • Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see once I dye it how things come out – I’ll probably just go with the red-ish powder as suggested for my eyebrows!

  • I think this hair colour is just perfect on you! My hair is very thick and long too, and takes 2 or 3 boxes. It can get expensive haha

    This post is almost a year old, but I just have to ask you if you remember what shade of lipstick you’re wearing? I love it! We have similar colouring, so I want to try it!

    • Aw thank you, Ive been various colours before and I like red the best. But ugh, needing many boxes of hair dye is a struggle. First world problems eh?

      The lip colour is the ELF jumbo liploss stick in the shade Coco Loco. I remember having a massive month long obsession with it last year. Its only £2.50 aswell! I hope you enjoy it.
      🙂 x

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