22p Eyelashes- WHAT?

Published July 31, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So about a month ago I was on the hunt for some cheap eyelashes. Because despite claims being that you can reuse a pair of eyelashes 10 times, it usually means about 3 times.  Therefore you want to get your moneys worth.

Even the cheap eyelashes in boots or superdrug are atleast £5/£6 for one pair! So I found these lashes on a site called http://www.tmart.com and you can get packs of 10 lashes for around £2! Shamazing! When I first saw them I was curious and thought they’d be terrible but I decided to give them a go and spent £2.22 on 10 pairs.

The site also had free worldwide delivery – Yay!

Heres the eyelashes I bought > http://www.tmart.com/10-Pairs-Pro-Makeup-Natural-Long-False-Fake-Eyelashes-Black-P32_p143450.html

And some pictures: ImageImageImage

They are synthetic lashes, as you can probably tell from the picture and are quite long which is good as you have the option to trim them down if necessary. One thing I did notice when trying them on is that you have to wiggle the band a little to it suits your eye and is more flexible. A downer is that the band is really thick, but it is workable.

Heres me wearing the lashes. This was yesterday and i used the revlon precision lash glue in black. They are on the verge of being to big but I think they can just pass as acceptable. ImageImageSAM_5081

I went out and saw a film in the evening and the lashes still stayed put! 🙂

Overall, these are very good value and will definately be ordering more – how could you not at that price? Ive also got these in the post which im excited to try > http://www.tmart.com/10-Pairs-Same-False-Eyelashes-P9_p187107.html

Have you tried Tmart lashes before? If so, let me know which ones you tried and your thoughts on them!

Thanks for reading,



12 comments on “22p Eyelashes- WHAT?

  • I bought some cheap ones like that off ebay. Was $12 for 100 pairs I’m pretty sure. All different styles 🙂 but they don’t have a rounded band you have to round it yourself & they are plasticy & have a thick band

  • I have such a hard time with false lashes that I find I just don’t work well with the cheaper ones generally and if I am going to be wearing them I want them to work well haha. I usually stick to Ardell and Red Cherry but these do look amazing on you for the price 🙂

  • They seem so nice and absolutely like the budgetfactor. Just bookmarked the site. Only lashes I’ve tried cam from Action and there the case was: cheap price-cheap quality.

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