Ben Nye Translucent face powder Review!

Published July 4, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today im going to review the Ben Nye translucent face powder in ‘Fair’.

I bought it at IMATS almost 2 weeks ago and have used it every day since to test it out as ive only heard great things about Ben Nye powders. I was originally going to buy the all-famous Banana powder. However the lovely lady at PAM said that The fair shade would suit my skin better, so I trusted her opinion. However I do want to try that powder too.

Here’s me wearing the powder: Image

As background info, I have very oily skin. So when I saw that the main ingredient was Talc I jumped at the chance to try it as Talc absorbs oil well. I can definitely see a difference from using my Rimmel stay matte powder to the Ben Nye powder. At the end of the day, my skin still gets oily, but the Ben Nye is definitely an improvement.


It comes in a plastic tub which isnt that convenient for travelling, But it can be done! Especially as im so clumsy, its very easily to spill it. I knock that sh*t everywhere.

You get 85g of product for £8.15 with Ben Nye.

where as you  get 14g of product for £3.99 with rimmel’s stay matte powder.

The thing I like about the Ben Nye translucent powder is that it still comes in 4 shades, yep….even though its translucent. Thats because sometimes translucent powders can look ashy on darker skins, and a bit pasty on light skin. I think its a really good idea personally.

Overall, I love this powder. Its definitely worth it. Its so fine and doesnt go cakey at all. I love the price, colour, EVERYTHANG (about it). If I had to fault it in any way, it would be the tub its in. Its not really that practical for on-the-go use. But Im sure we can all take a deep breath and get over it.

You can buy the powder here >

Thanks for reading my review!



8 comments on “Ben Nye Translucent face powder Review!

  • Hi beautiful! Any chance I can sweet talk you into collaborating with me not this coming Tuesday, but the following? I run a feature where I send a blogger 5-10 celebrity looks to copy and they do the same for me (we each choose the one we like the most, and recreate the makeup, take pics and then I make a post out of it, which you can reblog!) Please say yes! I already have some looks in mind for you and would love to see what you pick for me to choose from!! I think you’re so pretty and would love to work with you! Email me at if you’re into it!!

  • Hi, how would you describe your skin color? I wear nc20 in prolongwear, but am Bourjois 31/51. Neutral but with hint of yellow. Redness.

    I am debating: neutral set vs fair 🙂

    • Hey, Well I have the Mac prolongwear concealer and am in nc20 too. You sound rather similar to me, I was told by the makeup artist which sold it to me that fair would be best for me as it wouldnt make my face go a yellowy colour. Id say stick with the fair 🙂

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