Do you Lilac it?

Published June 2, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Oh ma gurd! I cant even beleive how long it has been since I last posted on here! The main reason I havent posted is because ive been busy. I went to Belgium, My Birthday, Saw friends and Work. ALL OF THE WORKS.  It’s been so long, I even had to remember how WordPress worked!

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So today I was looking through my lipsticks and I found a Lilac lipstick from Barry M. I bought it to experiment really and it lead me to wonder. What are your opinions on lilac lipstick?

I like it, however it is EXTREMELY hard to pull off, it’s actually crazy.  Here is a picture of the Lipstick (Its 129 by Barry M), and a picture of me wearing it: ImageImage

Do you lilac it? Haha – see what I did there.

I can only pull it off sometimes. If I have neutral eyes, It usually works. But with lots of bright colours? Not for me.

One of the Disadvantages is that because Lilac is purple, and purple is opposite to yellow. It can make your teeth look more yellow than perhaps your normal lipstick. With that being said though it definately enhances your skin colour and can suit a wide range of skin tones.

I hope you guys are all doing well. Thanks for reading!



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