My easter nails!

Published March 25, 2013 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So i’ve been super busy recently, however I have a spring nail tutorial for you today. Its not amazing but I kind of liked it. I thought it was a bit unusual and it features one of my favourite trends – colour blocking! I fancied doing a nail tutorial as Ive seen so many good ones at the moment!

It’s unlikey another post will be up before easter , so HAPPY EASTER!

Here’s the tutorial:

1) Paint your nails a pastel colour, I chose purple. Then on 4 of your nails, paint a diagonal line of another colour from the bottom left of your nail to the top right. Then fill the line in so there are 2 triangles on your nails. I did 2 different colours.Image

2) Next on the nail you left blank, do a half moon on that nail in white. This will be the rabbit’s head. Image

3) Then with a dotting tool, I take the same nail varnish (Essie Figi) and make 2 elongated ovals for the ears. Image

4) Next using a pink polish and a smaller dotting tool, I do a triangle in the half moon for the nose, and a shorter oval inside each ear. Image

5) Lastly i take a toothpick and make 2 dots for the eyes and 3 strokes either side of the nose for whiskers. I use a black polish from Elf. For this.

And this is the finished look! Image

I hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial! I quite enjoyed it, Should I do more posts on nails and stuff?

Thanks for reading!



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