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Hey guys,

So today im going to do an Elf Cosmetics best and worst post.

I have loved and used elf since march 2011, and have been lucky enough to be able to try a wide range of their products. So im going to share some products which I think are amazing! And some that didn’t please me as much. But overall I have a lot more best products than worse in my collection of elf (This isn’t all my elf goodies) šŸ™‚


1) Studio Blushes


(left to right: Tickled Pink, Pink Passion, Candid Coral)

I love these! They have the perfect texture, smooth but not powdery. I find that they are really blendable, and easy to work with. I would even go as far to say, that these are the highlight from the elf studio line. As you may have picked up on as well, im a bit of a packagingĀ whore fanatic. If something is nice packaged in 10 times more likely to try it. With blush especially, you want it to be pigmented but not too pigmented otherwise you have to blend for ages- these blushes have the right pigmentation. My favourite colour is Pink passion. If you havent already GIVE THESE BABIES A TRY.

2) Studio Eyebrow Kit. (in Light)


I haveĀ almostĀ ran out of this. Its such an easy product to use. Its literally gotten to the point where I can do my eyebrows in under a minute with this bad boy. I purposely didn’tĀ includeĀ a swatch because, unless stated otherwise, I have been wearing it in every post for about the last 5 months! If your looking for a cheap, good quality eyebrow kit this is for you. I use this everyday now and need to order a back up!

3) Lipglosses


(Left to Right: Superglossy lipshines spf15: Mauve Luxe, Honey Do. Ā  Mineral Lipglosses: Au Naturale, Sorority Girl, Trophie Wife. Ā  Studio Glossy Gloss: Sweet Salmon)

These are all my lipglosses from elf. I have 3 different types. As a whole, elf do greatly pigmented glosses. When im in a rush doing my makeup, I usually just wear a gloss, and because of the good pigmentation it’s usually an elf one. I find that they have good staying power and make the lips appear and feelĀ moisturised. A lot of the elf glosses have spf 15 in them as well which is always a plus!


1) Studio Pressed Powder- PorcelainImageImage

I dont really liked this pressed powder. I actually used it for about a month non-stop, but then I realised its faults. TheĀ consistencyĀ of the product is good. However the shade I have (Porcelain) is really yellow. It may not appear so on camera but it really is. Its fine when you first set your makeup with it at theĀ beginningĀ of the day, but if you top up with it, you gradually look more and more like a simpson.

2) Elf Cream eyeshadow- Butter Pecan.ImageImage

I love the pigmentation of these, however they crease like mad! They work well if you use them over a primer and then apply powder shadow over the top, But by that time, you might aswell skip the cream shadow and just use the primer and powder eyeshadow. They are not terrible, but I recommend the powder version of these much more as I have some myself.

3) Luscious Liquid Lipstick- StrawberryImageImage

3) I have 2 complaints with these. The first being that the shade ‘strawberry’ looked like a red-pink online and when I got it, it was a vivid red. The second complaint being that they look really messy and worn when you’ve used and had them a while. I love the peppermint smell of these and I may get one in the shade ‘Baby Lips’ just to see how I like them in a shade which is more me.

Thats it for my Elf Best and Worst.

Do you like these sorts of posts? And would you like to see them from other brands?

I tend to read loads of these posts before I go shopping so I get a good idea of products to get or ditch.

Have a great Weekend!



8 comments on “ELF BEST AND WORST!

  • Another mediocre e.l.f. product is their matte lipstick. It just enhances all the lines in my lips. Also, the whole stick of lipstick fell out of the tube within a week or two of buying it.

    • Hey, Im not sure about eco-friendly (im presuming not otherwise they’d talk about it) but they are cruelty free. They dont test on animals or endorse it, and they dont use animal-derived ingredients. PETA approve elf cosmetics aswell.
      Hope that helps! šŸ™‚

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