How I cleared up my skin!

Published October 23, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today Im going to do a post on how I got my skin to drastically improve. Ive never had good skin, and im not going to pretend I have or did. Ive had my fair share of acne and still suffer from time to time. But by the miraculous wonders of 2 products I had been much more confident with my skin.


Here the amazing products: Image

I have a cleanser and a facemask here, both from Lush cosmetics. I have used Oatfix for about a year now and whenever I notice a big change in my skin (its much more moisturised). However ‘let the good times roll’ is a new product  this year and has only been out 3 weeks. I got it 5 days after it was released.  WOW – one word which describes it.

It has the perfect balance between moisturising and exfoliating. With some of my favourite ingredients in it such as cinnamon, it calms skin and moisturises even for those with oily skin (such as myself).

I havent got any before shots, but I have some shots I took about 20 minutes ago. They are makeup-less however I am wearing mascara. The camera also blurs my skin out slightly, but you can still see my skin clearly. BEHOLD: ImageImage

Oatfix facemask- £5.95

Let the Good times Roll cleanser- £5.95

So what are your favourite miraculous products? Comment below!

Thanks for reading :).


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