Haul! (Christmas lush, beauiticology and Hello kitty… lots of it!)

Published October 9, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys!

So as many of you know from my last post I went shopping on saturday. I bought many things and would like to share them with you (as im over excited!). Im only showing the things I got for myself as the other stuff was early christmas shopping and I bought presents for my friends. And I dont want them to see what they got!

So without further ado, heres my ‘stuff ‘ Image

So im gonna start with the Lush stuff as it was the first shop I went to. Unknown to me til later,I spent over an hour in that shop! Well.. I do like Lush afterall.

I bought 4 products for myself in lush (quite a hold-back from me really).

First I bought Let the good times roll cleanser. It works like other lush cleansers you take a small piece, rub with with water and use on your face. Its meant to be for dry sensitive skin. It also has cinnamon in it which caught my eye. Cinnamon is very good at calming down redness and can even help with scars.  Its £ 5.95 for a 100g pot and both me and my friend bought them.

Next I bought Mr. Punch soap (the colourful block in the picture). I knew I would love this just from the description, but its to die for! The lady in lush told me its meant to resemble the fruits in Pimms. The soap really sugary and blackcurrent smelling. Amazing at describing scents aren’t I? its £3.75 per 100g

I then got Ponche shower gel, its meant to be mexican inspired, it smells orangey and boozy. I always get snow fair so I wanted to get a different shower gel for once. Its £4.25 for 100g and its fricken orange! Got to love the colour orange.

Then I got ‘Santa’s Sack’ bubble bar. Yep, I laughed too. Its got to me one of my top 3 products this christmas. I have yet to use it but it smells like coke and christmas. If there was christmas coca cola this would be the smell! You have to try it out! It has 2 mini bubble bars made of reusable bubble bar mix, surrounded by a softer red, regular bubble bar mix. Its £4.15 each.

Now onto hello kitty! The 3 tins you see are from boots as part of their ‘hello kitty for liberty range’ Im not joking, I want all of the stuff! The set was £6 and feature’s a pale pink, a light peach and a coral. They are sort of a mix between lipgloss and lip balm. Heres some swatches! The Far left one isnt one of the lip tints Image

Now with the helloe kitty nail polish and lipstick. They were both found in superdrug, I saw them for the first time and freaked out! They’re so cute! The lipstick is in the shade ‘Betz Believe’and was £3.99 Its the first swatch on the left.

The nail polish is a beautiful pink-purple, it’s in the shade ‘get dat thang’ and was £4.99.

The last thing was a shower gel from beauticology. It was £4 from boots. As the name suggests it has a sweet gingerbread smell which is to die for! It makes me feel all christmasy inside and will greatly enjoy it when I use it. It reminds me of gingerbread houses.

Thats my haul! Thanks for erading everyone! Much love xoxo


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