Top 5 under £5!

Published August 21, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So we all love it when we find a makeup product we love, but what’s even better…when its cheap! So here are my favourite products that are under £5!  


1) Collection 2000 Glam crystal glitter liners.

Ive used these for about 2 years now, not everyday but when I want an extra bit of sparkle. I love to replace my typical black liquid liner with these for a blast of colour. They are £2.99 each, which is great considering they are long-lasting, well pigmented and generally just fun for experimenting with. 

(left to right Glitz, Funk, Dancing Queen)

2) Maybelline Color tattoo eyeshadows.

These are also faboosh. I can honestly say that these are the only cream shadow that doesn’t crease on me without a primer! They are £4.99 here in the UK and are often on a ‘3 for 2’ offer in boots or superdrug. They are widely available and have a smooth formula so you dont tug on your eye while applying. They have 7 colours available in the UK. 

(Left to right turquoize forever,eternal gold, on and on bronze)

3) MUA Lipstick

This is not my most used lipstick but I love the creamy texture. They are only £1 in Superdrug. Crazy right? They have a few colours, I have too, the one shown and a bright red, but I dont use the red much so there was no point in showing it. I think they are great value and again have decent pigmentation, some people have even commented before they are comparable to more expensive brands! 

(shade 7)

4) Elf Mineral lipgloss

These Ive had a few months now, and I love them. Im not a huge lipgloss fanatic but I do love them every now and then and I find myself reaching for these. They are £3.50 on the elf website and are not sticky atall! If theres one thing I cant stand its a stick lipgloss, but they are smooth and silky. There are 11 shades and they all look beautiful. I have 3 shades. 

(left to right au naturale, sorority girl, trophie wife)

5) Sleek powder blushes

I definately saved the best for last! If I could on chose 1 product from the Top 5 I shown it would be these. Where to start. These are great, they all have fantastic pigmentation, and are easy to blend. If I didn’t know they were £4.49 I would have thought they were high-end. I actually prefer them to some of my high-end blushes. There are so many colours and I may be slowly collecting them 🙂 

(left to right honour, pomegranate, pixie pink, rose gold)


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