Revlon Kissable balm stains reveiw!

Published July 25, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So im hoping your all having a wonderful week. Today im going to be doing a post about the Revlon kissable balm stains. I know they have been out in america for a few months , but in the UK they came out around 2 weeks or so ago.

In the UK there are 7 shades: Honey, Cherish, Lovesick, Crush, Darling, Rendezvous and Romantic.        They original price is £7.99, however boots and superdrug both have introductory offers on now, so they are £5.99.

Here is what they look like: Image

When I first saw them I thought they were a complete knock-off of the Clinique chubby sticks, which are £15.99. I personally have never tried the clinique ones so i cant compare them, but the packaging and idea is similar.

Packaging: The packaging is quite nice it is a plastic tube which you twist up to get product. It may sound lazy but not having to sharpen it is a good thing, so you can just throw it on in the morning. The packaging isn’t to my taste but I wasn’t expecting miracles from a drugstore lip product. Image

Product: The product itself is great. It goes on as a tinted lipbalm (very pigmented) and has a refreshing spear mint taste. Which wears off around 30 minutes after it’s been applied. After a few hours a stain is left on your lips, which doesn’t tranfer. I think thats my favourite part about them, the fact that they last and you can drink 100000 drinks and it wont wear off.

There is a good range of colours, however I wish there were more subtle shades as some people wont want to wear bright reds and berry colours. Image

(Lovesick- top, Honey- bottom)

Overall opinion:

Packaging: 6/10

Colour range: 7/10

Long-wearing: 9/10

Pigmentation: 7.5/10

Would I buy more?: Probably, im quite interested in Romantic and Crush.

Would I recommend?: Yes, they are a great long-wearing lip colour which doesn’t need much touching up, for an affordable price.

I hope you liked my reveiw! Have you tried them yet?

Thanks for reading



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