Have you checked out the Mac Casual Colour collection yet? + Mini haul

Published June 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So today I went shopping. I didn’t get much, but I had a good look around. I especially spent a while in Mac. I bought 2 things in total and got given a free Zoomlash Mascara sample (So I guess I got 3 things ! 🙂 ) I also got a top from New Look but I will show that later on in the post.

And may I say the people helping me at mac were SO nice, they really brightened up my day! 🙂

Heres what I bought:

. Eyeshadow – Coppering £12.00

.Casual Colour collection – Lip & Cheek Colour in ‘Keep It Loose’  £17.50

. Zoom Lash Mascara Sample



Heres what it looks like opened! Image

I love these products, I had wanted ‘Coppering’ for ages, so I got it. I was tempted to get ‘Aquadisiac’ to fill up my 4 pan palette, but I wanted coppering in a single pot so it’s easy to travel with.

As for the blush, I was debating between ‘Dolly Mix’ powder blush and the Lip and cheek colour in ‘Keep it Loose’. I eventually came to the conclusion I should get the lip and cheek colour as its limited edition, and mac dont usually sell them. I was happy it had a dual purpose!

Heres a picture of the swatches! Image

As you can see they’re very beautiful.

Heres me wearing coppering and zoom lash. Coppering is great if you have green eyes as the red tones bring out the green in your eyes. (as they are opposite ends of the colour wheel). ImageImage

And here’s my new top, it was £16.99 from Newlook Image

So, have you checked out the recent collections from MAC?

Whats your favourites from Mac?

Id love you hear your responses, so please comment below!

Thank You for reading! Have a great weekend!



6 comments on “Have you checked out the Mac Casual Colour collection yet? + Mini haul

  • I want to try one of those lip and cheek colours so badly, but haven’t made my way into a MAC store yet!

    On a side note, I actually have Dollymix powder blush and am a big fan. It goes on very softly and is easily buildable into an intense pink.

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