Here comes the sun! Tips and tricks for your makeup routine!

Published May 26, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey Guys,

The weathers been great here in the UK recently so it inspired me to do a summer inspired post. I mean if you change your wardrobe up for summer, why not change your makeup routine? Im going to show you what things to swap out from your winter makeup stash, and a few tips and tricks!


A lot of people condition their lips but do they use SPF in their lipbalm? -In most case no. Look out for a lipbalm with spf in. Also, Dont get tempted to use vasceline (even if it has spf in it), vasceline contains mineral oil which actually intensifies the suns UV rays, which means you could get skin cancer if your not careful! I like the solft lips- lip balms as they are sleek and compact, they offer good moisturisation and spf 20. Also they smell great! And I have a thing for scented lip products.



Unlike a lot of people, I prefer lipstick to lipgloss 100%, when its humid, no one likes getting their hair in their lipgloss or having to put on hot sticky stuff! I have wrote a post about the L’oreal rouge caresse lipsticks already, a while ago. but it really it feels lip a tinted lipbalm because its so smooth. I love a good coral for summer too, I consider it ‘the colour of the season’.


Lightly swatched and Heavily swatched.


I like tinted moisturisers for the summer, though I have got to use quite a hefty amount of concealer with them as I havent got the greatest of skin. The spf is also a great factor , because I sometimes forget to put spf on my face, just remember spf isnt good in photographs – it flashes back. Here is my benefit you rebel light tinted moisturiser, its a bit beat up, ive had it over a year.



Now ive featured this before, its the MAC paintpot in Bare Study, its a beautiful champagne colour which has a beautiful gold tone so it will complement many skintones. Its a lot less hassle to have your primer and shadow all in one, it makes doing your eyeshadow a 30 second job!



I dont often wear eyeliner much in the summer, but I know some people cant go out the house without eyeliner. I would recommend gel liners, they generally last the longer than pencils and usually liquids, and you can often find waterproof formulations for those of you going to the beach.Gels are quite easy to apply and can be used on the waterline and tightline.I like the maybelline eyestudio gel liners.Image


This may suprise you but I like using a toner from lush to give me a boost of freshness throughout the day. It contains tea tree among other spot-fighting ingredients. Its also good to make your skin look more natural when you might have applied too much powder.


I havent included mascara, but I would just say use a waterproof mascara you like, mascara is quite a personal thing and to be honest I havent found my ‘signiture’ waterproof mascara yet…. Im still on the hunt.

This must have been a bit rambly, but there you go, my summer tips and tricks!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend! 🙂


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