Eyebrow tutorial! -My everyday routine…

Published May 22, 2012 by majormakeupmadness


So today I am going to post my everyday brow tutorial. I dont really use a ton of gels, and clear mascara. I do pluck my brows about once a week and I do them myself. I really want to get them waxed soon though, for a change right?  This was a requested post by http://jeannierichard.wordpress.com/. Go and check out the blog its great, and they sell really unique/fun jewellery.

Here are the products Im going to be using in todays tutorial: Image

I am going to be using 2 matte eyeshadows in the Urban Decay naked palette. There isn’t much difference between eyeshadows and brow powders, just that sometimes brow powers contain slightly less oil. And I dont match my eyeshadow/brow powder to my brows as I have dyed my hair for a few years now and dye it a much warmer shade (though im gonna dye my hair a medium/dark brown colour soon). I have never dyed my brows so, my brows are their natural shade, so I have to warm them up quite a bit.

Heres the 2 shades: Image

(naked and buck)

First I fill im my Most of my brow (apart from the inner 1/3) with ‘buck’. I use little short strokes and apply in the direction of the hair.


I then apply ‘naked’ in the inner 1/3. I do this as you can easily see if someone has filled in their brows if they have a really ashy and same colour throughout their brow, so I use a lighter colour to stop that ‘tell-tale’ sign.


I then comb through my brows in the direction the hair naturally is. I then apply some highlight under my brow bone to emphasise the shape of the brow and give a ‘cleaner’ finish.And that was my eyebrow tutorial, Hope you liked!

Have a great week!  Comments always welcome.

Also Im gonna say ‘get well soon’ to my friend Nazia! 🙂



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