Nail Polish collection!!!!!

Published May 20, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

Soory ive been a bit MIA in the last week, lots of stuff just popped up. Im doing a nail polish collection post as my nial pollish posts usually get the best response. Im not doing this to brag, but I was sorting out my nail polishes and thought – why not?  If you want to know any of the names percificately jut comment bellow but most of them are quite obvious/ or have the name on the front.

So without further ado ,here it is!

Ive organised them by colour : reds&corals, purples/pinks, other, blue&greens .


Did you like the effect? a row at a time…..


I have an addiction to nail polishes, can you tell?  I find the colours so pretty, and pretty much always have my nails painted at the weekends without fail unless in doing a post in the middle of the week about nails. Is it just me being weird, or does anyone else find the rainbow of colours above fasinating? Reminds me of unicorns….

So, quite a random post today, did you like it? Comment below!

Thank you for reading! 😀


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