ELF Haul!

Published May 10, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

so earlier today my elf stuff arrived in the post. My order contained 9 items and a mystery spring bundle (containing 3 items from a random selection, there were 4 pre-designed gift sets and you got a random one given to you).

What I ordered:

Natural false lashes – black

Natural false lashes – brown

Lipstick – seductive

studio cream eyeliner – black

Studio matte lip colour – natural

Studio blush – gotta glow

Mystery Bag

Studio wrinkle refiner (my mum wanted)

Eyelid primer – sheer (my mum wanted)

Therapeutic conditioning lip balm – sheer (for my friend klara)


Now my stuff 😀Image

And finally heres what I found in my mystery bag! Image

What it included:

.shimmer eyeliner pencil – gun metal

.brightening eye color – Brownstone

.nail varnish – desert haze

I like all the things I got. I literally ripped the cardboard box (with the elf goodies in) to shreds.

This was about my 5th or 6th time ive ordered from elf, and I havent ever been majorly disappointed. The products are always amazing for their price, how do they do it? I always think how do elf product a pigmented eyeshadow palette for £1.50, and brands like Revlon can barely do that for £7 plus!

Here are some swatches: first with flash, second without:


from left to right: studio matte lip color, lipstick, studio blush (gotta glow), black cream liner, skimmering eye pencil, eyeshadow quad.

The nail varnish! Image

I dont on many nude colours, I usually got for really fun, bright shade. But im glad I have a nude now, I can experiement!

The verdict:

Would I recommend elf? – Yes, I think it’s a great way to get products worth your money, it’s also a good way to try out really bright/daring shades that you wouldn’t want to spend too much money on incase you don’t like it!

Am I pleased and would I order again? – Definately!

I hope you enjoyed my post, thank y’all for reading!



8 comments on “ELF Haul!

  • I LOVE that nude nail polish! I always use that color when I was a teen.
    sometimes i would mix (like paint) the nude with a tinge or dark pink to have a tinge of rosiness 😉 Have not done my nails for a long time now.

  • I LOVE Elf so much! When im not in the mood to spend alot of money on other products, i go for the alternative….ELF!!!! They are very well priced and good product range! I am ordering right now any ways! Have fun with your new products!!!! 😉


      • Awwww thank you! I honestly think that cheap products are good. But it dose vary, for example, i would rather buy a foundation from maybelline than from elf, i would rather buy a eye-shadow pallet from Deborah than from elf, it dose sometimes differ thought, i am the type of guru who actually reads reviews and comments about a product, compare it and see which one is worth my money rather than wasting it on cheap products knowing it will end up being thrown or given away to someone else i know.

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