So real they’re fake! – false lash finatics

Published May 8, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Hey guys,

So todays post is going to be about false lashes. What types are my favourites, the effect they have, a little mini haul I guess.

Wow, would you believe it? False lashes have become more and more recent purchases of woman and men in the last year or two. Mainly to the fact that celebrities wear them n a day-to-day basis and look so effortlessly glamorous. It become a common thing to see celebrities and people who appear on TV regularly to wear false lashes.

False lashes come in many shapes and forms. You can get individual lashes, strip lashes and lash extensions. And each may vary, some may be made of plastic, others natural hair and fibres. And then there’s colour,brand and size.

My favourites are individual lashes, because I find that they look most natural and dont hit my glasses constantly. You can just add 3 or 4 to the outer third of your eye for that ultra-glam, wide-eyed, elongated effect. I also like the ones which have brown and black hairs in as it blends better with your natural lashes.

Here’s my eyes today with 4 lashes on the outer edge of my eye, can you tell?  😀ImageI didn’t want a dramatic difference, just something for a nice change, you know what I mean? I am using the Ardell lashes featured below.

Here’s some lashes I picked up over the weekend: Image

I also

ordered from elf on saturday, so there will be a haul when the products arrive,

Do you think false lashes are worth it?

Thank you for reading,



6 comments on “So real they’re fake! – false lash finatics

  • I’m teaching myself how to do false lashes and so far I prefer the individuals, they’re easier to apply in my opinion, and don’t start to itch real bad after a couple hours lol. I like the individuals you have on, very natural but still dramatic 🙂

  • I love individual lashes! I’ve been kind of lazy with falsies lately but I plan on starting back with some strips. I haven’t worn them in years but I’m looking to revisit!

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