Want to keep your manicure for longer?

Published April 26, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Ok, so todays post is going to be about how to stop your nail varnish chipping and to make you manicure last a lot longer, becuase we all know how annoying it is when your nails begin to chip after the 1st or 2nd day.

For me I would say the most important stage is to prep the nail. If you dont prep your nail, the polish will not have a good base to stick to. Of course it can depend on your actual nail varnish as well but you can help even the worst nail varnish stay for a few more days. Here are some tips for making you nail varnish last typically 1-3 days more than usual. Though if it comes to it, just do your nails again if they’re going a bit out of hand.

. Make sure you nails are filed and buffed well. They should help even out the surface of the nail and make them feel more smooth, and even out any dents you have.

. Base coat, any base coat will help. I you apply your coloured nail varnish over the clear polish/base coat, the coloured nail varnish will have a similar texture to stick to.

.If you have any cutical oils or hand creams to put on, do it after the nail-painting. If you do it before, the polish will slide/ come off easier.

. After you’ve applied your coloured polish set with a top coat. If your looking for a money saving option, you can find 2 in 1 base and top coats, I have one from barry m I use (£2.99 from boots), and its a 3in 1! (base coat, top coat, nail hardener)

Here’s my nails now! ImageThis polish is splendid blue from avon.

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