Nail Natter! – spring faves, best formulas, favourite styles…….

Published April 10, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

ImageThis, post is going to be all about my favourite nail varnishes for spring and summer: some inspired by trends and others just great all-rounders. Some of these products are just sold in the Uk (I think!). I know the Barry M nail paints and the 17 polish you may have a difficulty finding, but the others I think are easily reachable if your in the US.

First of all, Pastels are always a HUGE trend in  spring/summer, especially spring. I have 4 nail paints by barry M that are perfect, and they are all the same tone of pastel, none of them are significantly lighter or darker than the others. Here’s a picture of them! 🙂 ImageFrom left to right the shades are: Lemon icecream, Strawberry Icrecream, Berry Icecream and Blueberry Icecream. I must say, I love the summery names! These are some great pastel nail varnishes I recommend. However, Barry M is not widely available outside the UK, so another suggestion for cute pastel nail varnishes is Revlon. The do some equally amazing colours.ImageFrom Left to Right: 17-Glisten, Barry M-Coral, NYC-Midtown and Rimmel- Hot Shot.

These colours I just thought were great all-rounders. I love the 17 polish because I love the duo-crone: one minute it looks gold and the other it looks a pinky-peach colour- absolutely GORGEOUS!

I love the Barry M coral colour becuase Corals are really in for summer and go with every outfit!

I love the Nyc polish becuase it looks so cute and girly.

And I love the Rimmel polish, for the same reason as the Barry M polish, so beautiful on the nails!

*Sorry for the over use of the word ‘Polish’ *-*

ImageThe last nail varnish I thought I’d just add in for fun. I adore glitter so for me it’s a necessity for it to be included in this post. Regardless of the fact it has blue and silver glitter, it looks great over any nail varnish and Im not just saying that!

Last of all……..

I thought I’d show you what I have on my nails right this moment (I did them earlier).ImageI like the style where you paint all your nails one colour and accentuate the colour by painting your ring finger a different colour. It can be any colour really. It could be a colour the same shade but darker? It could be a contrasting colour? Or it could be a neutral colour or a funky metalic? – Go ahead do any combo you want.  Want purple nails with orange on your ring finger? -You go for it girl!

I would like to take the time now to thank Tomiko for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award! Check out her blog here

Thank you for reading my post. Much love,



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