Mac eyeshadows- the run down

Published April 5, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Ok, so I know not everyone is into MAC products because of the price tag. But a problem I found is when I watched makeup tutorials on youtube, a lot of people used mac products, and id heard makeup artists rave out certain products (especially the eyeshadows), so I thought id try them out. Currently, as of this moment, I own 8 powder eyeshadows from MAC, if you dont include my paint pot in bare study (featured in my previous post )

So I have 8 shades, which are: Brule, All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, Yogurt, Beauty Marked, Fresh Water, Plum Dressing and Sushi Flower. I have 5 in the individual black pot, and 3 in pans in a 4 pan palette. I organise my whole makeup collection in a storage unit and in each draw (other than the top draw of each unit, which is the shallowest) there are 2 pink baskets filled with products. I organise products by what they are, for example: lipsticks, lipglosses,, bronzers/blush, eyeliners etc. I have a pink basket especially for Mac shadows (I have other draws for eyeshadows, maybe I will do a post about my eyeshadow draws or maybe even an entire makeup collection video). Here is a picture of the makeup in the basket

In mac eyeshadows there are many different textures: Frost, Lustre, Matte, Matte 2, Veluxe, Veluxe Pearl and Velvet. Most people’s least favourite texture are the lustre’s, I hear they have a lot of fall out… I don’t know from personal experience, I deliberately haven’t bought one because of the reviews. My favourite texture is the Veluxe Pearls, becuase they have a sheen and they don’t contain chunky monkey glitter.

Here are some pictures of the eyeshadows:

Just for your information, I didn’t do swatches because the colours really do come out as they do in the pan maybe with the exception of sushi flower which isn’t as pigmented and needs to be worked up a bit.

Shades mensioned:

Brule (satin) – creamy white beige.

All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl)- Goldish bronze witha peach undertone

Satin Taupe (Frost) – Frosty Brown with silver undertones

Yogurt (Matte) – Pastel, pale pink

Beauty Marked (Velvet)- Gorgeous black with purple glitter -Very Pigmented!

Fresh Water (Veluxe Pearl)-  Medium Blue – Very Pigmented!

Plum Dressing (Veluxe Pearl)- Beautiful Plum

Sushi Flower (Satin)- Medium Pink with warm/ golden undertones

Overall my favourite colour is All that Glitters, because you can wear it alone with just mascara on your eye and its so gorgeous- looks like you spent forever on your makeup !!!!

Bye, Stay beautiful. XOXO


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