Bargain Beauty! summer ready makeup with just 4 Products!!!!!!

Published April 2, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

I thought it would be nice to do a makeup look  for spring/summer which incorporated beauty trends, mainly highstreet/drugstore makeup brands and was long wearing. I chose these products because the colours would complement all hair colours, eye colours, skin colours and everything. The look is meant to accentuate your natural beauty, not cover it up! This look is quick and easy, and is great for beginners or if you’re on the go as it requires no brushes whatsoever

So to kick things off you may want to start off with some sort of base. You wont need this step if you’re blessed with clear skin, but for those that aren’t (me included) you want to use a foundation or tinted moisturizer depending on what coverage you want. Im going to use Revlon colorstay foundation (the combination/oily skin version – if you have drier skin theres a formulation for you aswell 🙂 ) like I said you may want to use a tinted moisturizer, one I would recommend is the benefit ‘you rebel’ range of tinted moisturizers. The Revlon foundation provides a nice medium/full coverage and you dont even need to use concealer! – just put a bit of extra foundation in areas in need of more coverage. x                        I use the shade 150 Buff.

Next, I would use an eyeshadow (yep, because im an eyeshadow freak). I would try to use a cream shadow that is long-wearing, for this im using Mac’s Paint pot in ‘Bare Study‘. It is a beautiful champagne colour (see pictures below), it would look lovely on light to medium skin tones, for an alternative you could use the shade ‘Rubenesque’ if you have medium to dark skin tones, its similar but is more of a warmer golden peach colour (though you could use both rubenesque or bare study on all skin tones, but if we’re working with the theme of ‘natural’ then it’s a good guideline to work with). Just use your finger and cover you lid with the eyeshadow.

You would want to use a waterproof mascara for summer… I mean no-one wants to be the person that gets out of the pool with mascara down their face! You could use any water proof mascara but I like maybellines great lash as its cheap. Just apply in zig-zag motions to cover each individual lash.

Now here’s a little money-saving tip you can use your lipstick, cream blush or  a tinted lip balm (if its not sticky) on your lips and cheeks! Lately ive       been loving  the new Revlon lip butters, I like the shade ‘Peach Parfait’ as its natural and is on trend as it is a coral colour. The colour is quite warm-toned so you may want to use a slightly cooler lipcolour is you have more cool/pink tones in your skin. just dab on your cheeks and apply to your lips for the finished look.

Optional: For all you oily skinned people like me, you may want to carry blotting papers or powder round with you so stop you getting as oily through out the day.


Revlon Colorstay- £12.49

Mac paint pot- £14.50

Maybelline Great Lash- £4.99

Revlon Lip Butters- £7.99

(also mentioned) Benefit ‘you rebel’ tinted moisturiser – £23.50

I hope you enjoyed reading and will try out this look. Comment any suggestions for future posts please! Stay Beautiful, Bye xx

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