Haul! – L’oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks

Published March 29, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

Ok so earlier (about 2 hours ago), I went to tesco (the supermarket) , went to the beauty isle and looked at makeup (suprise,suprise – typical me! :)) and I’d heard a few good reveiws about the new L’oreal tinted lipbalms but to be honest I was more excited about seeing the new revlon lip butters (which I will probably be seeing this weekend- so excited). There are 10 shades available on the boots website but at tesco there were 4 but only 3 were in stock… so guess what? I BOUGHT ALL 3- admittedly they were 3 for 2. Now I do know they are not actually tinted lipbalms but the texture of them is so alike other tinted lipbalms I own, I thought it would be best to judge the lipsticks like a tinted lipbalm. I bought 3 colours: Dating Coral, Nude Ingenue and Impulsive Fushia. From what I’ve experienced so far, they are relatively moisturizing, the colour can be built up, and in terms of ‘tinted lipbalms’ the pigmentation is quite good as well. The packaging also strucks me as quite luxurious, it is sleek and practical. Here are some pictures of them:

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Overall, I love what I have experienced from them and will be wearing them tommorow! They are £7.99 at boots and tesco in  the UK. It’s quite late now so Good Night! As I said in my last post an avon haul will be up as soon as I receive the products, and im considering ordering from elf or nyx and I will probably be checking out the revlon lip butters. XOXO


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