My favourite makeup brushes!

Published March 27, 2012 by majormakeupmadness


Ok, so I am gonna share with you my fav0urite 3 make-up brushes. This is NOT a make-up brush starter kit… just a few recommendations from me, to what i think are good brushes without spending a ton.

Blush brush, real techniques by Samantha Chapman– This was a rather recent purchase (when I bought MAC’s cremecup lipstick- see post bellow), and gosh I LOVE THIS BRUSH! The first thing I noticed about it is that the bristles are super soft, they are such good quality. I find that you can use this brush for: blush, bronzer, powder and maybe even highlighter! It’s such a great buy and I hope to be trying more real teachnique brushes in the future.  The price of the brush is £9.99 (at boots as of now).

No7 Eyeshadow blend & contour brush (for eyes)- This brush I have had for atleast a year now and it is still as good quality as the day I bought it. I use this brush for appling my crease colour, But this brush has a number of uses. This brush has been said to be a ‘dupe’ of the Mac 217 brush, and its a much cheaper version. Iwould definately recommend checking this brush out if you can. The price of this brush is currently £7.25 (available at boots). 🙂

ELF professional eye shadow brush- This is my last brush on the list, and it is a flat eyeshadow brush, used for appliing your lid colour. This brush is great quality for the price, you really cant go wrong… I mean £1.50! It is really good for when you want a precise placement of colour and the bristles are nice and soft. Again, at £1.50 this brush is a must! £1.50 (available at

Hope my recommendations helped you guys a bit.

Thank you for reading! Check in soon for an avon haul (gonna order tommorow!) XOXO


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