Lush Love! – My top 5 picks

Published March 20, 2012 by majormakeupmadness

I have to say LUSH is my absolute favourite brand when it comes to bath products. I love lush as they always bring out exciting, inventive products and also because they are a vegetarian brand (and even better most of the products are vegan!!!), they also don’t animal test. So lush stand for some of the same things I do. I have been a fan for 6 years now and loved it ever since I tried it!

So on to my top 5 products. I have chosen 3 products from the permanent line and 2 limited edition ones (sometimes they bring out the best products in their limited edition collections!). I know it may be annoying that 2 are limited edition but, they have came out more than once before so hopefully sometime you will be able you get your hands on them!

Top 5 picks

 Magic Mushroom bubble bar: This is the first Limited edition product on the list. It comes out for the valentines day collection for february. I remember buying this, this year and also last year (2011). I fell in love with it straight away, it has a beautiful strawberries and cream scent. It makes your bath water really creamy and soft, and makes a ton of bubbles! I would keep your eye open for this product if you can! 🙂

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Again another limited edition product, snow fairy shower gel has come out for many of Lush’s christmas collections and is the most popular product at christmas! At christmas they also bring out other products with the same scent (snow fairy lip tint etc) and they actually bring out other products with the signiture ‘snow fair scent’. Godmother soap being one of them (permanent), Fluffy egg bath bomb (easter product) for example. The shower gel itself has tiny flexs of irredescent glitter in and is bright pink. It has a very girly, bubblegum scent… but that does not mean its just for girls! I know guys who love the scent too!

Now with the permanent line products!

Honey Bee bath bomb: I have re- bought this bath bomb again and again. I love the very sweet honey scent that smells like… HONEY (surprise, surprise). I would really recommend this products as I think it is a universal likeable scent. I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t love the scent so it’s a safe buy. Also the bee pattern is super cute!

Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar: This is more of a recent love (in the last 3  months). First of all, as a lover of glitter, I love the beautiful shimmer it leaves behind on the skin. It also has a really fresh, vanilla scent. I love to use this on my legs to give a healthy glow if im going out.

Creamy Candy Bubble bar: This is probably one of my favourite scents LUSH do. It is hard to describe, but it has a creamy-overly sweet smell. It has the same scent as rock star soap which I also love, so if you know what that smells like you will know how delicious it smells!


Hope this helped. Bye 😀


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